Natural Flu Buster Remedy

Natural Flu Buster Remedy

Our Natural flu remedy that actually works is the key to getting through Flu season. Flu season comes around every year and sometimes with very little change in the weather which means it often sneaks up on us. The remedy will help you combat those nasty cold/cough/chesty flu-like symptoms if they do strike and will help you recover fast.

Keeping your immune system healthy is the essential part of staying healthy, and it all starts in the gut. In both adults and children, there are a few simple everyday ways we can do this to keep healthy.

First; add fermented food and drinks to your diet.

Leave the probiotics on the shelf and look for freshly fermented food and drinks. Naturally, ferment products have a higher and stronger level of probiotics, often from one single serving, then a whole bottle of probiotics. Anything natural is quickly welcomed into the body and therefore efficiently used. Synthetic counterparts are rejected and often don’t make it past the bile, therefore, don’t get a chance to be used in the gut. For the natural living organism to be alive and do its job, it has to be kept alive in the fridge and can’t be heat treated to live on the shelf. The products that we love are fermented vegetables and kombucha. If you add 50 mils of kombucha in your diet and two tbsp of fermented vegetables in addition to a well-balanced diet, you will see fantastic health benefits and your gut will love you for it.

Second; by recognising that inflammation foods lower your immune system.

The more packaged, shelf life and persevered foods that you consume, will lower your immune system. Your body is always working so hard to protect itself from illness caused by environmental factors, stress and lack of sleep. Therefore when you add in inflammatory foods like processed foods in a packet, containing preservatives, toxic oils (vegetable, sunflower, canola), processed sugar, shelf-like bread and overtreated milk, it gives your body so much processing work that it leaves your immune system low and allows virus strains to takeover. We recommend that you consume clean foods to allow your body direct access to all the vitamins and minerals. Reducing your inflammatory foods will take the load off your body and as a result, it to be ready to fight when sickness is around.

Third; choose foods for health

Every day you need protein, carbohydrates and good fats in almost every meal. Protein choices can be; beef, chicken, turkey, eggs and fish. Carbs are your vegetables and fruits, rice and grains. Fats will be your avocados, nuts, almond and coconut milk, and yoghurt. Yes it takes longer to prepare these meals and yes it is more expensive, but at some point, it will even out as sickness equals money spent on antibiotics, time off work and on the couch. Eating this way will also leave your body feeling great therefore if your body is given what it needs to thrive, it will do just that.

If we do get sick, what do we take?

If you do get sick, we have an excellent, natural flu remedy that works and we would love you to try it. Please don’t do the cold and flu tables if you can at all help it, as a result of taking them they destroy your good bacteria and prolong the sickness.

Oxymel of Garlic

• 30g (10 cloves) garlic
• 4g (1 heaped tsp.) fennel seeds
• 4g (1 heaped tsp.) caraway seeds
• 100ml apple cider vinegar
• 40 ml (2 tbsp.) honey

Method 1 (for a mild garlic taste and effect)
1. Gently warm seeds in vinegar without boiling for a few minutes and remove from heat
2. Add the peeled and crushed garlic and let it stand. (The longer it stands the stronger the garlic taste)
3. Strain and add honey. Warm to combine

Method 2 (for a strong garlic taste and effect)
1. Gently warm seeds in vinegar without boiling for a few minutes and then strain.
2. Add honey and warm to combine
3. Peel and crush garlic and place in a jar. Pour the warm honey and vinegar mixture over the garlic and allow it to steep.

Take 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon for sore throats, colds, coughs and the flu.

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