Clean Eating on the Road

Clean Eating on the Road

Let’s talk about a struggle we all face – trying to eat clean when traveling. I’m going to tell you a bit about my experiences and share a few simple tips to make any future trips more enjoyable for you, minus the stress.

Over the past few years, I’ve travelled to different states and countries for work and although exciting there is only so much take-out you can consume (and I’m talking about healthy options too). A vast majority of the food is cooked in heavy trans fats, which inevitably makes you feel sluggish and slow.

Here’s my low down on tips for travel to prevent this feeling.

Option 1 – Run a quick google search on pre-made clean eating meals a week before you go. There are loads of companies all around the world that can prepare and deliver meals to your door, it’s simply a click of the mouse and they can arrive when you do.

My recommendations:

Cost: $8 – $12 per meal

Option 2 – Do the research and choose a room or apartment with a kitchen. It may cost a little more, but you’re bound to save money as you will be cooking your own food. Then head to the local store and purchase the essentials for a few days.

If however you’re only going for one day, why not take a small cooler bag with your pre-cooked meals for that day.

Easy snacks on the go:

  • Quest Bars – these would definitely be my pick for healthy snack bars. They contain the lowest amount of sugars and have very few ingredients. If you have had a protein bar before you would know that your jaw usually gets cramped trying to chew through it! Thankfully Quest Bars give your chomper the relief and are soft and easy to chew through.
  • Raw, unsalted nuts – grab a bag en route. This is a simple, easy snack and you can mix up the flavour with different types of nuts.


Airport food:
Unfortunately eating at the airport is never a good idea. 99% of airport food I wouldn’t even feed to my dog. There are however some options to not leave you hungry before a flight.

  • Boost Juice – luckily have a great range of protein smoothies. Or better yet opt to make your own with berries, protein, spinach and coconut water (note: avoid the juices as they will spike your insulin with all the sugar and zero fibre).
  • Kebab on a plate – choose meat and salad sides with this option. Although the meat is generally very high in fat, at least it is half decent and you get some protein.


As I type, I have just finished off my last meal at the airport waiting for my flight home. I feel great knowing that I have done my best to eat clean while away on my trip and am 100% ready to get back to training this week.

If you’re committed to reaching your goals, don’t be an excuse maker, be a problem solver and you will stay on track to success.


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