Uber Shape Booty

What is Booty Class?

Booty Class is an ankle weight and booty band focused class that is designed to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. The class involves training techniques and exercises to burn fat, strengthen the core and build the perfect butt.

Offering a variety of different levels, the ankle-weighted workout aims to tone the toosh through high-intensity movements. Common signs of weak glutes are tight hips, knees, ankle, and lower back pain.

Developing strong glutes are important, it not only gives you a good looking backside shape but also improve athletic performance and decrease the risk of injuries.

By maintaining either a bent arm or straight arm plank it has a bonus of balance and core activation exercises. This is extremely beneficial for current and future mums. It will prevent and/or heal any separation of the abdominal muscles, well known by the ‘mummy tummy’.

6:00am Wednesday

9:15am Friday

Jemma’s Testimonail

The Booty Class goes for 1 hour and is broken up into three main parts. A warm-up outside, the main workout on the mat, bars, wall or with dura disks and abs at the end.

Second slide – Price per session or booty packs?

To come along to booty class it is either included in an Uber Shape Membership, Price per class or bought in a package.
Uber Shape memberships – see membership options.
Single booty class – $15
Booty packs bought through Carol – $120 for a 10 pack class used in 3 months

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The style of program and exercises all provide an element of glute and hamstring isolation. This is achieved by using 3 unique training equipment pieces. Booty bands to keep the glutes and hamstrings isolated – even in a squat. Weight straps around the ankle to enhance the intensity and add weight to a leg lift on the floor. Dura disks to use fast and slow slides to challenge and push your legs to its limit.

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The Booty Class is a great class to engage your pelvic floor to strengthen your lifts in other areas of the gym, plus for everyday life. This class encourages you to rotate your hip flexors forward to keep a flat back when lifting your legs with the booty weight. This automatically particularly engages your pelvic floor and it can be increased with a gentle squeeze. At the end of every session, there is also an ab rotation that targets the full abdominal range.

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Weak glutes, which for most people is an area of weakness, can really be an issue to cause back pain. Instead of using the glutes to lift or move things, most will resort to using their back to carry the load. This is due to the glutes not engaging due to never being loaded correctly, or never being shown how to engage them in an exercise. Thus making the body quad dominate and often leading to back pain and injury. Booty requires engagement nearly the whole session and often people taking the class will say they have never felt the proper use of their glutes and hamstrings before.

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Coach Carol is from Brazil and she leverages off the movement that started in her home country. Uber Shape is the first Gold Coast gym to introduce a unique workout. The focuses are on firing up all the gluteus muscles with strap on ankle weights. Over 1 year ago the Brazilian Booty Class was started.

The class will suit people who not only want to not only get fit and healthy but also want to feel good about themselves. Let’s be honest; a good butt is important for that.