Fat Loss & Focus Breakfast Options

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-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without it, you’re limiting your potential to perform during the day.

-What you eat for breakfast sets up your entire neurotransmitter production (brain function) for the day.

-If you consume a high carbohydrate breakfast you may find your self-reaching for those sweet afternoon snacks.

Below are our top 5 breakfasts options 

1. Beef patties with Macadamias nuts, (Lean & Focused)
Red meat is by far the most beneficial for all over performance and focus for the entire day.

Clients that do consume this always train a lot harder and are more focused = better results..
Good fats from the nuts will help with a steady blood sugar rise.

2. White Fish & Avocado (Fat Loss)
We use this for our clients who want to fast track their Fat Loss. It’s low inflammation meaning it’s great for the person who often gets an upset stomach or is always stressed.

3. Turkey patties with olives,(High Protein) blueberries, strawberries or raspberries
Turkey is very high in protein and low in fat. Use berries if you have an intolerance to nuts.

4. Eggs with smoked salmon. (Eating Out)
This is a great alternative to meat & nuts if you are eating out at your local café.

5. Uber Shape Breakfast Blast. (Running late)
Adding a few simple nutrient dense ingredients in your blender is super easy and fast. Check out breakfast blast.

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