Brigitte’s 5 Years With Uber Shape

Brigitte’s 5 Years With Uber Shape

Introducing Brigitte

Brigitte trains to keep herself fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. Her husband travels a lot for work and she is a mother of two primary school boys that keep her on her toes. “Training really does give me the energy that I need to get me through the day.”

A member of Uber Shape Gold Coast since its opening days, but Brigitte started with Coby at Fitness first as a personal training client. “[Brigitte] Coby would write me all my training programs and I would jump into a session with him once a week. When he started his group classes I jumped into those too, then I followed Coby to Uber Shape as I really liked how he trained.”

Favourite training style

The training style that Brigitte loves the most is strength training and booty classes. She says that Uber Shape is unique as “the group classes are capped. The trainers make sure that we are doing all the exercises properly. The programs are changed regularly so your body is always increasing in fitness and working different muscles.”

Brigitte also loves competing in community events. “I’ve participated in the Gold Coast Marathon for the last 4 years; the 10km for 3 years and this year a half marathon. I also did the RedBull Defiance Event which was the 30km adventure run in New Zealand at the beginning of this year.

Once dedicated to an event, Brigitte will check in with the trainers to discuss her training schedule, both in and outside the gym. Plus we make changes to her nutrition, to get her body ready properly. “They (Uber Shape) helped my performances get me ready for all my races.


Nutrition for Brigitte, particularly around her chosen event. It is very important, as she burns a lot of calories around her run training and events. “I have to adjust my nutrition, so I sit down with the team and work out how many calories I am currently eating. We then increase it, so I have enough energy.” Brigitte’s most recent event was being apart of a triathlon with her husband Paul, competing in a 5 km sprint.

Brigitte’s husband trains at Uber Shape and her eldest son Joshua does Uber Shape Fitkids. “His strength and his sporting ability have really increased, plus he really enjoys it. It’s so good for him.”

Brigitte is one of Uber Shapes 9:15 am crew and has a great community of people around her. “Everyone is so friendly and like-minded, not pretentious. We are all there for the same thing, to be fit and healthy. We all push each other to lift more weights or to get through the circuit session. ”

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