FitKIDS is a strength and fitness program designed especially for kids, ages 8 to 17 years old. At the age of 8, kids bodies start losing flexibility, leaving the muscles tight which can lead to imbalances, pulls, tears, sore knees, ankles and back.

Our program teaches kids to use and train their bodies correctly. FitKIDS teaches kids how to warm-up correctly, train their body to even out imbalances and for correct posture and technique and explain the importance of flexibility stretching.

FitKIDS will benefit an underactive child who isn’t moving much and has become tight with poor posture and has little core strength. It will also enhance an eager sporty child by making them strong, have more power and help prevent injury, by training all areas of the body and keeping their joints strong.

Term Classes

Uber Shape
Monday 3:30 pm
Tuesday 4:00 pm
Wednesday 4:00 pm

Kings Christian College
Wednesday 3:30 pm
Friday 3:30 pm

In school programs available

11am – 3pm time slots
On school campus or in our gym

School Holiday programs

Small group classes – by age/ability
$20 per class

12 years plus
8 years plus

1-hour classes
$15 per class, term commitment
School term time and holiday programs

FitKIDS aims to inspire the next generation to take control of their body and health. We do this by showing the kids how to warming up effectively, train their body correctly, keep mobile and eat a balanced diet.

After training well over 100 children this year we are more excited and equipt then ever to train your child correctly. Having children myself I have seen it all from; food intolerance to thriving, hips out of place, tears in quads, lower back pain. All lead back to one thing, something is off. Whether it is just a flexibility issue, overtraining an area of the body or if there is an imbalance and we need to work with a health professional there is always a solution.

Contact us today to get your child or school involved.