FitKIDS App Bookings

Uber Shape Fitkids is excited to release the term 3 timetable and the NEW booking system on our APP.
We have made you a simple video to watch and book in your child with us, but we have also written out instructions too. There are a few, but once you get the system, you will love it. It makes the booking in easy, sick day rebooking simple, classes capped for safetly and paying is all on the app to get the credits to book in for your session.

Term Timeabel 300x293 - FitKIDS App Bookings

Written instructions for the app download.

1. Down the app – Glofox
2. Add in the studio name – Ubershape
3. Created your account with your email and password
4. In the top left, select the ‘man’ logo
5. Scroll down the bottom and choose your ‘family account.’
6. Select add another account
7. Add in child #1 details
8. Read the terms and conditions and once happy tick that you agree.
9. Scroll down and select Kids membership
10. Choose the membership that your child would like; 3 class pack, 2 class pack and 1 class pack. You will then be prompted to put in your card choice of payment, can be an EFTPOS card or credit card and is completely secure.
11. Child #1 will be then credited points, which equals the classes they have per term. i.e. 3 class pack will have 30 points as the child will do 30 classes in that term.
12. Go through the term timetable and book in the classes that your child will be doing. You don’t have to book them now, but first in best dressed for the class choice. I would add these sessions to your calendar the first term for reminders. The sessions on the app are capped so once they are booked, they are booked. If you know you are away for 1 week, don’t select that week and book in the other classes you will do to make that one up. As best as you can stick to the same class every week, as this is how the child will progress plus also make friends and learn the structure of both the lesson and the coach.
13. Once you have done this for child #1 you will go through the same procedure for any other children that you have to book in. To do this press STOP at the top right of the app and select add another account.

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