8 Week Challenge

Uber Shape’s Proven 8 Week Challenge Is Back. Our No-BS approach works & we stand by it. 

What is included:
✅ 5 x Body Fat Skin Fold Caliper Measurements
✅ 5 x Group Masterclasses
✅ 5 x 1:1 Personal Consult Sessions
✅ Unlimited Training
✅ Nutrition for Training Guide
✅ Uber Shape Shirt
✅ Plus your own copy of “Atomic Habits Book”
– Party at the end with food, certificates and a drink at the door
– Cash prize for the winner, 2nd prize supplement voucher, 3rd prize goodie bag
– Friday Night Coaches’ live and virtual: Nutrition, Motivation and Habits Chat on Zoom

  • Prize
    1st $500 Cash
    2nd $200 Voucher Supplement
    + the most important prize is your self-improvement and putting your body first.

What We Require:
– 8 Week commitment
– 3-5 sessions per week of training
– Fortnightly personal consult check-ins to see how you are going and answer your questions
– Tune into Coaches Chat live on ZOOM to keep accountable

bec Kylue  229x300 - 8 Week Challenge
Dylan .psd Final 300x300 - 8 Week Challenge
Jamie.psd Final  300x300 - 8 Week Challenge
Sandy 8 Week 300x300 - 8 Week Challenge

Start Date: July 27th 2020 

Early Bird: $670 (members $280)
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