Can’t Sleep? Try These Easy Tips

Can’t Sleep? Try These Easy Tips

Adults need 7-9 hours sleep each night to fully recovery & restore their body especially those of us who are active at the higher end of the scale.  Many of us find it hard to get this amount and even harder to nod off once they get to bed. Having a few tools which we use at our Gold Coast Personal Training Gym helps our clients sleep alot better, they tell us! Implementing these tips will help to induce sleep- rapidly!

Switch off your electronics at least an hour before you go to bed.  The blue light emitted from your phone, computer & television screen as well as fluro lights can play with your circadian rhythms making it tough to fall asleep according to your natural cycle. Our ancestors went to bed with the sun & our bodies are still influenced by the presence of light to dictate the chemical processes that occur within us to support sleep after dark. If you must look at your electronics close to bed time you could consider getting a pair of Blue Blocker Glasses such as these recommended by the boys at Mind Muscle Project available from

Make it cold you are more likely to fall asleep in a cool room that promotes the cooling of the body to induce sleep.  Keep the windows open for fresh cool air to breathe in & get snuggly under a blanket to stay warm.

Have a warm shower just before bed works in the same way as making it cold.  Your body is warmed and as it naturally cools after a shower you’ll begin to feel sleepy.  We all know the feeling of spending a morning in the sun at the beach & then coming home to a cool shower then just wanting to have a nanna nap.

Gaba Mag is my go to sleep supplement & I’ve spoken about it in my Five Daily Habits of Coach Jen.

Lavender is a great promoter of sleep which I use along with Frankincense to promote restoration, in a diffuser next to the bed each night.  Lavender has a positive impact on the nervous system inducing a state of rest & digest on the body.

One of the best resources for learning more about sleep is the The Sleep Diet by Carmel Harrington who explores the effects of sleep on metabolic function & I would highly recommend reading it if you struggle with sleep.

By Jen Davis

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