Brad’s Testimonial

Brad’s Testimonial

A member of Uber Shape Burleigh now for 2 and a half years, Brad missed about 3-4 months due to life, work and kids. Now he is back smashing his goals, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Brad loves coming to the gym to be healthy and fit, to stay active and keep balanced. He is currently training 4-5 times per week, but it is more than just being fit. “(Brad) besides the health and fitness thing, there is the mental health that I get out of it. If I don’t come for a week or miss a few sessions, I’m a bit grumpier, not as patient and a little more anxious, so mentally it is fantastic.”

Initially, Brad heard about us over social media. Before coming to us, he trained in a big brand gym and was lost for motivation and in the crowd. “You walk in, you don’t talk to anyone, you do whatever you want to do, and you don’t push yourself.”

Brad was looking for motivation and a push, he thought that he might like one on one training, but he found small group training was what suited him best. “Even though it is group training for all intents and purposes, it is one on one training, and I find that amazing.” Brad loves the motivation that the group inspires. “I know that Coby will push us and because of that all the guys push each other too.”

Brad went through a period of not training much, where he had to find balance in his own life while juggling being a single dad. “ I noticed [while not training] that within myself, mentally and even emotionally, it started taking a tole.” More so he feels he can tend to cruise sometimes with his health and fitness but enjoys the group for inspiration.

Brad has committed to his training and in the last two months has seen a massive difference, and so have we. “I decided to knuckle down and see how far I can take it. I have tried hard to stick to my nutrition and keep active. By active I mean, even if some days I go for a walk or have a surf.

Brad kicked started back on the nutrition plans that he had prior to taking his break. However, he says the main reason for his success is meal prep. “If I want to be here [Uber Shape] at night, which I really want to…..I have to prep on the weekend” By meal prepping it allows Brad to be at work through the day, pick up the kids and train in the evening. “That’s the most important thing me, to meal prep.” When he gets home, he has something healthy and ready to be heated for the kids and himself.

The group that Brad trains with have all become really good mates. “We go surfing and out for coffee. We have even organised a snowboarding trip in 2020.” Brad contributes the success of his training to the family environment that is present at Uber Shape, the friendship and comfortability he feels to bring his kids here while he trains.

“Coby has done an amazing job of creating a little community, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” Brad loves that everyone is like-minded, strives to do their best personally while encouraging each other to be their best.

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