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Screen Shot 2016 09 29 at 9.08.51 AM - Is Sugar Messing with your Hormones?

Is Sugar Messing with your Hormones?

Screen Shot 2015 02 05 at 3.16.22 pm - Is Sugar Messing with your Hormones?

Key Topic: Meal consistency is essential for healthy fat loss.

During my nutrition consults over the past few weeks, I have come to discover a common theme and set back which many people are currently struggling with. That being that they are not eating enough meals during the day, in turn leading to poor snacking habits and increased cravings for sugary foods.

Work life balance is a big thing and I know that many of us wake up early and need to juggle work and our families, however our body or the “engine room” as I like to call it gets left behind.

I find this analogy very relevant – think of the body as a car. Most of us are on the run all day at full throttle. If we are not putting quality fuel in the body we will slow the body’s engine down, which in turn makes us feel tired and craving more fuel. When our body gets tired and craving that fuel we tend to look to easy foods, normally high in sugar and carbs, to get our energy levels back up. Eating sugary foods releases insulin into the blood stream, which then leads to serotonin (feel good hormone) flowing into the brain making you feel ‘good’ for the moment. Unfortunately the body can get complacent quite quickly and you then find yourself searching for sweet foods to again get back that feeling your body is craving.

This also applies if your daily diet includes a high intake of caffeine – you may find yourself start to become desensitised to serotonin and then it becomes a domino effect, where your body keeps searching for more sweet food throughout the day.

I would say most people eat like this
8:00am – Breakfast
12:00pm – lunch
3:00pm – Coffee
Danger Period
6:00pm – Dinner

Does this sound like you?

Eating a quality meal at around 2-3pm can literally kick start fat loss & control afternoon snacking if you have come to stand still.

Fact: If your body is fuelled with quality food, it will happily burn body fat.

Take Away Tips

Convenience – a word I hear a lot and a big excuse for many. Here are some takeaway tips to revoke those bad habits.

  • Plan your meals – cook up on a Sunday and a Wednesday so that you’re not in the kitchen all week.
  • Take an esky to work or out on the weekends so that you don’t get caught without.
  • Eat before you go out with friends – this way you can choose something small to eat and you will be able to make good choices.
  • Let your partners / family know that you are changing your habits for the lifestyle. At first they may not understand or be as supportive as you wish, but once they see your results they will join you.
  • Always remember that feeling when you eat sugary foods, it will be back to get you. Eat a high protein & good fats diet to combat this.
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Screen Shot 2016 09 29 at 9.33.31 AM - 4 Super Easy Snack Ideas

4 Super Easy Snack Ideas

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 8.26.58 pm - 4 Super Easy Snack Ideas

Celery & nut butter spread is a tasty energy booster. Loaded with healthy good fats you can be sure this will help with cravings. Be careful as it is very tasty and calorie dense, 1-2 teaspoons is perfect.

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 8.29.17 pm - 4 Super Easy Snack Ideas

Blueberries & nuts are a sweet treat with natural sugars and good fasts. This time of year blueberries a very cheap and tasty.

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 8.27.38 pm - 4 Super Easy Snack Ideas

Chicken & lettuce leaf wrap. Ditch the bread for fresh lettuce and add what ever you like. Tomatoes & cucumbers are great.

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 8.33.29 pm - 4 Super Easy Snack Ideas

Frozen strawberry smoothie. Just add water and blend. I like to add Coconut Crunch on top for extra fibre & protein.

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Alcohol & Fat Loss

Screen Shot 2014 11 05 at 11.57.09 am 300x144 - Alcohol & Fat Loss

How to speed up detoxification of alcohol for better health:

When you drink alcohol all other metabolic processes in the body are put on hold until the body has cleared the alcohol. During this process fat & carbohydrate burning is stopped, as well as muscle recovery. Alcohol also down regulates your fat burning hormones slowing your results dramatically.

My Tips if you do choose to have a drink:
-Keep up a high intake of green tea
-Add curcumin to your meals
-Supplement with Milk thistle
-1t vital greens before bed

Favourable options when drinking:
Organic Red wine

Fresh lime, Soda & vodka

Note>>>>If you want to speed up your results I suggest cutting it out 100%, you will be amazed at your progress.

Train Hard : Eat Clean

Screen Shot 2016 09 29 at 9.26.38 AM - 5 Tips To Motivate The Unmotivated

5 Tips To Motivate The Unmotivated


10409419 10153033466956679 276098660661154440 n 300x225 - 5 Tips To Motivate The Unmotivated

Motivation does not fall out of the sky and hit you in the face. We all wish we could wake up and be motivated to take anything on.

I will teach you how I have become motivated, to stay motivated.

We are all motivated in different areas of life. Most of us are motivated to wake up and go to work because we know the reward of getting paid will put the $ in the bank so we can keep the family going.

Obviously we love our jobs but we still need a motivating factor to get us there in the first place.

If we can use some motivation to get our butts to the gym or to stop eating junk food, the world would be a healthier place and I would be out of business.

How do I stay motivated to eat good food and stay under 10% body fat all year round?

5 tips that will change your life:

  • Start by building on small successes.

Start with small changes that are achievable for you. Don’t pick someone else’s goal. People that dream big are great but we need to make small achievable goals along the way.

  • Have a goal & tell someone.

Tell someone your goal that will encourage & help you get there. Negativity is the last thing you need, so tell someone who really cares and wants to see you succeed. Nothing makes me happier than a client who achieves their goals. Pin them up or set them as your background on your phone or laptop. Keep it at the top of your thoughts.

  •  Read about it daily.

Read articles on how you can improve your health & fitness. Clients that succeed are always coming up to us with new ideas they have with training & nutrition. It’s great that we can help set you up on the right path for long-term success. Follow people you look up to who beam REAL success, (be careful not to admire people who are not real).

  • Understand that there will be ups & downs with your journey.

Recognise their will be bumps, don’t let the bumps push you off track. Change the negative to a positive. Everyday I eat well because I feel better and know it encourages me to do it for my future family. I am building a foundation on healthy living for the rest of my life, not just 12 weeks.

  •  Focus on the good things you have, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Sometimes clients come to me and think I am a “priest” and confess all their bad eating sins, it’s much the opposite. I want to hear about the good things you have done and the more good things you are going to do. If this is you, this will change your mind-set so be ready to stay on track. What you focus on is what you get !

Get excited, build motivation and keep building it for the long-term. You will not just watch your health flourish, but other areas of your life too.

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600ml Shaker 1.jpg 199x300 1 - BPA Free For Life

BPA Free For Life

What’s the big deal about plastic water bottles?

As most of you are aware, we as trainers always drink out of stainless steel bottles…and there is a good reason why! You have probably heard of BPA – but do you know what it is and what it actually does to us?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is a compound found in most plastics, making them more durable and tougher (hence the use in drink and food containers). BPA, unfortunately is harmful to human beings, especially those who are exposed to it on a regular basis.

Recent studies have provided evidence that several types of plastics are evidently unsafe for use; these plastics are used in many everyday household products and often contain high levels of BPA. BPA is considered to be a hormone disrupting chemical that is linked to autism, birth defects, reproductive problems and other health issues. You want to avoid using these plastic products so that you do not ingest bad chemicals along with your food and drink.

What is perhaps the most alarming, is that many products made for babies and small children are made from these harmful plastic types including sippy cups and baby bottles. BPA is also found in the epoxy lining of metal containers including soup cans and drinking bottles.

Whether it’s a bottle of water, a lid for coffee cups, a pre-packaged salad container or just that huge jug of water on the water cooler, it seems that we encounter so many plastics products in our everyday drinking and eating. So what do you do?

Step 1: change your water bottle and anything else that you use on a daily basis. Stainless Steel is your best bet as aluminium bottles contain a lining which STILL contains low levels of BPA.


Below are some tips for some basic practices that you can adopt for safer ‘plastic use.’

– Use Baby Bottles made of tempered glass or polypropylene or polyethylene (these do not contain bisphenol-A).

– Keep plastic products away from heat – heat tends to promote the leaching of chemicals. Even the safer types of plastics (see below) may leach chemicals due to heat or prolonged storage.

– Reusable containers or cups with stainless steel or ceramic interiors are a good substitute to your plastic ones or look for BPA free alternatives.

So, if you are training hard and eating clean don’t undo all your hard work by ingestion toxic substances! At Uber Shape we are passionate about health from the inside out so we have our very own stainless steel drink bottles and protein shakers available for purchase.

600ml Shaker.jpg 199x300 - BPA Free For Life

GET YOUR VERY OWN Uber Shape Branded shaker @$20 each. Ask your trainer

750ml Bottle.jpg 132x300 - BPA Free For Life

GET YOUR VERY OWN Uber Shape Branded bottle @$20 each. Ask your trainer

Screen Shot 2017 05 27 at 9.36.18 PM 870x465 - How To Balance Your High Protein Diet

How To Balance Your High Protein Diet

A common misconception I come across is that ‘too much protein is bad for your health’. How much is too much?

There is no evidence that eating a high protein diet damages healthy kidneys.

The misconception that eating a lot of protein hurts the kidneys, comes from the fact that in people with chronic kidney disease- high protein intake can further compromise kidney function but these are people who’s kidneys already aren’t working well.

7 years ago when I started to change my diet from McDonalds and packet made sauces to a ‘paleo’ style of healthy eating, my flat mate was consistently telling me I would die of kidney failure. Further to say, she has come around to my advice of a higher protein diet for fat loss and is now looking better than ever J
Before you go a head and eat half a cow, there are a few tips I would advise to balance your protein intake:

  1. Protein is acidic, so balance your acid load by eating loads of fruit & vegetables. Darker the better for example; spinach, kale, zucchini, lettuce, leeks, broccoli, root vegetables, kiwi fruit and grapes are fairly alkaline fruits.
  2. Eliminate processed grains & minimise whole grain in-take, as these are acid producing.
  3. I have had plenty of questions on cheese at the past 2 nutrition seminars. Cheese produces a lot of acid, so best to consume on occasions.
  4. Drink mineral water or add fresh Lime juice to your water to make it more alkaline and decrease the acid load.

So that brings me back to my first question. How much protein is too much? As long as it is balanced with enough green vegetables and your body is alkaline and not acidic, you will be ok.

The more alkaline you are, the more you will be in the FAT BURNING ZONE.

Reference: Poliquin Principles 2nd edition