Bio-Print by Charles Poliquin

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Bio-Print by Charles Poliquin (skin fold analysis), is an innovative method of body fat reduction developed by world renowned strength and conditioning coach C. Poliquin.

BioPrint is a revolutionary method which works by identifying and measuring where your body stores excess body fat and then relating it back to a hormonal balance or imbalance. For example, if you store more body fat through your umbilical (stomach) region, you may have suffered prolonged periods of stress. This storage site directly relates to cortisol – our stress hormone – which in turn makes you gain fat around this region.

How can this help you?

We analyse these results along with your current training and nutrition patterns in order to give you the appropriate advice on reducing the problem area through improved nutritional habits and supplementation, if required.

The BioPrint method has been around for the last 35 years and at Uber Shape we have fine tuned the system to suit our clients who are motivated for results.

For the month of October we are offering a FREE BioPrint analysis + a print out of your results and priorities from the consultation.

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Some of Our Clients


Congratulations to Uber Shape client Brendo after dropping 8% body fat and stacking on some lean muscle. Keeping it simple we increased his food intake while focusing on macro timing.

bredon - Bio-Print by Charles Poliquin

Words from Brendo, A big thanks to Coby and the uber shape team, 12 weeks ago i had no idea the benefits nutrition coaching could do for my health and well being. I have achieved amazing results in a such a short period of time. I highly recommend for anyone to give it a try you will feel amazing.


I joined Uber Shape in Feb this year and I can not believe the results I achieved during this time.

Ubershape Before and After Images Ben - Bio-Print by Charles Poliquin

Coby and the Uber Shape team genuinely care about their clients. They really listen to your requirements and have been fantastic in not only helping me set goals but more importantly, to achieve them. Uber Shape will not only motivate you, improve your technique and monitor your progress but will offer sound advice and information on good nutrition.

Brigitte H

With 2 kids now at school I decided this year I would get myself back on track with my fitness and weight.

brigetteh - Bio-Print by Charles Poliquin

Uber Shape has transformed not only my body but my entire way of life. I am fitter faster and stronger then I have ever been before and my kids are loving the benefits of an active fresh lifestyle. This was not just a diet or fitness program. It was the education in how to live an entire new life. Thank you Coby and all the Uber Shape family.


I just had my 3rd baby, feeling lost and a little unhappy with my body I turned to uber shape.

Ubershape Before and After Images Lisa 238x300 - Bio-Print by Charles Poliquin

16kg down and 10% of body fat down I couldn’t be any happier! Coby and the team are fantastic. Everyday you are greeted with a smile. Everybody is treated equal and the best part is you make friends for life! Thank you uber shape! Your my second family!

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