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Why Join Uber Shape?

Each 12 week challenge is personally suited to each individual,
as no person will ever respond the same.
Everyone needs different levels, challenges and check-ins –
This will also ensure long-term results as we get to know you and what makes you tick.


To be challenged & get your fitness back on track?
Procrastination isn’t the key, your time is now!
Put yourself first by joining our small group training environment. With the help from our advanced coaches to start your health journey today.
Our challenge will help you increase fitness, make you stronger, release body fat, and look leaner.

TRAINING STARTS –  Starts Next Week

DURATION – 12 weeks

Investment: $72 per week

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With 12 years of experience in the fitness industry, Coby – director and lead trainer, has seen it all.

What works and what doesn’t. What only inspires short-term results, and what sets new foundations that bring long-term lifelong changes.

There are three main areas of focus that we will teach you.

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At Uber Shape, we combine 4 different training areas for you to participate in to inspire the best result for all body types, We have small personalised classes, 8 members to one trainer. This gives you personal trainer experience while you are in the class, allowing you to be personally monitored, pushed and changed to your needs.


Strength Training is a great way to turn fat into lean muscle mass.
– HIIT is great to increase fitness and burn calories in a shorter time.
– Brazilian Booty is all about the glutes and hamstrings, pelvic floor and abdominals.
– Run Club is great for fitness & to maintain a healthy weight and to challenge for yourself.

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Most people are overeating empty calories and under eating real food – that’s right under eating. Empty calorie foods leave you feeling tired, hungry, frustrated and unmotivated.

Our strategy is;

– no starvation
– eating lots of healthy proteins, carbs and fats
– main meals, snacks, desserts and smoothies
– easy tracking methods
– heaps of guidance
– meal ideas

We will teach you how to enjoy life to the fullest to reach, enjoy real food while reaching your goal and learning to maintain it.
Remember you can’t out train a bad diet.

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Our trainers will keep you on track and wanting to wake up and train. By knowing you personally and your goals, we will push and encourage you to be the best version of you.

We love what we do at Uber Shape, and our community does too. Within the gym, we have a bunch of positive and encouraging members. The focus is always on health and looking after your body. We have great community pages to keep you inspired with your fitness goals and nutrition ideas.

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  • stars 5 yellow - 12 Week Transformation Program  The team at Uber Shape have been amazing through what was a tough 8 week pre-covid challenge. I have had long term soccer related knee and ankle issues, but the team have been able to guide me through sessions both at the gym and then on Zoom. My fitness has had a dramatic improvement. Their nutritional advice was so invaluable in my transition and weight loss/re-shape program and I could not have achieved such a successful outcome without Coby and Kylie. Thank you both. Ray

    photo - 12 Week Transformation Program Ray Johnson

    stars 5 yellow - 12 Week Transformation Program  I’ve been a member of Uber Shape for the best part of 5 years now. I’ve had many health issues to deal with over the years and being a member of this gym community has been the best thing I could of ever done for my self. The level of care and thought gone into how we are trained and kept healthy not only physically but also mentally is second to none . I just completed Uber shapes 8 week challenge , I’m almost 38 and needed a bit of a health check and wake up . I guess I had mid life health crisis. The team showed me how I can get the best out of my body and mind . I gave up drinking for 8 weeks (haven’t done this since I was a teenager!). Showed me what to eat and how to live my best life possible. I’m now in the fittest shape of my life and yet at my oldest. I feel very blessed to be a member of this family . And hope any one else out there who wants to do something to help them enjoy and get the most out of life to come give the Uber shape family ago.

    photo - 12 Week Transformation Program Michael Dragosevic
  • stars 5 yellow - 12 Week Transformation Program  Couldn’t recommend this gym/community more! We started off joining as an 8 week challenge to get fit for our wedding. What we didn’t realise is that our mindset and mental health would change. Being complete outsiders and always being too self conscious to go to a gym, we were welcomed with open arms and instantly felt apart of something great! Thank you Uber Shape!

    photo - 12 Week Transformation Program Jaimie David

    stars 5 yellow - 12 Week Transformation Program  Best gym I’ve been to! Intelligent, supportive and experienced trainers provide ongoing technique feedback and and meet you at whatever level you start at. I heard many excellent reports about the trainers before I started and they continue to create a fun and positive energy.

    photo - 12 Week Transformation Program Kathryn Kelly
  • stars 5 yellow - 12 Week Transformation Program  I joined the gym 6 months ago, after having been a member of many others gyms previously. My wife had been a member and invited me along to a trial session. From that day back, I’ve never looked back. The trainers and members are awesome. Every session is fun, practical and most importantly for me, they teach you the correct technique and form. The gains I’ve noticed correcting my technique is quite incredible, when compared to my prior experiences at gyms. The one thing I love the most is their community feel. I recently decided to run the GC marathon and the spirit and support inside the gym is fantastic. They have event-based groups to encourage you to reach your goals in a supportive manner. Uber shape to me seems much more than a gym.

    photo - 12 Week Transformation Program Ryan Price

    stars 5 yellow - 12 Week Transformation Program  I have been a member with Coby and his team for more than 5 years off and on now. I always find the team to be friendly, patient and helpful. They work closely with me to find the right balance for my lifestyle and are always encouraging. Thanks Uber team you are fabulous.

    photo - 12 Week Transformation Program Justine Daddy

How does it work?

Challenges are a fantastic way to change a mindset. However, the thing about mindsets is they have been ‘set’ for a long time. This means that you need to work within a time frame to allow changes to be excepted into your newly chosen life.

Right now, you are on this page, wanting change. So you have decided, you are worth good health, fitness and to regain control of your life. This is half the battle already won – so congratulations.


Now the time frame, to be realistic and kind to yourself to allow the changes to happen without falling off the wagon.

2 WEEKS to change a mindset – from I can’t, to I CAN do this. Trust us, believe in yourself and the journey you have taken.

4 WEEKS to see and feel the fitness and nutritional wins – the results are noticeable and you will be feeling great.

8 WEEKS to be in control over your lifestyle. The results are strong, there is no going back. Only new goals ahead.

12 WEEKS weeks to see the results, be proud of your hard work and confidently own the new life to call your own. Time to continue the journey with your new found knowledge and make this your new lifestyle.

Give us 12 weeks to guide you onto your new pathway of health and fitness – it will be the best decision you have ever made.

What does my challenge include?

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Weekly group sessions – that will suit any schedule.

We have classes Monday – Saturday, both early morning and late afternoon/ evening, so you are bound to find one that suits your lifestyle. They range to suit every training style and ability, while also keeping it personal and technique focus by caping each class.

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PERSONAL CONSULTS: We will track your progress every 4 weeks through motivational catch ups and measurments of your body fat. The biggest thing you will learn is to ditch the scales, losing weight and gaining lean muscle cannot be measured on the scales. As the fat you are losing is replaced by the lean muscle weight and therefore the scale may not move for 6-8 weeks. Trust us and the process and we will get you there.

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You will receive our UBER SHAPE NUTRITION PLAN.  It will include simple and delicious meal ideas, with a guide to food timing, correct snack choices, meal ideas that suit your body and goals, plus hormonal information, supplements and so much more. Nutrition is one of the most exciting changes you will make. It is not about restrictions but swaps, extra fruits, vegetables and protein to give you more energy.

WEEKLY LIFESTYLE BLOG: Perfect for the beginner or return to fitness client. Our seminars cover relevant information and are held in our gym and via our social pages. It’s often the little changes, the basic stuff, that make the biggest improvement. Our community social media pages help keep you up to date with all our gym information, upcoming workout changes, event, recipes, questions and make great friends.

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Meet the team


Uber Shape Owner, trainer, nutriton


Nutrition, female specific, trainer


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We have helped thousands of people get results, come an join the community and take control of your life today.