Diets; an infamous fad

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First of all, let’s breakdown what a diet actually is.

Diet, by definition, is a food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition and its effects on health.

When most people think of a ‘diet’, the first thing that comes to mind is restricting calories, eating less to the point of starving, skipping meals and feeling so poorly nourished in order to lose excess fat. Sadly, this eventually results in putting the lost weight back on, and some.

So why does my diet suck?
Your diet sucks because you are doing just that, dieting. Not in line with its correct definition, but rather following a makeshift method and old standard of what dieting once was – thankfully we know better now. The reality is that this old method of dieting leaves you poorly nourished, albeit losing some weight only to regain it. People need to start focusing on how they can fuel the body correctly and in line with what the actual definition of a diet is. This will have a knock-on effect to help revive your body and feel better.

That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list to help you, help your diet from sucking. In time, once all those bad habits die-out, you will not only look better but feel amazing from the inside out. You will be eating whole foods, keeping up scheduled exercise in your weekly routine and NEVER have to fall for the infamous fad of ‘dieting’ again.

  1. Swap your old ‘dieting’ ways for a lifestyle change

If you are starving yourself, STOP immediately. If you are living off coffee, carbs and wine, STOP. If you are forever calorie counting, STOP. If you have reduced your meal portions but are still eating food you know is simply nutrient deficient, like pasta and bread, STOP. It’s important that when making a lifestyle change you give it your all! This will help you understand that what you have tried hasn’t worked, or when it has, why it has only had temporary impact.

  1. Start living by the definition of ‘food for fuel’

Food is your body’s energy source, focus for your mind and your fuel for living and enjoying life to the fullest. By simply refuelling your body correctly, getting rid of excess eating, eliminating food that has little nutritional value and creating new healthy habits to follow daily, you will feel like a different person and changes to the outer will follow.

  1. Eat whole, unprocessed foods always

You really need to make this new lifestyle work by giving it your all. This reliable information should be your go-to and something you consult regularly.


You will need to eat at least four times a day, consisting of the following:

  • Meat, fish and other sources of protein
  • Vegetables
  • Clean carbohydrates
  • Good fats

See our Food Pyramid here for more details. Food Triangle 870x1231 212x300 - Diets; an infamous fad

Each of your meals should contain protein, at least 20-60 grams. The amount of protein consumable will be in smaller portions than what you are used to but this will allow you to eat more frequently and speed up your metabolism.

Clean carbs, like sweet potato and brown rice, should be added in only after you are active or have been training / playing sports. This will replenish your muscles, restore energy and allow your body to use the carbohydrates instead of storing them. We recommend your first meal after exercise within 90 minutes.

Each meal should contain lots of fresh fibre from vegetables and salads. We recommend 1-2 cups which will keep your body full, flush toxins and give your body all the vitamin levels it needs to fight sickness and disease.


Good fats, like ¼ an avocado or small handful of nuts, should be included in each of your meals. This component is, if not the most, important method of enhancing fat loss for the whole meal as it is energy full and mind-enhancing to expedite fat loss.

Another important tip – be sure to limit the amount of ‘clean treats’ you consume. These may be healthy, but some treats like protein balls can contain between 200-600 calories in just two bites.

 There you have it – our top tips to beat the infamous ‘dieting’ fad and get your health on track. For more information about how we can help you on your journey, be sure to contact us today!

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