Outdoor gym Training .psd 3 870x457 - Latest QLD Update For Gyms & Outdoor Training

Latest QLD Update For Gyms & Outdoor Training

What does it mean for Sport & Recreation?

Phase 1: “Community centres, outdoor gyms, playgrounds and skate parks allow up to 10 people.”

What does it mean for Uber Shape?
Get ready to get outdoors and sweat together as the local government has opened parks and recreation areas for groups of up to 10 people. Strict hygiene must be followed and along with social distancing. We are OPEN OUTDOORS as of Saturday the 15 of May.

We will update all members inside our private group for the location and upcoming times and availability.

Members will have priority to all sessions, but if you would like to jump on the waiting list you can download our app here and select 7 day trial.

Overall this is great news and we cant wait to see everyone.

IMG 4964 - Latest QLD Update For Gyms & Outdoor Training
Coby 1 - Keep The GC Moving

Keep The GC Moving

Here at Uber Shape, a local gym in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, our mission is to Keep the GC Families moving during this time and help them stay active and connected with others.

There are many things we can’t control, but we CAN control our physical and mental health through movement & exercise.

Uber Shape Coaches are volunteering their own time to the Gold Coast by giving 2 LIVE & FREE workouts each day.

The better we each feel; the more we can help send good vibes to our family and friends. In isolation, we don’t want people to feel isolated. This initiative, #keepthegcmoving, is where we can reach as many people outside of our community and connect them.

Duration: 20 Minutes!! LIVE & FREE
When: Everyday @ 12:00 PM & 6:30 PM
Where: Live On Uber Shape Facebook
Who: Uber Shape Coaches Coby, Kylie, Corey & Karissa. We also may pair with our family members who will be sharing with us also.

The Coaches will all be sharing workouts that they love, and will also on occasion, be sharing the screen with their families. I’ll be training with my wife Nikki; Coach Kylie be training with her kids, Corey & his Mum and Karrisa with her family. Plus many other guest appearances! We have lots of good workouts coming up that can be suited to any ability.

Internally; our Uber Shape clients, both Adult and FitKIDS, have switched to an online virtual training system. Through Zoom, the groups workout together with the leading Coach, sharing screens in a classroom environment with personal advice. Communication is the most important between the coach and the other members to have a sense of community and well being. This has been a huge success and we are very proud of our new movement.

Running 870x610 - Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)

Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)

0-5KM is a basic plan, it’s perfect for preparing yourself for your first 5K race, or maybe first 5 km race in a long time. A plan like this will suit people that have never run before, that don’t naturally love running or even fear running but have always wanted to do a run.

The plan includes some walking breaks, and I will also share with you the right shoes to wear and when to put it in our gym training schedule. All I need is your commitment two times per week for around 20-30minutes. If that’s good for you, then keep reading.

Screen Shot 2020 03 12 at 3.05.33 PM 300x266 - Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)

Before we start any running at all, we want to make sure you’ve got the right pair of shoes. Running in the wrong pair of runners is about as damaging as lifting weights with poor technique. You don’t want to go for a run with a pair of shoes that aren’t made for running or run in a pair of shoes that are ten years old. Both scenarios could leave you injured and down the track stop you from running. Feeling of discomfort while running due to poor fitness/ability and or feeling pain due to injury are very two different things.

Where to buy a good pair of shoes and what brands? There are some great shoes on the market. However, it is essential to get a pair that is for your level, beginner shoes, and where you are running in them or how you are using them makes a huge difference. At the gym, we advise to wear Nike Metcons because they are great for lifting weights, but that’s a terrible running shoe. Using gym shoes for running is like putting low profile wheels on your car then driving on the beach, they are both wheels but they are not made to support the same amount of load.

Best shoes for running are; Nike zoom and Hoka one. The Hoka shoe is one of the most popular. They are worth the investment to look after your joints while you run. Head to The Running Shop in James street Burleigh. They know running, and they know their shoes.

Screen Shot 2020 03 12 at 3.10.33 PM 300x237 - Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)

Let’s talk about discomfort. When we first start anything new, there is always slight discomfort. Discomfort when exercising is entirely normal and expected. With running, when you push slightly outside your comfort zone, you may feel a little breathlessness, feeling muscles burning through your legs and mentally fatigued. That is discomfort, and that is going to make you stronger and faster, and this is an excellent place to be.

Injury or potential niggles while running is a different ball game. If you are experiencing pain through your knees, ankles or calves, then it’s probably a good sign that you need to stop and back off. You may need to release or strengthen the muscle group being sore or even the opposing muscle group. You know your body better than anyone else. Don’t push through pain that has a negative effect because it won’t get better, so you must pull back and consult with a coach. Then slowly rebuild once the issue has been repaired. In most cases, stretching, strength training, massage and also nutritionally fueling your body can improve your body.

Now let’s look into a training schedule.

Firstly your running days should be 2-3 days apart as a beginner.
Running on a Wednesday and Saturday for our current gym timetable is perfect. Then it will suit your lower body training days and upper body.

Monday – Lower Strength

Tuesday – Arms & Abs

Wednesday Running

Thursday -Upper Strength

Friday- Energize/Fitness

Saturday Running

Sunday Rest

Sample Running Plan for 0-5KM

Week 1
Run for one minute, walk for one minute and repeat that 10×20 minute
Repeat twice

Week 2
Run for three minutes, walk for three minutes repeat four times

Week 3
Run for 5 minutes, walk two minutes repeat three times

Week 4
Run for 8 minutes, walk two minutes repeat three times

Week 5
Run for 12 minutes walk two minutes repeat twice then run for five minutes to finish off

Week 6
Run for 15 minutes walk for one minute repeat twice

Race week
Leading up to a 5K race you can do a couple of small runs (10 minutes)

Lock in your 2x runs per week to complete this for the next 6 weeks.
Remember this is for all levels, make sure you have lots of fun even better grab a buddy or even your kids.

Next Event: GC Running Festival
Join in the fun at the GC running festival coming up which we are leading the way for. This is the most popular run for our gym so far with 55 members racing in their first race, for their fastest time or just with their buddies. Sign up under Uber Shape and join our team, we would love to have you involved! Team Name : Ubershape

Running 300x210 - Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)
Screen Shot 2020 03 04 at 12.30.06 PM 870x443 - Fitkids, The real impact + a few surprises

Fitkids, The real impact + a few surprises

Many Kids and Teens are growing up in an environment with distractions, and peer pressures; to act, look and feel a particular way. At Uber Shape, we get the opportunity to input health & fitness into their lives. As a bonus, we pair it with positive chats and encouragement, so they know they have a welcoming and uplifting environment to come into every afternoon. Check out our latest story from 5 of our amazing teens about why they train, how it makes them feel and what they are looking for in a gym environment.

FitKIDS afternoon sessions. The 5 amazing kids below are all friends, 2 started with us over 2 years ago and then brought their 3 friends this year to start with us. When they told us how much they love the sessions and why we had to interview them.

Mia and Erin have both been training with us from the very beginning – from the first week that FitKIDS started. They have always been happy and inclusive of everyone around them while trying their hardest in every session. Both girls finished up with Dance and wanted to keep their fitness up and join a gym. They were looking for a positive community and found home. Erin and Mia’s favourite sessions are upper body and kickboxing.

Indigo, Emma and Lydia are all friends of Mia and
Erin and were invited to come along this year. Indigo came along to feel fit and healthy, plus to be apart of a community that’s supportive and encouraging. Emma and Lydia also came along to feel happier about themselves and gain more confidence. All 3 girls love kickboxing and it has become their favourite session out of the 3 they do per week. All 5 girls come to 3 sessions per week!

Screen Shot 2020 03 04 at 12.29.54 PM 300x278 - Fitkids, The real impact + a few surprises

Term 1, 2020 Timetable

Monday 3:45pm Strength 11yrs_+
Tuesday 4:00pm Upper Boby Movement 7 yrs+
Wednesday 4:00pm Strength, Junior 5yrs + and Senior 11yrs+
Thursday 3:45pm Kickboxing 5yrs+
Friday 3:45pm Energizer Fitness 5yrs+

Get In Contact, To learn more about our fitkids program.

Send us a messge, Click Here. 

Supplements 870x653 - Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don't waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don’t waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

We all have a few supplements sitting in the top shelf at home collecting dust. The truth is we have all been sold something we either don’t need or is not going to work anyway. Iv have also tried and used a large variety over the past years, so now I can genuinely share the ones that work. Let’s get into our top 5 we recommend and why…….. One more thing. Overall in relation to getting results you truly want, the harder you work Physically, and the quality of your Nutrition is what really counts. Supplements will assist in making you feel better so you can achieve this.

#1 Magnesium.
First and foremost, is to make sure that you are getting good quality sleep. The better you sleep, the better you will function during the day. I have highly recommended ‘Gaba Mag’ by Trilogy for years. It is a fantastic supplement that helps to calm the mind and the body, in particular those sore gym muscles, when taken at the right time. However, it is essential to be in conjunction with technology downtime, at least 2 hours before bed, including phones, tv and reading a good book. Its a must try to ensure fantastic sleep through the night, leaving you feeling amazing the next day for good quality training and life.

Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 11.21.06 AM 195x300 - Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don't waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

#2 BCAA.
For fat loss so there’s no such thing as a fat burner, but you can assist the body in recovery. The better the recovery, the better you can burn fat. This is best consumed with an electrolyte, for both flavour and hydration. This mix will also give the body more stamina during your workout. BCAAs can either be in a capsule or powder form, the main thing that you don’t want is fillers added like rice powder. Look at the ingredients and send them through to us if you aren’t sure!


Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 11.21.44 AM 267x300 - Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don't waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

#3 Electrolytes.
For energy and hydration, this is our go-to. Don’t buy sugar-filled sports drinks that contain up to 12 teaspoons of sugar when an electrolyte can do the job if not better. If you buy a good quality electrolyte, this will increase your hydration immediately by putting in sodium, potassium and Magnesium. If you are hydrated, you will feel energized.

Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 11.20.31 AM 300x269 - Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don't waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

#4 Super Fruits/Greens Powder.
People always look for stimulants such as coffee, Pre-workout etc. These are small boosts of not sustaining energy, leaving you to feel less motivated after they have worn off. To really be full of energy you should be taking a greens powder and/or some sort of superfruits drink. Combining them is optimal. It will really help you boost your mood and energize your body ready to train or to get through the afternoon slumps. The amount of nutrients that you’re getting per serve is equivalent to 3-4 cups of veggies, so lots of micronutrients – remember this has no fibre, so your veggies are still essential.

Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 11.21.13 AM 204x300 - Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don't waste money on the supplements that do nothing)

#5 Protein powder – Plant-Based or WHEY
Choosing a high-quality protein powder helps to assist in the amount of protein that you’re getting per day. A person in the gym should aim for 3-4 serves of protein per day. After training, protein shakes are vital as they are easy to drink, digestively they are faster to absorb, and they have all the amino acids for recovery. It also makes a great snack, plus it can be added to smoothies and pancakes to make sure you are getting enough protein. We have access to some of Australias best protein company’s with some very high-quality modern products out there now.

That’s a wraps up for our top 5 foundation supplement that we are using for our 8-Week Challenge clients, plus all our coaches use these as well daily. Get involved and give them a try, for energy, fat loss and sleep.

Any questions regarding our 8 Week challenge or information here email. [email protected]

Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 11.20.48 AM 300x204 - Top 5 Supplements that really matter (don't waste money on the supplements that do nothing)
Screen Shot 2020 02 13 at 11.07.19 AM 870x449 - Phase 2 (What do I do next) Meal Timing

Phase 2 (What do I do next) Meal Timing

Our 8-Week Challenge clients have completed week 2 of their health Nutrition Kick-Start. After stripping their food clean, adding in gut-healing foods, controlling portion sizes and eating regularly, {now it’s time to add in carbs after training.}

What’s Next?
Week 3 of our 90 Day Nutrition Plan involves reintroducing carbohydrates back in. Consuming the majority of you carbs post-training is the best way to refuel after training {and} an excellent way for your body to utilise the carbs most effectively.

We have shredded for the last two weeks; now it is time to grow that lean muscle mass which will accelerate the fat burning. It is always so exciting after eating no carbs, but it can also be a little scary for those that have seen a big drop. However, don’t fear, we have you covered, simply follow the process and get those results!

We have been using this plan sucessfully for over 10 years. So if you hang in there, drink lots of water and get loads of nutritious food into your body, you will be well on track to a healthier you.

If you have any questions no matter how silly you may think they are, email me at [email protected]

Stay tuned for Phase 3 from our 90 Day Nutrition Plan.

How to purchase your 90 Day Nutrition Plan> Click Here

IMG 2774 300x225 - Phase 2 (What do I do next) Meal Timing
IMG 2774 870x653 - Smashing Through Your Nutrition Kick Start in 14 Days while feeling in control. (And the secrets to get you there)

Smashing Through Your Nutrition Kick Start in 14 Days while feeling in control. (And the secrets to get you there)

Three reasons why you want to do our Nutrition Kick Start!

You’ve been feeling sluggish and don’t know how to get the ball rolling to get back into shape? You have tried all the latest fads but nothings ‘works’ for you?

The kids are back at school, and life’s routine is back. You’re ready to make some changes because you’ve back from the holiday period and now you’re ready to crack into training and proper nutrition.

Your energy is low you feel like your immune system is down, and you really want to get that boosted feeling as you head into the new year.

Time to kick out some of the weight Christmas gave to you and has not taken back!

So stay tuned for short videos as Coaches Coby and Kylie chat through and explain how to get your life on track with Uber’s Nutrition Plan.
The first step, the body needs to be Kickstarted.

How Step One Works?
For the first two weeks, it is essential to Kickstart with a specific Nutrition Plan that will remove all of the toxic and inflammatory foods. These foods include but aren’t limited to processed sugars, toxic oils, alcohol, dairy and processed foods. Plus, we want to regulate the common irregular eating habits to stimulate the metabolism while adding in gut-healing foods to ensure we are absorbing and using all nutrients.

What foods should be eaten? It is all about eating whole, nutritious & nutrient-dense food that is going to translate to energy, making you feel more motivated and energized. The removal will be everything that is altered with fillers and preservatives, also anything that causes an inflammation response. If you are inflamed, your stomach is busy trying to detox and get rid of the toxins, leaving you low in energy. Instead of doing the job of energizing your body or burning fat.

Here is an example of Phase 1 Kick Start in our 90 Day Plan.

3 Main Meals
All including protein, fibrous veggies and fats with some berries or low fructose fruit as carbs and add in fermented veggies.

2 Snacks
Can include protein, fibrous vegetables, fats and berries.

Lemon/apple cider & water
Coffee with a dash of almond or coconut milk

Kick Start Phase 1 Click Here 
Plant-Based Kick Start Phase 1 Click Here

How will I feel?
Day 1-5
Energy levels will dip and rise; a few headaches may occur depending on what diet you are detoxing from, some cravings, but on the upside, your sleep will start to improve. The most important thing is to keep the blood sugar regulated with frequent eating – you may not feel like doing this, but it is more important then everyone thinks.

From Day 5
Energy will start to feel like it’s well on its way up. You will notice your weight will have begun to shift and feel flat around your mid-area. Motivation will be high, and your willingness to continue is all set. Don’t be fooled, though, don’t start sneaking in foods or the journey to success will take a major detour.

What’s the secret?
Good Quality Protein – animal or plant based options, High amounts of fibrous veggies with every meal, good fats and fermented foods.

Most clients come to us not eating enough protein or fibrous veggies, and these are the main two fat burners and energy outputs. Protein sources can come from meat or plant-based sources, plus you can eat as many fibrous vegetables that you like as this is what gets rid of toxins. Use as much variety as you can. Good fats should come from nuts, avocados and oils.

From Week 2
Energy levels are going to be outstanding, and the body is going to feel amazing. So trust the process over the first two weeks, there will be barriers. Feeling hungry, feeling too full, going to pee all the time, realizing the importance of food prep by running out of nutritious food due to scrolling on Facebook the night before instead of prepping, feeling low on energy and the list will go on. Resetting the body is important and a wonderful thing.

We have been using this plan sucessfully for over 10 years. So if you hang in there, drink lots of water and get loads of nutritious food into your body, you will be well on track to a healthier you.

If you have any questions no matter how silly you may think they are, email me at [email protected]

Stay tuned for Phase 2 from our 90 Day Nutrition Plan.

Screen Shot 2019 04 14 at 3.25.51 PM 870x481 - 3 Reasons Why I Drink Lemon & Water

3 Reasons Why I Drink Lemon & Water

3 Reasons Why I Drink Lemon & Water first thing in the morning. 

#1 Balance your PH level leaving you feeling fresh and alive. 

#2 Activates your digestive system & flushes uric acid from joints, this may relieve aches and pains. 

#3 Helps to create healthy habits that continue throughout the day.

book mockup ubershape whitebg 1024x1024 - 3 Reasons Why I Drink Lemon & Water
IMG 2200 e1547529339215 225x300 - 3 Reasons Why I Drink Lemon & Water
IMG 5295 870x653 - Barry's Health and Fitness Overhaul

Barry’s Health and Fitness Overhaul

Uber Shape was recommended to Barry by a mate. Barry wanted a shake-up and some motivation for his fitness and health but didn’t really want to go sign up to a stereotypical gym environment, later on finding out Uber Shape is quite different… Let’s see what he has to say…

“I had a really poor perception of gyms and was in two minds as to if I should come to a gym. After speaking with a friend,  he suggested that Uber Shape might be a good spot to come along too. Reluctantly I came along and loved it from the get-go. ”

“I got to a point where I used to train at home, it was heading into Christmas, I was feeling a little bit podgy.” Barry started training with Uber Shape just over 4 months ago and we have seen some amazing changes.

Hard Work Pays Off

Since training at Uber Shape, all the trainers have seen huge changes in Barry physically, from a drop in weight to muscle gain. Barry mentions that he has loved the mental changes, which he has felt the most.

“It’s been a really good circuit breaker for me and a great way to unload. When I do walk in the door of a night, I’m a better man. Mentally it has been a big improvement coming to Uber Shape.”

Barry trains with us 4-5 times per week. He also has Nutritional Plans which are done with Coach Coby.

“Since I have been training and eating more intentionally, I’ve seen myself drop a size in my pants. I’ve seen a big improvement in my stomach too, which has been very encouraging. When you see that progress it gives you that motivation to keep going.”

Barry says his biggest success has been in his own kitchen, Coach Coby’s Nutritional Plans explain what to eat and highlighting the importance of prioritising being organised.

“I’ve become a bit more intentional with my planning.” His work life requires lunches out with Clients. “When I do work lunches I try to eat healthy before and after and also eating better foods now and drinking less alcohol.”

Great work to Barry for all his hard work and dedication to training and healthy eating. As trainers, it has been fantastic to watch him progress and enjoy the ride.

“It’s a great community, trainers are all switched on, fantastic and encouraging and I do recommend Uber Shape to anyone that will listen to me.”

IMG 4834 870x420 - Jemma's Booty Gains

Jemma’s Booty Gains

Jemma has been attending our booty classes for 6 weeks now. Very quickly She realised what booty training should look like. “The training I used to do for my booty was probably nothing that I should do”.

Booty has a variety of booty strengthening and building exercises. “I like the fact that it has given me more shape and is more toned”.

There are so many favourite line ups within the booty class. “The thing I like most about booty class is the donkey kicks”.

The donkey kicks at Uber Shapes Booty Class consists of the ladies wearing ankle weights anywhere from 1-10kg. In a tri-set, they pump out 5-10 pumps and hold. It is usually a favourite.

Jemma usually free trains as she doesn’t love classes. “I’ve never really liked classes as I’ve felt that I’ve always been stuck in the class for an hour. This class isn’t like that. It’s really fun and everyone is really nice.”

Jemma found booty class through a friend, “biggest changes are that I have more energy and have more strength now”.

Coach Carol always surprises everyone with a cracker of a workout that leaves your butt burning. “I’ve found Carol to be a really good Coach, it’s really tough but that’s what you need.”

Each week the booty class builds from the week before which is great for long term members. “I find each class does progress…it gets harder and more challenging. I had never used a booty band before or exercised that before.”

New members have the option to use light weights so it can suit anyone needs.

When asking Jemma why she would recommend Booty to other people she said to”Get some shape, something different and meet new people.”