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Uber Shape Transformation Centre is a modern gold coast gym facility, specialising in training and nutrition programs designed to target fat loss, toning and gaining lean muscle – essential for maintaining a healthy body, flexibility and motion.

 Boasting a fun, friendly environment with like-minded peers, USTC will help you achieve optimal results.


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Smashing Through Your Nutrition Kick Start in 14 Days while feeling in control. (And the secrets to get you there)

Three reasons why you want to do our Nutrition Kick Start! #1 You’ve been feeling sluggish and don’t know how to get the ball rolling to get back into shape? You have tried all the latest fads but nothings ‘works’ for you? #2 The kids are back at school, and life’s routine is back. You’re ready to make some changes because you’ve back from the holiday period and now you’re ready to crack into training and proper nutrition. #3 Your

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Brigitte’s 5 Years With Uber Shape

Introducing Brigitte Brigitte trains to keep herself fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. Her husband travels a lot for work and she is a mother of two primary school boys that keep her on her toes. “Training really does give me the energy that I need to get me through the day.” A member of Uber Shape Gold Coast since its opening days, but Brigitte started with Coby at Fitness first as a personal training client. “[Brigitte] Coby would write

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3 Pre-workout Movements

Warming up the body is more important as we get older. In order to train properly you must move freely through your back, core & hips; then you are able to move with comfort. Before your next workout bump these 3 movements into your pre-workout warm up. If you suffer from lower back pain these may also help relieve tension and pain.

Running Your First 10km

Training for your first 10 km run? There are more than a few things to consider. When you first start at the gym, you wouldn’t pick up a bar loaded with 100kg for a deadlift, as you will most likely hurt yourself, correct? You have to have the right knowledge, equipment and direction to do it safely and to get the most benefit from the exercise. What most people don’t understand, it is the same process for running. Generally, people

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It’s mid morning Monday, you’re at work & already you’re thinking about lunch.  You had a super busy weekend & didn’t make time to shop or food prep for the week… what do you do. Check out our TOP 5 PLACES TO GRAB A MEAL ON THE GO? You left home earlier in the day to do a few errands thinking you’d be home in time for your next meal. The day has gotten away from you & it’s time

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Uber Shape Health & Happiness Check List

When we look at our lives most of us would say it can be full, fast and stressful… In amongst it all we need to remember to look after ourselves and keep centred, in order to maintain health through our bodies and mind which will enhance happiness. Below we have written a ‘Health and Happiness Checklist.’ Read over it and use it as a go to when life feels tough. Print off the list and put it on the fridge,

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Bone Broth

What is ‘BONE BROTH’ all about? Up until a few years ago ‘bone broth’ wasn’t exactly a staple in the kitchen for health reasons; there’s no doubt that most didn’t even know what ‘bone broth’ was. The first time people hear about it, their stomach probably turns at the thought – something in the name perhaps. Bone broth is no longer just a stock liquid or cubes found in long-life cartons at the grocery store. The liquid gold I am

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Post Training Pancakes

Yes, yes we did! Post workout pancakes for you and the whole family. Here at Uber Shape we’re always testing and creating new, healthy options to keep your taste buds happy and results moving forward. Forget the packet mix or basic ‘traditional’ ingredients to making pancakes, upgrade your style of cooking in a few simple steps to improve your health and wellbeing. Our recipe is a healthy alternative, great for weekends to enjoy with the family or have after a

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Strength Training for Fat Loss

An effective Strength Training for fat loss Program is one of the most important steps for successful fat loss. Strength Training has many benefits including increases in bone density, lean muscle mass, mobility and even your general mood. Strength Training will disrupt homeostasis, which is your body’s mechanism for staying the same. If you’re overweight, your body needs a sufficient stimulus to cause change, and strength training does not disappoint. The best way to disrupt homeostasis through strength training is

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Inspiring the next generation to take control of their body and health by showing how to warming up effectively, train their body correctly, keep mobile and eat a balanced diet.

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What People Say...

Results May Vary Person to Person
A study conducted by a professional panel concluded that "proper weight loss is achieved by reducing caloric intake and/or increasing physical activity. Individuals maintaining weight losses over the long term do so by changing their diet and changing their physical activity."
Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.
Coby Van den Ende

Coby Van den Ende Owner

My biggest word of advice is to look for people who are on the same path and practising what they preach, not just those who talk about it with no clear outcome. If you surround yourself with like-minded people who are heading in the same direction as you, you are already halfway there. Subconsciously this is a huge step towards achieving your goals and the ultimate body that you may have always desired.....

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Carol Fortes

Carol Fortes - Nutrition Head Coach

I slowly changed my eating habits and found that nutrition is such an important thing. I started to understand how my body works, read lot of articles and start exercising. Those changes helped me to lose 10 kilos (very slowly by the way). I was feeling much better from inside out, however something was missing and I was always worried about putting on weight again....

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Kylie Howker

Kylie Howker - Fitkids Head Coach

I am a mum of 3 girls aged 11, 8 and 4 years old and a wife of 12 years. I’ve always loved eating healthy and feeding my girls high-quality foods. I always went for the more expensive brand and one with the least amount of ingredients. Yet I was still suffering from migraines and my eldest daughter (who was 3 at the time) was always sick....

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