Elise Shares Her 10 Month Transformation Story

Elise Shares Her 10 Month Transformation Story

Elise is living proof that training and the right nutrition, will set you up to perform optimally in every aspect of your life – from the gym to the office.

A full-time digital marketer, Elise was super active at school & university competing in Surf Life Saving & surfing.  A huge training load & highly functioning metabolism meant she was able, at that time, to some what ignore her nutrition and “eat anything”.  Once she had a full-time job after University, her training load dropped substantially as she focused on other things, however, her bad food habits remained, metabolism slowed & her body fat began to creep up.

After a period of training by herself with little success or support, she became a member of the Uber Shape Fit Fam around 10 months ago, joining her partner Sarah who was already training with us.

[Sarah] had been training at Uber Shape for about six months getting amazing results & I was like, I need to get in on that, whatever your doing it’s working & mine is not.”

She notes her biggest accomplishment at Uber Shape so far as “the body fat I’ve lost.  I think around 7% over four or five months and on a broader level, the adopting of a new lifestyle.”

She’s also just recently completed her first triathlon, the Kingy Tri in March.  She has obviously caught the tri bug, having just bought a new bike & signing up for her next one in May already!

“[I’ve been] Getting involved in the other events outside the gym, it’s another awesome thing about training here. It’s not just coming here during the week, it’s all of the other activities that happen.”  

Coaches Coby & Jen attribute Elise’s success to her dedication to meal prep each Sunday.  She is the first to admit that she didn’t have a great understanding of what to eat & when to best fuel her training & day.  Whilst she finds it time-consuming on a Sunday, as someone who works full-time Elise says, “it’s a game changer,” preparing the week’s meals in advance means she can just grab food in the morning & be out the door.

“It’s the thing that’s made this nutrition journey so easy”. 

Elise loves the conditioning workouts at Uber Shape. She loves the high intensity work which is balanced by dedicated strength days, to ensure clients are training all energy systems & creating the stimulus for fat loss & building muscle.

To Elise, the coaching team is part of what sets Uber Shape apart.

“I notice how invested you guys are in our progress, which is awesome & that was pretty evident from the moment I started here.”

Elise has also made the switch from coffee to green tea.  She used to drink a lot of coffee.

“I’m pretty active, restless, my mind is always thinking anyway so I don’t really need the coffee for the kick.”

This switch has had a positive impact on her adrenal health allowing her central nervous to “rest & digest” rather than being stimulated all of the time.  Coffee can promote the storage of fat, particularly around the belly area, which is impact greatly by elevated cortisol.  Elise has found the switch has also positively impacted her energy in the afternoons.

“I see all of my co-workers fading away & I’m still buzzing..”

Elise is now working toward a further reduction in body fat to optimize her body composition for performance going into the Byron Bay Triathlon.  We can’t wait to see how she goes!

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