IMG 2199 870x398 - Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

We were looking at the markets (just over the weekend) to find some healthy protein cookies, we tried some which were delicious, only to realise the cookie contained a protein powder in it with a few nasties, once looking more into the ingredients. We use Trilogy Protein Powder as it has the purest and fine ingredients, with no fillers and artificial sweeteners. So we decided to have a crack at making our own protein cookie recipe that afternoon. Yep! I think we nailed it!

IMG 2200 e1547529339215 225x300 - Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

1 scoop of vanilla WPI Protein Powder
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup coconut sugar

1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 large egg
1 large egg white
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons coconut flour
2 tablespoons of cocoa nibs
2 tablespoons goji berries

1. Place a rack in the centre of your oven and preheat the oven 180 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a medium bowl, combine all the ingredients together.
2. It may look dry at first but it will continue to come together as you stir and push with a fork to form a dough.
3. At this point, judge your dough, as the amount of moisture may vary based on the brand of protein powder you use. We use this protein powder, as it makes it slightly sticky but not a total mushy mess. If you need a firmer dough, add a bit more protein powder. For a looser dough, sprinkle the batter with a bit of almond milk and with a spatula, fold it in until the dough comes together.
4. With a small spoon, portion the cookie dough by tablespoonfuls and drop onto your prepared baking sheet (you will have 12 to 14 cookies total). With your fingers, gently flatten the tops of the cookies, as they will not spread but will puff up during baking.
5. Bake for 5 to 6 minutes, until the edges are barely golden brown and dry to the touch but the middles seem fairly doughy. Do not overbake! Place the cookies on a wire rack and allow the cookies to cool.

These generously-sized cookies will melt in your mouth. They are our new favourite cookie recipe. A perfect snack that is easy to make at home & take out and about. They pack a punch when feeding a craving, and you don’t need to feel guilty about eating them either!

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 9.42.57 PM 1 - How Shelley Won Our 12 Week Challenge

How Shelley Won Our 12 Week Challenge

Time in the gym is not just about the physical transformation.  Client Shelley is an inspiring example of what happens on the inside is equally as important.

Having previously trained with Coach Coby a few years prior, Shelley rejoined the Uber Shape Fit Fam in August 2016 as a part of the Spring Challenge. Spring Challenge is a 12-week transformation program designed to support & guide members with their training, nutrition & integration of positive lifestyle habits, focusing on fat loss & improved wellness. 

With regular check-ins & Bio-Print assessments throughout the program, Coach Jen recalls Shelley’s first consult. 

“She was clearly nervous.  It was an emotional consult.  I could see she was unhappy with how she felt in her body & frustrated that she’d allowed herself to get to this point.  You could see in her eyes, she was so ready for change”

Before the program at our Gold Coast Gym, Shelley admits she wasn’t in a ‘good place’ – allowing things in her personal life to impact her own health & wellbeing.  In her words she,

“Fell off the wagon big time…I was unhappy with who I was.  I’d look in the mirror & I wasn’t happy with what I saw”

She knew she needed help. Shelley threw herself into the challenge, following her individualised nutrition plan to the letter & not missing one training session throughout the 12 week period.

Her transformation in 12 weeks is nothing short of inspiring.  With the goal of winning the challenge as a major motivator, knowing that she would need to do everything she could to do so, Shelley dropped 10% body fat & 13kg. 

“I felt amazing. At the start of the 12-week challenge I said to myself I’m going to win this & I know that I can.”

Shelley’s dedication did not go unnoticed by coaches Jen & Coby. Jen met with Shelley every two weeks to track her progress & touch bases one on one.

“Every fortnight there were changes in her physically.  Shelley was the perfect participant.  She listened. She wanted to learn & understand.  She followed instruction.  She trusted me that progress would seem slow, but the result would be dramatic.  And she showed up… every single session.  That was key to her results.  If clients show up, we can do the rest”.   

Shelley did win the 12-week challenge but it’s the impact to her wellbeing & new found love of training that she says is the biggest benefit. 

“It really helps me with day to day things… coping with things that happen in your personal life.  It just makes me feel better in general.  I feel fitter, stronger, happier.  It’s a great feeling.  It’s a good buzz.”

Preferring to train lower body if given a choice, her 12-week journey has made her stronger and more confident, and she says she’s now much happier in her life.  Her biggest learning at Uber Shape so far has been to look after herself better.

“To look after Shelley & make Shelley number one that’s one of the biggest things.  To put Shelley first before anything, that would be one of the biggest learnings”

It is clear to Coach Jen the emotional transformation Shelley has been on when remembering when she started.

“The change in confidence, happiness & health is so obvious.  The exciting thing is that I feel like this is just the beginning for Shelley.”

Shelley now has her sights set on participating in the 5.7km Fun Run as a part of the Gold Coast Marathon with the Uber Shape team in a few months as well as getting stronger & chasing the elusive chin-ups. 

The coaching team have no doubt, with the focus & commitment Shelley has shown to her transformation, she will be pumping out those chin-ups in no time.

Need a little motivation? Find out how Mel, Leesa, Lisa & Carmen Transformed their bodies in 12 weeks with Uber Shape. CLICK HERE

FullSizeRender 27 870x576 - Elise Shares Her 10 Month Transformation Story

Elise Shares Her 10 Month Transformation Story

Elise is living proof that training and the right nutrition, will set you up to perform optimally in every aspect of your life – from the gym to the office.

A full-time digital marketer, Elise was super active at school & university competing in Surf Life Saving & surfing.  A huge training load & highly functioning metabolism meant she was able, at that time, to some what ignore her nutrition and “eat anything”.  Once she had a full-time job after University, her training load dropped substantially as she focused on other things, however, her bad food habits remained, metabolism slowed & her body fat began to creep up.

After a period of training by herself with little success or support, she became a member of the Uber Shape Fit Fam around 10 months ago, joining her partner Sarah who was already training with us. 

[Sarah] had been training at Uber Shape for about six months getting amazing results & I was like, I need to get in on that, whatever your doing it’s working & mine is not.”

She notes her biggest accomplishment at Uber Shape so far as “the body fat I’ve lost.  I think around 7% over four or five months and on a broader level, the adopting of a new lifestyle.”

She’s also just recently completed her first triathlon, the Kingy Tri in March.  She has obviously caught the tri bug, having just bought a new bike & signing up for her next one in May already!

[I’ve been] Getting involved in the other events outside the gym, it’s another awesome thing about training here. It’s not just coming here during the week, it’s all of the other activities that happen.”  

Coaches Coby & Jen attribute Elise’s success to her dedication to meal prep each Sunday.  She is the first to admit that she didn’t have a great understanding of what to eat & when to best fuel her training & day.  Whilst she finds it time-consuming on a Sunday, as someone who works full-time Elise says, “it’s a game changer,” preparing the week’s meals in advance means she can just grab food in the morning & be out the door. 

“It’s the thing that’s made this nutrition journey so easy”. 

Elise loves the conditioning workouts at Uber Shape. She loves the high intensity work which is balanced by dedicated strength days, to ensure clients are training all energy systems & creating the stimulus for fat loss & building muscle. 

To Elise, the coaching team is part of what sets Uber Shape apart.

“I notice how invested you guys are in our progress, which is awesome & that was pretty evident from the moment I started here.”

Elise has also made the switch from coffee to green tea.  She used to drink a lot of coffee.

“I’m pretty active, restless, my mind is always thinking anyway so I don’t really need the coffee for the kick.”

This switch has had a positive impact on her adrenal health allowing her central nervous to “rest & digest” rather than being stimulated all of the time.  Coffee can promote the storage of fat, particularly around the belly area, which is impact greatly by elevated cortisol.  Elise has found the switch has also positively impacted her energy in the afternoons. 

“I see all of my co-workers fading away & I’m still buzzing..”

Elise is now working toward a further reduction in body fat to optimize her body composition for performance going into the Byron Bay Triathlon.  We can’t wait to see how she goes!

Screen Shot 2017 04 26 at 9.38.20 PM 300x182 - Elise Shares Her 10 Month Transformation Story

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35A1664 870x580 - Paul Tells His Inspiring 10 Week Shred Story

Paul Tells His Inspiring 10 Week Shred Story

Paul, who is a photographer, came to us looking for structure & consistency in his training. Whilst he had been training for a few years previously, he has really thrived in the Uber Shape environment. Being self-employed, with flexible hours working from home, Paul enjoys the variety of session times available & accountability around attendance, as he is the first to admit that he doesn’t necessarily enjoy training.

“I don’t like training, but I like how it makes me feel and I like the results, so I need someone to help me get motivated to do it.  If I don’t do it I feel crap, tired & unmotivated.   When I come I feel so much better, I get more work done, so much more productive, I sleep better.  Generally better.  And I’ve got abs now.”

After about two weeks of training, Paul had his first nutrition consult.  Coach Coby says Paul was never an overeater or eating the wrong types of food but had no structure around his nutrition timingHe wasn’t off the rails but had no rails to stick to”.

Paul began to follow some simple guidelines, including the introduction of the Uber Shape Breakfast Blast each morning.  In the first two weeks of dialling in his nutrition & with a focus on stability & compound movements with control in his training, he dropped 2% of body fat. Almost three months later… Paul is 5% down on body fat & continues to work to build muscle & strengthen his neck which was weakened by a car accident 18 months ago.

“Following the accident, I lost lots of strength through my upper body, shoulders & neck.  It felt like my muscles weren’t firing correctly. The doctors don’t tell you that stuff, or tell you how to fix it”.  

It is clear in Paul’s training that at some level he is motivated by the improvement in his movement & strength following the accident. Whilst he prefers to train upper body…

“I just feel pumped at the end of it”

IMG 4907 300x225 - Paul Tells His Inspiring 10 Week Shred Story


… His application to correct movement patterns & dedication to coming in early to do his release work means he is mentally & physically prepared to train & is getting the results he is chasing.

Coach Coby finds working with Paul to be easy, “he is quick to take on board & apply all of the small tips & guidance we give him.  This means he has improved the movements of his lifts & resulted in increased strength, and building muscle whilst getting leaner”

Paul is proud of the consistency of his training & loving the results.  His wife Chloe has also recently joined the Uber Shape Fit Fam & we are excited to see her progress.


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Gym group 870x870 - Brad's Testimonial

Brad’s Testimonial

A member of Uber Shape Burleigh now for 2 and a half years, Brad missed about 3-4 months due to life, work and kids. Now he is back smashing his goals, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Brad loves coming to the gym to be healthy and fit, to stay active and keep balanced. He is currently training 4-5 times per week, but it is more than just being fit. “(Brad) besides the health and fitness thing, there is the mental health that I get out of it. If I don’t come for a week or miss a few sessions, I’m a bit grumpier, not as patient and a little more anxious, so mentally it is fantastic.”

Initially, Brad heard about us over social media. Before coming to us, he trained in a big brand gym and was lost for motivation and in the crowd. “You walk in, you don’t talk to anyone, you do whatever you want to do, and you don’t push yourself.”

Brad was looking for motivation and a push, he thought that he might like one on one training, but he found small group training was what suited him best. “Even though it is group training for all intents and purposes, it is one on one training, and I find that amazing.” Brad loves the motivation that the group inspires. “I know that Coby will push us and because of that all the guys push each other too.”

Brad went through a period of not training much, where he had to find balance in his own life while juggling being a single dad. “ I noticed [while not training] that within myself, mentally and even emotionally, it started taking a tole.” More so he feels he can tend to cruise sometimes with his health and fitness but enjoys the group for inspiration.

Brad has committed to his training and in the last two months has seen a massive difference, and so have we. “I decided to knuckle down and see how far I can take it. I have tried hard to stick to my nutrition and keep active. By active I mean, even if some days I go for a walk or have a surf.

Brad kicked started back on the nutrition plans that he had prior to taking his break. However, he says the main reason for his success is meal prep. “If I want to be here [Uber Shape] at night, which I really want to…..I have to prep on the weekend” By meal prepping it allows Brad to be at work through the day, pick up the kids and train in the evening. “That’s the most important thing me, to meal prep.” When he gets home, he has something healthy and ready to be heated for the kids and himself.

The group that Brad trains with have all become really good mates. “We go surfing and out for coffee. We have even organised a snowboarding trip in 2020.” Brad contributes the success of his training to the family environment that is present at Uber Shape, the friendship and comfortability he feels to bring his kids here while he trains.

“Coby has done an amazing job of creating a little community, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” Brad loves that everyone is like-minded, strives to do their best personally while encouraging each other to be their best.

Coby Bridge 870x470 - 5 Years at Uber Shape with Brigitte + Our Christmas Challenge!!!!

5 Years at Uber Shape with Brigitte + Our Christmas Challenge!!!!

Christmas is just around the corner, so at Uber Shape, we are thinking of all things festive.
From December 15th to January 12th we are kicking off our HOLIDAY CHALLENGE within the gym. There will be challenges on the mirror with a point system beside each one to complete. The top 10 clients who achieve the greatest points will go into a draw to win 3 x $140 worth of Trilogy Supplements. We can’t wait to get a little competitive in the gym with you all. This will be great fun to keep you motivated over the holiday season. If you’re going away, don’t worry, just send your coach a video of your workout each day and we can add the points.
image1 12 300x182 - 5 Years at Uber Shape with Brigitte + Our Christmas Challenge!!!!
We want to inspire you this week with our Super Mum Brigitte, who loves to train and be challenged both inside and outside the gym.
A member of Uber Shape Gold Coast since its opening days, Brigitte started with Coby at Fitness First as a personal training client. “[Brigitte] Coby would write all of my training programs…read more
Coby Bridge 300x162 - 5 Years at Uber Shape with Brigitte + Our Christmas Challenge!!!!
With festivities still in mind, we wanted to give you a Christmas centrepiece idea that the whole family will love. Meet our protein ball, Christmas Stack. It will be fun for you and your loved ones to make together whilst providing you a healthy nutritional Christmas Treat. See Recipe Click Here
PB304463 300x225 - 5 Years at Uber Shape with Brigitte + Our Christmas Challenge!!!!
Happy Training
Coby & the Uber Shape Team
P.S. Your Invited to our Christmas Party, 5:30pm Burleigh Heads Bowls Club this Friday. Click Here To Confirm Your Spot 
PB304468 870x653 - Christmas Protein Ball Stack

Christmas Protein Ball Stack

All you need
4-6 dates
1 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup coconut (desiccated)
1/2 cup warm water
4 tbsp cacao powder
1 scoop choc vegan protein powder (we recommend this brand of protein powder)

All you do:
In a high-speed food processor, blitz the sunflower seeds first then add to a bowl. Next add the dates and water together and blitz. Then add to the bowl. Add the protein & all remaining ingredients into bowl and mix. (add extra water if the mixture is to dry.) Form into balls and sprinkle coconut or cacao on a plate and roll balls over. A simple and easy option to add to the Christmas table.   #burleighballs

Coby Bridge 870x470 - Brigitte's 5 Years With Uber Shape

Brigitte’s 5 Years With Uber Shape

Introducing Brigitte

Brigitte trains to keep herself fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. Her husband travels a lot for work and she is a mother of two primary school boys that keep her on her toes. “Training really does give me the energy that I need to get me through the day.”

A member of Uber Shape Gold Coast since its opening days, but Brigitte started with Coby at Fitness first as a personal training client. “[Brigitte] Coby would write me all my training programs and I would jump into a session with him once a week. When he started his group classes I jumped into those too, then I followed Coby to Uber Shape as I really liked how he trained.”

Favourite training style

The training style that Brigitte loves the most is strength training and booty classes. She says that Uber Shape is unique as “the group classes are capped. The trainers make sure that we are doing all the exercises properly. The programs are changed regularly so your body is always increasing in fitness and working different muscles.”

Brigitte also loves competing in community events. “I’ve participated in the Gold Coast Marathon for the last 4 years; the 10km for 3 years and this year a half marathon. I also did the RedBull Defiance Event which was the 30km adventure run in New Zealand at the beginning of this year.

Once dedicated to an event, Brigitte will check in with the trainers to discuss her training schedule, both in and outside the gym. Plus we make changes to her nutrition, to get her body ready properly. “They (Uber Shape) helped my performances get me ready for all my races.


Nutrition for Brigitte, particularly around her chosen event. It is very important, as she burns a lot of calories around her run training and events. “I have to adjust my nutrition, so I sit down with the team and work out how many calories I am currently eating. We then increase it, so I have enough energy.” Brigitte’s most recent event was being apart of a triathlon with her husband Paul, competing in a 5 km sprint.

Brigitte’s husband trains at Uber Shape and her eldest son Joshua does Uber Shape Fitkids. “His strength and his sporting ability have really increased, plus he really enjoys it. It’s so good for him.”

Brigitte is one of Uber Shapes 9:15 am crew and has a great community of people around her. “Everyone is so friendly and like-minded, not pretentious. We are all there for the same thing, to be fit and healthy. We all push each other to lift more weights or to get through the circuit session. ”

Gym Carol 870x501 - Simons Amazing Transformation, Carols master class and welcome to Kylie

Simons Amazing Transformation, Carols master class and welcome to Kylie

The heat is building as we head into the warmer months and beach weather. With that in mind, we want to share Simon’s transformation for a little inspiration. We are so proud of him, his positivity and new found health and fitness passions.
Simon has been training with Uber Shape for five months now, and with dedication and long-term health focus he has seen some fantastic results. After having a break from training, he described himself as having a Dad body, not eating well and struggling mentally… more.
simon 5 300x300 - Simons Amazing Transformation, Carols master class and welcome to Kylie
Coach Carol took us through her mini nutrition master class last week, focusing on food prep; the importance and benefits. ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’, and Carol explained how important meal prep is to keep your goals on track. It stops the guessing game, as eating take out and pre-made options usually will miss something nutritionally.
For those time poor Carol gave some great time saver options, from shopping online, getting a food processor, getting the family or your partner involved to make it an activity, and much faster. Her most significant success comes from a buffet prep system, which has everything cooked or prepped in a container and gives her the option to choose on the day how food will mix and match.
Gym Carol 300x173 - Simons Amazing Transformation, Carols master class and welcome to Kylie
A big congratulations to Kylie for completing her PT course with HPC over the last 3 months. This previous year Kylie has started the FitKIDS program in our gym and a school which I am proud that Uber Shape is affiliated with. From the passion and research behind the scenes to taking a more a hands-on approach, we can’t wait to do more with the next generation of kids through schools and the gym. The term program started with one class in term 1 and had up to 6 levels running each term.
If you would like to come for a FREE trial at any of our FitKIDS classes, there are 4 weeks left this term, with classes Monday to Wednesday in the gym and a holiday program running through the Christmas break. To follow the program head over to the instal page, ubershape_fitkids.
FIT KITS 1 300x200 - Simons Amazing Transformation, Carols master class and welcome to Kylie