Alcohol & Fat Loss 2.0

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For many alcohol & fat loss is no longer saved for special occasions, but has become a weekly, or even daily occurrence. Sadly, it isn’t as good as many reports make it out to be.

Many articles and influential health reporters have said that it is great for a person’s health to drink 1 glass a day and more than fine to have a few drinks over the weekend, so long as it’s in moderation. However, if you are suffering inflammation in your body causing headaches, arthritis, gut problems, asthma, weight issues, leaky gut and depression, it might not be the case. 

Drinking affects two main areas of your body:

  1. Gut Microbiota

This is the bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract that is responsible for your digestion, immune system, mental health and much more. Frequent alcohol use weakens the immune system, making your body susceptible to sickness, unable to fight disease, higher risk for depression and leaky gut syndrome.

  1. Liver

Alcohol puts a lot of pressure on the liver & puts a stop to fat loss for up to a week. The liver already is responsible for detoxing the body from toxins that enter through foods, environmental factors and pesticides. As alcohol hits the liver a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde is produced attacking the liver & stopping it from focusing on general detoxification. Prolonged exposure can damage liver cells, causing permanent scarring.

Can we live ‘socially’ without alcohol?

Absolutely. Well meaning, friends may think that you can’t live without it but we think you can. The key is to find an enjoyable replacement. However, alcohol is addictive and can also become a habit, so you will need to break the addiction and change your ways.

Below is my top 4 go to non-alcoholic drinks that keep me satisfied, with the added bonus of some incredible health benefits.

  1. Soda Water with lemon/lime

This drink is great if you are out with friends. It looks good, the zesty flavour will satisfy your taste buds, plus the lemon and lime are both high in natural Vitamin C to keep those nasty colds away.  Mint is also a good addition and makes it feel a little more like a cocktail. 

  1. Kombucha

Is a probiotic beverage and is the new super drink of our time. It aids digestion and gut health with its naturally fermented living colony of bacteria and yeast. Make sure you select a low sugar brand; it could be the difference of 3 teaspoons of added sugar after the fermentation process if you select the wrong one. This one is a great drink to take to a BBQ with mates, as you will have a tasty fermented drink in a glass bottle in your hand to stop your mates annoying you to drink…

  1. Apple Cider with water/Soda water/ Sparkling mineral water

This is a great drink to have at home if you feel like something other then water. Apple cider is full of health benefits for gut health, digestion and weight loss. It also has a great zesty and tangy taste. We love ‘Fire Tonic from Hilbilby Cultured Food.’

  1. Water

We should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres on any normal day. If you are exercising or playing sport increase this to 3 or more. This will keep you hydrated, alert, and keep you feeling fuller longer.

I challenge you to try going alcohol free for a few weeks to discover how great you can feel and to fully understand the positive impact and improvements on your gut, your health and mind. You will all find the right balance that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

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