Breaking News: QLD GOV, Phase 2 Commencing 12PM June 1st

Breaking News: QLD GOV, Phase 2 Commencing 12PM June 1st

Lastest QLD Update for gyms.
Stage 2 Commences 12PM Monday

Queensland Government has updated “Phase 2” by bringing it forward to the June 1st 12:00pm- that being Tomorrow. Gatherings of 20 are now permitted in weddings, pools*, public spaces, parks, outdoor gyms, Libraries*, hiking, places of worship*, non-contact indoor & outdoor sports*, personal training, playground equipment, museums*, art galleries* and historic sites*, gyms * health clubs and yoga studios.

What does it mean for Uber Shape?
Phase 2 JUNE 1st 12:00pm
We will be commencing indoor activity following a COVID-19 Safety plan as advised by Fitness Australia. From 12:00pm tomorrow all classes and personal training will resume as normal.

Members: Please see Uber Shape FitFam Members Facebook group for updates.

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