Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

There are many types of activity trackers but first of all, let’s all figure out what your primary purpose for an activity tracker is & what do you personally need it for?

Do you need to?

  • See your texts & make calls?
  • Track your heart rate?
  • Get an accurate reading of your speed?
  • Track your steps each day?

Now, this can be very confusing with so many different products on the market?
It’s essential to choose the best one for you, especially when you’re investing anywhere from $100 up to $900, you want to make sure that you make the right choice.

Our Review Looks at Garmin, Apple & Fitbit

Apple Watch

Starting at $649.00 upwards

Apple has some fantastic technology, the Apple Watch is very consistent with its phone, the iPad, the MacBook and all the functionality of being able to download apps on your phone, se

nd & receive calls/text messages. You can download a variety of apps for tracking your activity. The downsides of the Apple Watch is it’s a little more tricky to use, especially when you’re exercising with the touchscreen and sweat etc. All that stuff can get a bit fidgety where all you need is a start & stop button for your training or to get an accurate heart rate reading.

If you need to be able to chat and use the text message for your work etc, then that could be an option for you. Apple has a wrist heart rate monitor. The downside is once you start to move or sweat it becomes very inaccurate + unlike Garmin it requires a 3rd party HR chest strap but I can’t seem to find any raving reviews about it. Overall the watch is best suited for someone who needs all the phone like features handsfree.

Garmin Activity Trackers 

Starting at $250 upwards
In particular, we are looking at a range of Forerunners. The Garmin brand is one that I’m a big fan of, and I would rate Garmin as my number one for me personally. Garmin offers a large range of watches from entry-level to advance sporting performance- depending on which model & your price point. Garmin does have the option to see texts & incoming calls.

Garmin is very user-friendly when tracking your intervals & rest along with checking your HR. They are also very durable for all types of adventure. The new models now have the added feature to get the Garmin Pay & Music depending on which model you are looking into. I’m mainly talking about the Garmin Forerunner for activity tracking, there are some other models for different types of activities; like golf, surfing, hiking, skiing etc. Garmin also uses a wrist HR monitor so you will need to upgrade to the chest strap to get an accurate reading while exercising. From experience, the chest straps are very precise and reliable. Garmin also syncs very easy with Strava. Garmin also has a 10/10 customer service if you have any issues. Rebel Sport has regular sales to get these at great prices.


$100 upwards

Perfect for entry-level step tracking & price point. I’m not 100% convinced it’s as accurate as of the Apple Watch and Garmin. Fitbit does not sync with Strava. Strava is an excellent motivating and visual activity tracking app, I call it “Facebook for fitness”. The only way it syncs to Strava is to carry your phone on you, which defeats the purpose.

Overall Fitbit is great for the kids and very cost-effective with fun styles and straps.

More on Heart Rate Monitors.
Heart rate monitors are at the back of the wrist strap of all the Garmin, Apple and the Fitbit. Once you start to sweat and move around the HR accuracy becomes poor. The best way to overcome this is to use a

chest strap. Once again, Garmin have this covered with a straightforward syncing chest strap to keep track of your HR rate. Find a Garmin HR Monitor here from 99 Bikes.

Wrap Up:

I would be pushing more towards the Garmin forerunner from the 235, 735, right up to the 935, & 945 models and there are always new ones coming out. That would be my best pick when looking for an activity tracker that you can use for the gym or running. I also use mine for general day-to-day use but obviously not wear the HR chest strap when I am not training.

Choose the best one to match your use & lifestyle. Tracking your activity can definitely keep you motivated & on track enjoying your training while seeing exactly what your body is doing.

If you have any other questions or would like to get more info on the best option for you please message us any time on here Facebook. 

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