3 Nutrition Progressions To Maximise Your Results

3 Nutrition Progressions To Maximise Your Results

When a person decides to turn their lifestyle around by getting fit and making healthier choices, one of the first things that need to change is their nutrition. See how you can use these 3 Nutrition Progressions To Maximise Your Results.

Becoming purposely active, building muscle and getting your heart rate up is fantastic. Without putting real food into your body, working out will feel like a chore and results will stagnate.

No nutritional advice is the reason why the more commercial gyms and getting fit at home usually doesn’t succeed. The drop off rate after commencing is being anywhere from 2-6 weeks before quitting or falling off the wagon.

Without the proper guidance and understanding, choosing the right nutrition can be hard. People will just stop eating or live off salads and tinned tuna with a few binge sessions in between. Leaving a person starving and feeling guilty depending on their choice.

At Uber Shape, we take our clients through 3 stages to educate and help them understand how their body needs to be fuelled. By learning each stage and progressing through, we hope they can achieve a lifestyle turn around. Not just a temporary result followed by a return back to their past lifestyle.

Stage 1 – Clean eating
Eating clean can come as quite a shock to some people. Ditching their beloved bread, cereal, pasta, and milk may seem extreme. However, it’s the first step to reset the way your body uses carbohydrates.

If your body stores fat, then it’s burning your consumed carbohydrates instead of the stored fat as your primary fuel source. We want to teach you how to eat real, unprocessed foods throughout the day to keep your body naturally energized. Remember this isn’t a no carb diet. Vegetables are carbohydrates that your body will also utilize to keep your energy levels up.

Ditching the processed food will also get rid of all the nasty cravings by day 4-7. It’s not an easy first week, but it’s well worth the results to reset your body.

Stage 2 – Carbohydrate timing
Next, we will re introduce starchy carbohydrates back into your diet, mainly before or after training. As your training intensifies, you will need to fuel your body correctly adding in carbohydrates. This helps to aid with recovery and muscle growth.

Your trainer will sit down with you and work out the best amount for you to add in. Also what the best types are and when to put them in depending on your training schedule.

The types of carbohydrates we will add in will be things like; white rice, brown rice,
pumpkin, sweet potato, flat rice cakes, quinoa, and fruit.

Stage 3 – Macro’s and calorie counting
By stage 3 we should be well under way by understanding how your body is responding to your training and nutrition. Next, we need to further your understanding of food to make your results more specific to you. The trainers will educate you on what calories and macros your body needs.

One of the most accurate ways to get the calculation perfect is by a metabolic test through a professional clinic. The test will help you understand how many calories you burn during your rest period. The results will allow us to work out how many calories your body needs to eat per day.

Example for a Male
Rest day = 1500 calories
Training day = 1800 calories

The second method is by using software to calculate a person’s body fat percentage. This allows the coaches to estimate the total calorie expenditure on resting and training days.

Different approaches are considered for each individual. It will include a deficit of the entire calories that were previously estimated and macro nutrients break down the rotation. Cycling carbohydrates are then used further to achieve each client goals.

Example: Sarah
Sarah should aim for 1400 calories.
Rest days = 1400 calories = 40% protein, 35% fats and 25% carbs
Training days = 1400 calories = 40% protein, 25% fats and 35% carbs

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