Change Your Body In 12 Months. What You Need To Do?

Change Your Body In 12 Months. What You Need To Do?

When people join up to a gym, there is always an end goal. It may be to gain more muscle, lose fat, turn around their lifestyle to feel healthier. Maybe it is to increase fitness for an upcoming event or to look amazing for that important wedding, birthday or special celebration. To really Change Your Body In 12 Months commitment is needed.

After a few good weeks of going hard at the gym, results can start to fade. Old lifestyle habits might have crept in and taken hold, and those goals can turn into torment and disappointment. This will lead to a cancellation of the gym membership. With another failed attempt at a lifestyle and body change.

In my experience, is not due to lack of determination. More of an understanding of your body, how to train it and fuel it effectively. It also should be under the right guidance and motivation.

Why didn’t it work this time and why is it so hard?

To Change Your Body In 12 Months, what do you need to do? Getting results requires work. You will not get the results you want if you are not going to put in 100%. Your result will be dictated by how much work there is to be done. Also if you’re going to push yourself to get there.

If you have exploited your body with eating or drinking too much over the previous years. It is going to take some intense commitment to really turn your life around.

The good news is when you make some new lifestyle choices and STICK to them you won’t end up in the majority. Sadly most fall off the wagon when things get tough. Although you may have to change a few things in your training to really start seeing real results.

If you want to see the change you have to live the change. Not only Monday to Friday but Saturday and Sunday as well. Within your challenge, you don’t take the night off for an event or the weekend off to go away. If you really want results you have to give it 100%. This is about you, your goals and your want for a change.

Without a full commitment to changing your body, you wont get to your ideal body composition. If you want it, make the choice to take and invest in it. If you really want it there are 4 things you should adopt into your training and lifestyle to really make it happen.

#1 Follow a plan set for you 

No two people are the same, what works for one person won’t work for another.

Just because you are at a gym and working out, doesn’t mean that you have worked out in a way that is beneficial for you. Exercises have to be chosen to effectively meet your goals, challenge you and not let your body plateau.

Ladies you could do a body attack class at the gym or men do a circuit session, this may leave you with a body full of sweat and out of breath. However, you haven’t targeted fat cells or worked for any muscle group, but instead became dehydrated and rehydrated creating the illusion of a good workout. The above does have a place in a personal fitness regime, but at the end of the day, not all exercises will target fat cells.

This is why it is important to follow a well-structured plan like we do at Uber Shape. We focus on a strength program, increasing the person’s weights over a 3-week period within that exercise type.

We can then play with tempos, reps, and sets. While pairing them with other exercises to make supersets of giants sets. Taking into account all of these variables, this will benefit a person as they will be able to see long-term progress. It will also assist the trainer to push in the areas where the person can go harder, heavier or increase sets.

#2 Train with intention

When you train to do it with a purpose or a goal in mind, 9 times out of 10 this will set you up to get real results. Without a goal, your training may turn into exercising and there is a huge difference between the two. Exercise is mindlessly moving and going through the motions just to get it done. Training is with purpose and a plan that is results driven.

Everyone knows when they need to make a change. Most people are capable of signing up for a gym membership but then drop off the wagon in a few weeks if you aren’t held accountable.

That’s where our coaching at Uber Shape can really keep a person on track. With like-minded people surrounding you and coaches checking in with you fortnightly to make sure you are training with intention.

At Uber Shape we will discuss goals, nutrition plans, fortnightly measures and work out how to get you to where you want to be.

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#3 Keep challenging yourself

When you first start training, you will start with progressive overload. Which is gradually increasing your workout through the resistance used, amount of sets and reps, rest times, tempos, etc. This ensures you are pushing yourself and are doing more than your past workout.

Once you have maxed out the amount of weight lifted and everyone does at some stage, it’s time to challenge yourself through a different aspect of your training. Basically, the person needs to change their style of training as a new focus of hypertrophy through mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscular damage.

Mechanical tension is when heavy weights are used allowing tension to build up in the muscle fiber. Metabolic stress builds up muscle fibers and pumps the muscle full of blood getting the “pumped up” look. Muscular damage is damaging the muscle fibers so when they repair they come back bigger and stronger.

By following a structured plan to target your body in different ways, will not only keep it interesting but you are always being challenged to keep getting better results.

#4 Investing in your nutrition

What you put in your body will fuel your results whether you want to believe it or not. Food plans are essential if you want to feel motivated to train, see faster results and reach those personal goals.

By not sticking to a meal plan while doing an intense training regime, you simply are just not going to get the same, fast results as a person who is.

Here at Uber Shape, we meet with clients fortnightly to discuss their results, change what needs to be changed in their food plan and a workout program to suit them.

At Uber Shape we use a Bio- Print system that uses a skin fold analysis. This gives clients an accurate result on their fat percentage to see how it is tracking and a great way to see progress.

To wrap up…. At the end of the day each person responds differently to training. Follow a set plan for you AND invest in your nutrition.

The important thing to remember is that it’s all about dedication, for yourself and your goals, don’t compare with others. If you want it, it is about what you are willing to do to get it. It doesn’t come easily to anyone, not even us trainers. We too, make sure we are accountable and in check with the four tips above to make sure we are getting the most out of our training.

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