Calories? How To Truly Understand Food & It’s Energy Value?

Calories? How To Truly Understand Food & It’s Energy Value?

Calories? a popular word that is thrown around loosely by personal trainers, nutritionists and online meal plan coaches. Let’s get some clarity on the basics around calories and understanding food values.

Today we are going to show you guys some practical ways where you can see exactly what 100 calories of food looks like using some of our snacks we consume weekly.all kinds of healthy berries, fruits, vegetables and grains on a platter

Some common mistakes people make

  • Small high-calorie snacks which creep in
  • Irregular portion sizes.
  • Eating out but not realising the hidden calories which are coming from the sauces, dips and oils.

Today We Are Covering:

  • How many calories you should eat per day and the value of food.
  • Great tracking apps for your food.
  • The importance of reading labels, especially in sauces, spices and healthy drinks.

We often may measure our food to get an ‘eye’ for it again, so we understand how much something is worth. For example; 2 handful of blueberries is 100 calories.

Want to succeed in weight loss or gain extra muscle? Eating around your goals is very important. If you track your food/snacks, whether that being through photos, with us coaches, or a tracking app whatever works best for you… you are 50% more likely to achieve your goal! How good is that.