12 Week Transformation Program

Introducing the 12 week Über Transformation: The most revolutionary, cost effective, and exciting training package for a healthier, longer & fulfilled life.

STOP. before you go any further we have a few important questions for you:

Do you want to lose weight & tone up so you can create a body you can be proud of?

Have you been looking for a training system that you can trust & that suits your needs?

Do you struggle to lose stubborn unwanted fat from your stomach, hips & thighs?

_35a3322_editHi There
I’m Coby the creator of Über Shape Transformations Gold Coast. Uber Shape has personally changed hundreds of lives through training & nutrition. This is something we are very proud of and now we can help YOU.

With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry we are well equipped with the tools to help you on your own journey.

What is the “Über Transformation System” & is it for you?

✓Our proven 12 Week Transformation System is everything you need to create your very own Jaw Dropping Body.

We give you the latest, correct nutrition & training advice in a personalised package with all the extra good bits on the side. (Scroll down to see what you get)

The Über Transformation System is perfect for the person who:

✓ Is currently not seeing the results you work so hard for

✓ Wants to be advised on exactly what you should or shouldn’t eat & most importantly when to eat it.

✓ Wants to be part of a driven team striving for their personal best

✓ Wants to use a proven & structured training method to engage the correct fat burning hormones

✓ Is too busy & struggles to make time to train

✓ Needs to be accountable & motivated everyday

Let’s Look At What Every Über Shape Client Gets

1. 5 group PT sessions per week

Each session is specifically designed to strengthen and tone. These change every 3-4 weeks over a 12 week block to create variety but also to prevent anyone from hitting a ‘plateau’. We know resistance training is the ultimate fat burning workout and we utilise this with a mix of strength & circuit training.

2. Über clean eating recipe book

It can be hard trying to think of what to eat and most get sick of eating the same boring food. We save you the time & the stress, and put it all into an easy everyday e-book that you can access any time.


3. Nutrition plans with personal changes every 3 weeks

We understand that everyone is different when it comes to what your body needs. We take this very seriously and give specific plans. Where necessary we investigate further with full blood analysis and food intolerance testing.

4. Body fat measurements & photos

Tracking your progress is essential to know we are on the right track. Every 3 weeks, we catch up and measure your progress and give you online access to see your results at home.



5. Unlimited public & private nutrition seminars

Our seminars are full of informative, easy steps to make this a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain forever. We get 100s of amazing feedback messages saying how we have changed lives of clients and their families for good. This is something we are very proud of.

6. Private Facebook group access

7 days a week support for any questions. We know there can be some hard times and knowing that you have a team that is 100% behind you, you can make yourself accountable. You will achieve more than you can imagine.

7. Über Fat Loss smoothie recipes

We have put together our favourite healthy, nutritious & tasty smoothies with flavours to suit everyone.

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5 Reasons You Want To Join The Über Shape Family

#1. Train in a fun motivated team environment full of support and trainers that really care.

#2. Know & trust what you are doing will work for you. We truly believe that we can help everyone achieve their goals over time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

#3. Gain access to our team of experts in various fields including hormones, ART treatment & massage therapy.

#4. We will educate you for the long term so you & your family can live a longer more fulfilled life.

#5. Gain access to our range of quality supplements to enhance your results and have you feeling healthier & full of energy.


How much nutrition advice do I get?
We will track & measure you every 2-3 weeks. Our qualified nutrition coaches can advise you with the correct changes that we see needed to improve your results.
When can I start?
Once you have entered your details below we will contact you within 24 hours and we will be able to organise a time to meet up and discuss any other questions with you. Note: we do have a waiting list for most sessions so hurry to get your spot.
What happens after the 12 weeks? Can I continue?
Yes, 80% of our transformation clients want to continue as they wish to get more results.
How many people in each group?
We have to different session types you will be participating in. “Strength sessions” with 5-8 people max per session. This is where we focus on more technique and improving weakness and injuries. The “Circuit sessions” will be up to 16 people, this is a high intensity session aimed towards stubborn fat loss.
What happens if I can’t make all the session times?
If you can’t make all four sessions you can do a catch up on Saturday or come to a different time as we can fit you in.
What if I can’t do certain exercises due to injuries?
We understand some people may have some past injuries & we will do our best to help you improve and get rid of any injuries as well as give you personalised exercises to do.
What happens if I go on holiday half way through?
We are flexible and we can make personalised arrangements with you.

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Training days & times. Pick a time slot. We understand you are busy so we have made it easy to fit into your schedule with different times available. All sessions are 60 minutes

Investment> $63 Per week (no contracts)




If you have any questions we are here to chat >