Fitkids, The real impact + a few surprises

Fitkids, The real impact + a few surprises

Many Kids and Teens are growing up in an environment with distractions, and peer pressures; to act, look and feel a particular way. At Uber Shape, we get the opportunity to input health & fitness into their lives. As a bonus, we pair it with positive chats and encouragement, so they know they have a welcoming and uplifting environment to come into every afternoon. Check out our latest story from 5 of our amazing teens about why they train, how it makes them feel and what they are looking for in a gym environment.

FitKIDS afternoon sessions. The 5 amazing kids below are all friends, 2 started with us over 2 years ago and then brought their 3 friends this year to start with us. When they told us how much they love the sessions and why we had to interview them.

Mia and Erin have both been training with us from the very beginning – from the first week that FitKIDS started. They have always been happy and inclusive of everyone around them while trying their hardest in every session. Both girls finished up with Dance and wanted to keep their fitness up and join a gym. They were looking for a positive community and found home. Erin and Mia’s favourite sessions are upper body and kickboxing.

Indigo, Emma and Lydia are all friends of Mia and
Erin and were invited to come along this year. Indigo came along to feel fit and healthy, plus to be apart of a community that’s supportive and encouraging. Emma and Lydia also came along to feel happier about themselves and gain more confidence. All 3 girls love kickboxing and it has become their favourite session out of the 3 they do per week. All 5 girls come to 3 sessions per week!

Term 1, 2020 Timetable

Monday 3:45pm Strength 11yrs_+
Tuesday 4:00pm Upper Boby Movement 7 yrs+
Wednesday 4:00pm Strength, Junior 5yrs + and Senior 11yrs+
Thursday 3:45pm Kickboxing 5yrs+
Friday 3:45pm Energizer Fitness 5yrs+

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