Nikkis 12 Month Transformation 3 870x870 - The Link Between A Healthy Gut & Weight Loss?

The Link Between A Healthy Gut & Weight Loss?

Is your gut holding you back? Gut Health research has increased with the amount of people experiencing great benefits from taking just a few small steps to supercharge their gut health. Some benefits include less joint pain, better sleep, no bloating or reflux, weight loss, more energy and motivation, these are just a few of the positive results we have experienced when clients apply some of the tips we will share in this blog.
Learn About The Latest Research On Gut Health.
– 6 of the most common foods that destroy and damage the gut.
– Why you may feel bloated and unwell at times and do not know why?
– Discover some simple foods you can add to build good gut bacteria to protect your insides.
– Understand how this can improve your energy & results in the gym in the 15 minute video.
Nikkis 12 Month Transformation 1 870x870 - Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

There are many types of activity trackers but first of all, let’s all figure out what your primary purpose for an activity tracker is & what do you personally need it for?

  • Do you need to?
    – See your texts & make calls?
    – Track your heart rate?
    – Get an accurate reading of your speed?
    – Track your steps each day?

Now, this can be very confusing with so many different products on the market?
It’s essential to choose the best one for you, especially when you’re investing anywhere from $100 up to $900, you want to make sure that you make the right choice.

Our Review Looks at Garmin, Apple & Fitbit


Apple Watch- Price $649.00 upwards
Apple has some fantastic technology, the Apple Watch is very consistent with its phone, the iPad, the MacBook and all the functionality of being able to download apps on your phone, send & receive calls/text messages. You can download a variety of apps for tracking your activity. The downsides of the Apple Watch is it’s a little more tricky to use, especially when you’re exercising with the touchscreen and sweat etc. All that stuff can get a bit fidgety where all you need is a start & stop button for your training or to get an accurate heart rate reading.

If you need to be able to chat and use the text message for your work etc, then that could be an option for you. Apple has a wrist heart rate monitor. The downside is once you start to move or sweat it becomes very inaccurate + unlike Garmin it requires a 3rd party HR chest strap but I can’t seem to find any raving reviews about it. Overall the watch is best suited for someone who needs all the phone like features handsfree.

Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 9.36.03 AM 300x283 - Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

Garmin Activity Trackers Starting at $250 upwards
In particular, we are looking at a range of Forerunners. The Garmin brand is one that I’m a big fan of, and I would rate Garmin as my number one for me personally. Garmin offers a large range of watches from entry-level to advance sporting performance- depending on which model & your price point. Garmin does have the option to see texts & incoming calls.

Garmin is very user-friendly when tracking your intervals & rest along with checking your HR. They are also very durable for all types of adventure. The new models now have the added feature to get the Garmin Pay & Music depending on which model you are looking into. I’m mainly talking about the Garmin Forerunner for activity tracking, there are some other models for different types of activities; like golf, surfing, hiking, skiing etc. Garmin also uses a wrist HR monitor so you will need to upgrade to the chest strap to get an accurate reading while exercising. From experience, the chest straps are very precise and reliable. Garmin also syncs very easy with Strava. Garmin also has a 10/10 customer service if you have any issues. Rebel Sport has regular sales to get these at great prices.

Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 11.32.35 AM 300x276 - Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

Fitbit $100 upwards
Perfect for entry-level step tracking & price point. I’m not 100% convinced it’s as accurate as of the Apple Watch and Garmin. Fitbit does not sync with Strava. Strava is an excellent motivating and visual activity tracking app, I call it “Facebook for fitness”. The only way it syncs to Strava is to carry your phone on you, which defeats the purpose.

Overall Fitbit is great for the kids and very cost-effective with fun styles and straps.

Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 9.41.51 AM 300x254 - Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

More on Heart Rate Monitors.
Heart rate monitors are at the back of the wrist strap of all the Garmin, Apple and the Fitbit. Once you start to sweat and move around the HR accuracy becomes poor. The best way to overcome this is to use a chest strap. Once again, Garmin have this covered with a straightforward syncing chest strap to keep track of your HR rate. Find a Garmin HR Monitor here from 99 Bikes.

Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 9.46.45 AM 300x254 - Best Fitness Tracking Devices 2020

Wrap Up:
I would be pushing more towards the Garmin forerunner from the 235, 735, right up to the 935, & 945 models and there are always new ones coming out. That would be my best pick when looking for an activity tracker that you can use for the gym or running. I also use mine for general day-to-day use but obviously not wear the HR chest strap when I am not training.

Choose the best one to match your use & lifestyle. Tracking your activity can definitely keep you motivated & on track enjoying your training while seeing exactly what your body is doing.

If you have any other questions or would like to get more info on the best option for you please message us any time on here Facebook. 

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1 870x870 - Calories? How To Truly Understand Food & It's Energy Value?

Calories? How To Truly Understand Food & It’s Energy Value?

Calories? a popular word that is thrown around loosely by personal trainers, nutritionists and online meal plan coaches. Let’s get some clarity on the basics around calories and understanding food values. 

Today we are going to show you guys some practical ways where you can see exactly what 100 calories of food looks like using some of our snacks we consume weekly.

Some common mistakes people make

  • Small high-calorie snacks which creep in
  • Irregular portion sizes. 
  • Eating out but not realising the hidden calories which are coming from the sauces, dips and oils. 

Today We Are Covering:

-How many calories you should eat per day and the value of food. 

-Great tracking apps for your food.

-The importance of reading labels, especially in sauces, spices and healthy drinks. 

We often may measure our food to get an ‘eye’ for it again, so we understand how much something is worth. For example; 2 handful of blueberries is 100 calories. 

Want to succeed in weight loss or gain extra muscle? Eating around your goals is very important. If you track your food/snacks, whether that being through photos, with us coaches, or a tracking app whatever works best for you… you are 50% more likely to achieve your goal! How good is that. 


Check out our video for more info…

WhatsApp Image 2020 08 16 at 3.49.05 PM 225x300 - Calories? How To Truly Understand Food & It's Energy Value?
Vegan Vs Meat Eater 3 870x489 - Smoothies, Juices & Why, Recover? Detox? Meal Replacement?

Smoothies, Juices & Why, Recover? Detox? Meal Replacement?

Smoothies & Juices are a great easy way to liquefy and consume foods fast. Today we chat about a few of my favourites and why, plus the best time of the day to consume them.
In the video below we chat about the Meal Replacements, Detox Juices & Smoothies to help you recover so you are at your best…..
Vegan Vs Meat Eater 2 870x489 - Nikki's 12 Month Transformation

Nikki’s 12 Month Transformation

My wife is a full time school teacher, a gym goer, runner, gardener and cat lover. Today we are going to talk about Nikki’s 12-month transformation. 

My results had ALL to do with the new habits, systems and routines I followed each day.  I have found a balance that lets me enjoy my own journey, I am fitter, stronger and happier. I am turning 30 next year and I am in the best shape I have ever been! I am in Uber Shape, some say 😉

Small habits every day make a huge difference, these don’t often show results instantly, in fact, you barely notice at all. Over time you see a huge difference. Most people give up before they see results, focus on your habits and succeeding daily at these and results happen without you be fixated on it. THESE are the habits that in the long run have a greater impact.

Nikki green juice 300x300 - Nikki's 12 Month Transformation

The Three Main Changes which helped transform her inside & out: 

  1. How she got healthier by getting a stronger immune system
  2. Dropping 5kgs which she struggled with over the last 6 years
  3. Making sustainable lifestyle habits- she is all about food and flavoursome recipes- healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.  

My immune system would often let me down. Super frustrating and something I knew I needed to improve. I usually got sick by getting the cold- mainly run down- every school term. My hayfever would also really play up especially in the change of seasons.  

Adding ginger to my green juice every day, fermented products once per day, leafy greens (chard, English spinach- which are packed with Vit C and lots of fibre,) as long as you are drinking adequates amount of water each day it is extremely good for your gut health. I always drink from a water bottle during the week so I know how much water I consume daily. I haven’t had to take a Telfast in over a year, nor been in bed with the cold and this is life-changing! I am able to keep up with my work schedule, training plan and give my best!  

What are your go-to supplements which you take daily? 

Every night I take magnesium – 4 capsules. It puts me to sleep – I even take it away on holiday with me. (Gaba Magnesium is my favourite) 

I add 1tsp of Vit C powder to a cup of water. It is on the bench and obvious so I see it, making it super easy to do. (Bioceuticals Ultra Potent-C 500g Powder I use) 

I’m not taking it regularly but I have Zinc ready and Immune Defence to start popping straight away when I feel like I am getting the sniffles or a sore throat. I’ll also have a tbsp of honey too. (I use the Zinc Synergy- Trilogy Nutrition and Immune Defence- Ethical Nutrients Brand)

Garlic Cloves – I use in most of my cooking: soups, curries, slow cooker mixes, etc..

Miso Bone Broth– fantastic to the immune system!  (My favourite is the one from Flanneries- “Best of the Bone Real Bone Broth Concentrate”)

I know for Nikki she really does practice what she preaches. So what does a typical morning look like for you before work? 

I wake up and have a green juice straight away, often the ingredients are cut up ready to go. Throw it in the Nutri-bullet and I have it. Afterwards, I sit down with an English Breakfast tea with almond milk (or drink it as I am getting ready to exercise). 

Everyone is different but I definitely need something in my stomach before I start training. (If I am going on a run/ I’ll often only have half the green juice and the rest when I come back) 

I enjoy exercising in the morning as it prepares me for the day ahead and by 7 am I have already done something which makes me feel good. 

I don’t know if it is an adrenaline rush or whether it’s the endorphins but I just feel so good that I have accomplished something before 7 am. It such a great day starter! 

I do train in the afternoon – it just depends on my schedule, but my preferred time is in the morning.


So dropping 5 kilo’s which you’ve struggled with over the last 6 years has been a huge game-changer! Can you explain what you did? 

#1 I Altered my diet- 

I was eating more food than I was burning. When eating out, a good example is one of my local cafes do a healthy bowl: sautéed greens, nuts, seeds, 1 egg, 1/2 avocado, sweet potato and halloumi which you would think that opting for a healthy meal would be right, however, some of these meals are so high in calories that it is best not to have them. An Acai bowl is another example; healthy -but can be over 1500 calories for the bowl,  so for a shorty like me, this is way too much. Not saying I don’t eat big meals but I am now mindful of my activity levels and what I choose to eat that day. I also wasn’t eating near enough vegetables. Tip: to add more veggies in your day, cut up celery, capsicum and carrot sticks on a Sunday so they are ready for the week for you to snack on with almond butter or avocado dip or a home-made Hummus Dip.

Here are three days of what I eat:

An activity day- example 1. 

Wake up: Energizer juice with Black tea (Nature’s Cuppa Organic) with almond milk (Nutty Bruce).  

Gym or Run

Post Training/ Breakfast: Smoothie Bowl- Plant Protein (Salted Caramel Plant Alone), water, unstabilised oats, handful spinach, 3/4 cup frozen rasberries + a coffee. I have 1/2 shot Almond Latte. 

Snack: Carrots with avo dip or nut butter. 

Lunch: Stir-fry veggies (Tepanyaki style), fresh salad, + slow cooker beans/lentils/legumes mix, 1 tbsp sauerkraut and a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast. 

Dinner: Rice cakes, Sardines, veggie soup. 

Dessert: Frozen banana with cacao nibs. 

An activity day- example 2.

Wake up: Energizer juice and a Black tea (Nature’s Cuppa Organic) with almond milk (Nutty Bruce).  

Gym or Run 

Post Training/ Breakfast: 1 piece of Super Seeded Paleo Toast, 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, semi-dried or fresh tomato, fresh spinach and 1tbsp sauerkraut + I have 1/2 shot Almond Latte. 

Snack: Chia Pudding + blueberries or home-made Banana Bread (from the 90 Day Uber Shape Nutrition Plan Guide)

Lunch: Veggie Curry with white potato or basmati rice. 

Dinner: Steam veggies, BBQ mushrooms, chickpeas, black beans or salmon.  

Dessert: Chai Tea with paw paw fruit. 

A rest day- 

Wake up: Energizer juice and a Black tea (Nature’s Cuppa Organic) with almond milk (Nutty Bruce). 

Brekky- Protein Pancakes (from the Uber Shape 90 Day Nutrition Plan Guide), frozen rasberries/fresh paw paw + I have 1/2 shot Almond Latte. 

Lunch- Lentil/Veggie burger patties/tofu/or steak with a gigantic colourful salad; lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, capsicum, gherkins or green olives. 

Snack- carrots + celery with black bean dip or beetroot dip. 

Dinner- Pumpkin soup, and BBQ or steamed  fibrous veggies- (broccolini, capsicums, onion, zucchini)  

Dessert- 85% Dark Lindt Choc 2 squares with a Chai Tea or yoghurt with fresh passionfruit. 

These are just example days, I have a lot more meals, but again a small example :)) 

Nikki Trap bar 225x300 - Nikki's 12 Month Transformation
Nikki 225x300 - Nikki's 12 Month Transformation
WhatsApp Image 2020 07 20 at 7.30.49 PM 300x300 - Nikki's 12 Month Transformation

#2 My Training Has Changed:

I am fortunate enough to have been weight training for many years so I have a strong foundation of strength training, which has made it a lot easier to enjoy outdoor activities like running and cycling. For example: in POGO’s “Pain Free’ Doesn’t Mean Easy” Podcast; he speaks about strength training helping with minimising injuries, improves your bone health and running performance. 

For me I like to have a plan, goals and accountability. At the moment my balance is 3 strength training sessions a week, lower body, upper body and an Energize Class. Also; 3 runs a week- intervals with the Uber Shape Run Squad, long run and a short run. It is important to make it fun/ social but ultimately it comes down to you scheduling it into your week and making the exercise happen. I use an excel spreadsheet; write down my training and my cycle so I can keep track of how I am feeling and will re-shuffle my training around if I need more rest etc. 

One other simple thing I’ve learnt is that daily steps really do count. It’s very common to sit down and do less than 5000 steps a day. To get up around 10 000 steps per day is a must! Makes a huge difference and adds an extra 20mins of exercise to your day. A Garmin Watch is great for this. 

What are your top 3 lifestyle habits? Stress? How do we handle stress and fear? 

Getting sleep is a stress squasher! 7-8 hours a night for me, this looks different for everyone as to what is going on in your world at the time. 

#3 Changed My Mindset:

The language I spoke over myself was important. An easy example is: I want to be strong, I want to get better at running, I wish I was leaner. This meant nothing. Instead, I started saying; I am strong, I am a runner, I am consistent, I am a leader. Tell yourself the person who you want to be. 

Have a positive outlook on life. Be consistent and show up every single day is way more important than being perfect. Some days are great, some exercise sessions are great and you can lift really well, some runs have great views others are a fight. Nothing is perfect in all of that, and I learnt things about myself I didn’t know. 

Ask yourself what habits can you change? 

If you feel stuck don’t assume that you lack self-control or will power you just need to adjust a few things along the way in your journey, be consistent and you will achieve 🙂 

Health is never an end goal- myself and Coby are always changing and looking for ways to improve our health and nutrition through research and trial and error- just like other parts of life, how to teach children, how to run a business, learning never ends, we all are on a journey to better ourselves.

I hope you can pull a few things out of this to help you on your health journey. Allow praise, gratitude, and laughter to replace life-limiting comparisons and watch yourself blossom!! Follow my Instagram nikkivan_  I am more than happy to be friends and help in anyway I can 🙂 

Coach Ds Fitness Channel 870x489 - Shoes? How to choose the best pair for you and your training

Shoes? How to choose the best pair for you and your training

Shoes are very important, just like the tyres on your car, they keep you safe, on the road and with maximum grip and stability. Don’t skip putting time into choosing the best shoe for weight training, running and walking. Check out our latest video.

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 24 at 7.34.27 AM 870x653 - 0-5KM With Coach Karissa.

0-5KM With Coach Karissa.

Program for beginners looking to run their first 0-5KM, Let’s get you moving.

Weeks Out: Run 1 Run 2 Optional Run 3
11 30min= 5min WU brisk walk, 1min jog 1 min walk x 10, 5min brisk walk 30min= 5min WU brisk walk, 1min jog 1 min walk x 10, 5min brisk walk 20min= 5 brisk walk, 1min run/ 1min walk x5 (10min), 5min brisk walk
10 30 min= 5min brisk walk, 2min jog/ 2min walk x 5, 5 min brisk walk 30 min= 5min brisk walk, 2min jog/ 2min walk x 5, 5 min brisk walk 22 min= 5min brisk walk, 2min jog/ 2min walk x 3, 5 min brisk walk
9 30min= 5min brisk walk, 3min jog/ 2min walk x 5 30min= 5min brisk walk, 3min jog/ 2min walk x 4, 5min brisk walk 25min= 5min brisk walk, 3min jog/ 2min walk x 3, 5min brisk walk
8 30min= 5min walk, 10 min jog x 2 30min= 2min walk/ 3min jog x 6 30min= 5min walk, 10 min jog x 2
7 30 min= 15min jog, 5 min walk, 10 min jog 30 min= 1min walk/ 4min jog x 6 30 min= 1min walk/ 4min jog x 6
6 30= 5min Brisk walk, 20 min jog, 5min brisk walk 30= 5min Brisk walk, 15 min jog, 5min brisk walk 30= 5min Brisk walk, 15 min jog, 5min brisk walk
5 30 min= 3 min brisk walk, 25min jog, 2 min brisk walk 30 min= 3 min brisk walk, 20min jog, 2 min brisk walk 30 min= 3 min brisk walk, 25min jog, 2 min brisk walk
4 Jog 30 minutes 30min= 5 min brisk walk, jog 25 min 30min= 5min brisk walk, Jog 20 minutes, 5min brisk walk
3 Jog 35 minutes Jog 30 minutes Jog 25

Need Help?  Chat with me today and I can walk/run you through the program 🙂

IMG 1073 230x300 - 0-5KM With Coach Karissa.
Blue Accounting Business Advertising Website 870x419 - Stretching After Training Is Overrated, Yes? No? Why.

Stretching After Training Is Overrated, Yes? No? Why.

Let’s debunk one of the theories around stretching passively after training. Does it benefit the body?

Firstly, when is the best time to stretch? Let’s look into the two different types of movements. We have “mobility/mobilisation & activation” then we have “stretching”. These are two separate and completely different activities

Mobilisation/activation is taking your muscles for a specific range of motion pre-workout so you can get the most out of your workout. Think of it as stoking the fire to get oxygen into the area so that the fire will burn better. It is the same concept with the muscle groups. We want to pump the blood in all the right areas to release the fascia around the muscle while also warming up the muscle group, and so it can be fired up and ready to power up.

Screen Shot 2020 06 17 at 10.27.29 AM 300x153 - Stretching After Training Is Overrated, Yes? No? Why.

Stretching is holding a muscle at it’s greatest length for a set amount of time and then releasing it. The purpose is to extend the muscle by applying more tension through a stretched position to lengthen the muscles further. A stretch hold is best practice for this one.

Secondly, you may ask yourself which one is beneficial for me? “I just want to come and train” or “I just want to drop body fat” or “I just want to gain muscle, so I’m not worried about being flexible.”

The better you move, the stronger you can become, and the more muscle activation you can get, leading to better results long-term. This will add longevity to your training life, plus you get the of benefit being able to do a variety of exercises to keep your training fun and engaging.

Decreasing how tight and locked up your body is will lower the chance of injury through everyday life or in the gym. The better you move the less chance you have hurting yourself. Or if you do get a niggle or minor injury, your recovery rate will be much faster; hence this is a big reason to warm up properly.

At Uber Shape Burleigh Heads, we always add mobility at the start of our group classes, why? We want to get the muscles moving and a full range of motion ready to lift, ready to push, run and move.

Why don’t we (generally) stretch after training, specifically after lifting heavy weights? If you’ve done mobilisation at the start of our sessions, either through foam rolling, ball releases, active stretching with us before the class plus a proper warm-up, then you’ve taken your muscles for a full range of motion. You don’t need to stretch after training as you’ve already done the stretching.

The best time to add stretching in would be around 3 hours + after training. A good habit to start is to stretch before bed or in the evening. Why? After exercise, your muscles are stretched then contracted to the maximum amount for that session. The training has already damaged your muscles with small fibre tears; at this point, we don’t want to add any extra tears to that muscle group. Instead, follow your post-training recovery by putting in adequate amounts of water and the correct nutrition after your training. Do you need advice on this? Don’t hesitate to email us back at [email protected]

In summary, what should you do to get the best out of your workout?
#1 Foam Roller (anytime, before the start of the session is great)
#2 Mobilisation and Activation Movements (before training- we look after this for you)
#3 Post-Training – water and correct nutrition
#3 Stretching, 3+ hours or before bed

HOT TIP – add a tennis ball or foam roller next to your bed or beside the tv, and create a habit to stretch and relax every night. You wont be as sore the following day if you do:)

Check out our 15 Minute Stretch & Release with Coach Kylie. 

1 870x419 - Top 5 Drinks to CURB THE CRAVINGS


Are you struggling for snacks this week? Opening the fridge looking in? We often have to keep ourself in check otherwise our habits can have a negative effect.

Consuming high-calorie foods because of boredom or not having a proper meal because we did not plan or make one can lead to no results, slower results or frustration. Instead make yourself a filling meal that will have your energy and fullness sustained throughout the whole day.

Check out our useful tips to curb cravings. Choose foods which will satisfy your hunger, fuel you, nourish your body, boost your health, lower inflammation and make you feel good throughout your day. These options below are all easy, you can have them ready in minutes, option to take away for later in the day or have straight away.

#1 Fill me up – Breakfast blast.
From our 90 Day Plan our Breakfast Blast is our most popular smoothie leaving you feeling full for longer. The blast is also a great meal replacement for the busy days on the go.
1/4 avocado
1 to 1.5 cup(s) unsweetened nut milk
1 cup blueberries
1 scoop of protein powder.

Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 1.37.17 PM 300x225 - Top 5 Drinks to CURB THE CRAVINGS

#2 Warm me up – Bone broth
Buy some great jar options from Brio, or Flannerys, then simply add with 1 litre of warm water. Bone broth contains many minerals for building strong muscles and will boost your gut health.

Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 1.53.43 PM 300x253 - Top 5 Drinks to CURB THE CRAVINGS

#3 Distractea – Tea, Ginger, Riobois, black tea you pic your favourite
Tea has been a great source of health for 100’s of years. I’m a big fan of lemon ginger and Riobois tea; often this is what I’m drinking before the early morning classes.

Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 1.50.39 PM 300x227 - Top 5 Drinks to CURB THE CRAVINGS

#4 Super Fruits & Greens from Trilogy Nutrition
This high-quality product has been leaving our shelf for years. We personally know and trust the guys at Trilogy who have put this amazing product together. As well as helping to curb and satisfy your cravings PLUS giving your body the nutrients it needs; “The Superfruits and Greens Blend” supplies your body with the minerals and vitamins it needs giving you a boost of energy for the day! It also helps with enhancing digestion, improving metabolism, energy, detoxification, immunity, repair, recovery and revitalization.

Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 1.49.03 PM 300x300 - Top 5 Drinks to CURB THE CRAVINGS

#5 Energizer – is the Green Boost Me Juice
1/2 cucumber/celery or leafy greens
1 cube ginger
1/2 lemon- squeezed
1/2 apple
3/4 cup water

Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 1.37.24 PM 300x220 - Top 5 Drinks to CURB THE CRAVINGS
Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 1.59.47 PM 870x517 - Breaking News: QLD GOV, Phase 2 Commencing 12PM June 1st

Breaking News: QLD GOV, Phase 2 Commencing 12PM June 1st

Lastest QLD Update for gyms.
Stage 2 Commences 12PM Monday

Queensland Government has updated “Phase 2” by bringing it forward to the June 1st 12:00pm- that being Tomorrow. Gatherings of 20 are now permitted in weddings, pools*, public spaces, parks, outdoor gyms, Libraries*, hiking, places of worship*, non-contact indoor & outdoor sports*, personal training, playground equipment, museums*, art galleries* and historic sites*, gyms * health clubs and yoga studios.

Phase 2 Covid Plan QLD 300x300 - Breaking News: QLD GOV, Phase 2 Commencing 12PM June 1st

What does it mean for Uber Shape?
Phase 2 JUNE 1st 12:00pm
We will be commencing indoor activity following a COVID-19 Safety plan as advised by Fitness Australia. From 12:00pm tomorrow all classes and personal training will resume as normal.

Members: Please see Uber Shape FitFam Members Facebook group for updates.

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