7 Reasons Maria Can’t Live Without Training

7 Reasons Maria Can’t Live Without Training

Here at our Gold Coast Personal Training gym we seek to provide a plan where people can boost their health & transform their body. Check out 7 Reasons Maria Can’t Live Without Training.

1.Before you started with Uber Shape, how would you have described yourself?

There were ups and downs with my fitness. I was depressed and very anxious. When I started to feel better I would then try a gym again but I received no real support or any results. Having been through a divorce and raising my kids on my own takes a lot of my energy. My life has changed a lot now since starting Uber Shape.

2.Why did you choose Uber Shape?
After looking for a different gym I decided to try Uber Shape after my friend Renata told me how she was enjoying it. Uber Shape was just the place I was looking for.

3.Tell us about your expectations and motivations to get started?
Really, I didn’t know what to expect; this was the first time I have ever trained with professionals. Having coaches checking in to see how I was going. Knowing the trainers are supporting and helping with my diet, I knew I was going to get stronger and healthier. It was in the right place with encouraging coaches who were looking after me. My mind needed a big shift, I felt a lot was going to change in my life. Each day I felt more motivated each day I went.

4.Before Uber Shape What was your diet and lifestyle like?
My diet was always good. However, with Coby advising me what to eat and when I should be eating certain foods, this helped.

The nutrition advice was helping me keep my weight off. We increased my food amount because I wasn’t eating enough. When I was with my kids I always ate well, but when I was alone during the day, I never ate. My body got used to me eating very little. Before Uber Shape, I couldn’t lose weight, and now I have the energy to go to the gym and enjoy my day with my kids.

5.How do you think your life has changed outside of the gym since starting at Uber?
My energy has increased and I have a much better sleep. I used to wake up in the middle of the night. Now I sleep through and wake up feeling fresh in the morning. I am a shy person, so I like to stay inside, but I do feel like I can get out and be active with my kids now. It’s very satisfying to look in the mirror and see how much my life has changed, but most important my mind has changed. I feel happier, healthier and more alive. 

6 .What are your new goals for the future?
It has been so good so far and I’m not sure it can get much better. I’m looking forward to my body changing more, in my stomach muscles. My mind has changed so much, now I can look forward to more changes in my body. I love my body the way it is now but it was my mind that needed the work and if I am happy my kids are happy. My father noticed the other day when he was talking to me, he was so happy. He said… “Every time we talk you are now so happy.” When I am happy; everyone else in my life feels happy which is good.

7.Why would you recommend Uber Shape?

Uber Shape is awesome; I’m not going to stop coming. The Booty Class I absolutely love. My booty has changed and I like the way I can see new muscles. Now I can do exercises that I couldn’t before as I am a lot stronger. Most of all it is lots of fun.

8.What do you love most about Uber Shape?
The challenge of weight training and seeing my strength increase. E.g. In the BOOTY CLASS, I started at 3 kgs, moved up to 4 kgs and now I’m ready to go up to 5 kgs.

Another thing that makes me very happy is that the kids love coming to the gym with me. My children know now how important it is to be active. They love seeing everyone working out. The atmosphere is great, the people are friendly and the trainers are encouraging. Personally, I would have never thought that exercising could change your life so much. Going to the gym every day being around lovely people have made me so much happier. Come to Uber Shape to change your life too.

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