Barry’s Health and Fitness Overhaul

Barry’s Health and Fitness Overhaul

Uber Shape was recommended to Barry by a mate. Barry wanted a shake-up and some motivation for his fitness and health but didn’t really want to go sign up to a stereotypical gym environment, later on finding out Uber Shape is quite different… Let’s see what he has to say…

“I had a really poor perception of gyms and was in two minds as to if I should come to a gym. After speaking with a friend,  he suggested that Uber Shape might be a good spot to come along too. Reluctantly I came along and loved it from the get-go. ”

“I got to a point where I used to train at home, it was heading into Christmas, I was feeling a little bit podgy.” Barry started training with Uber Shape just over 4 months ago and we have seen some amazing changes.

Hard Work Pays Off

Since training at Uber Shape, all the trainers have seen huge changes in Barry physically, from a drop in weight to muscle gain. Barry mentions that he has loved the mental changes, which he has felt the most.

“It’s been a really good circuit breaker for me and a great way to unload. When I do walk in the door of a night, I’m a better man. Mentally it has been a big improvement coming to Uber Shape.”

Barry trains with us 4-5 times per week. He also has Nutritional Plans which are done with Coach Coby.

“Since I have been training and eating more intentionally, I’ve seen myself drop a size in my pants. I’ve seen a big improvement in my stomach too, which has been very encouraging. When you see that progress it gives you that motivation to keep going.”

Barry says his biggest success has been in his own kitchen, Coach Coby’s Nutritional Plans explain what to eat and highlighting the importance of prioritising being organised.

“I’ve become a bit more intentional with my planning.” His work life requires lunches out with Clients. “When I do work lunches I try to eat healthy before and after and also eating better foods now and drinking less alcohol.”

Great work to Barry for all his hard work and dedication to training and healthy eating. As trainers, it has been fantastic to watch him progress and enjoy the ride.

“It’s a great community, trainers are all switched on, fantastic and encouraging and I do recommend Uber Shape to anyone that will listen to me.”

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