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At Uber Shape, our greatest joy is to see the kids that walk through our door feeling strong, encouraged and inspired to live healthy and active lifestyles. FitKIDS is a Gym Program designed for children ages 8-17, and a junior program on Wednesdays specifically for children ages 5-10.

What is Uber Shape FitKIDS?

At the age of 8, kids bodies start losing flexibility, leaving the muscles tight which can lead to imbalances, pulls, tears, sore knees, ankles and back. Our aim is to educate them young how to look after their bodies to prevent unnecessary injuries, to keep them fit, give them confidence and encourage them to get the best out of life by living a healthy lifestyle.

Our program aims to teach Kids and teens to use and train their bodies correctly. FitKIDS teaches kids how to warm-up actively, train their body to even out imbalances, functional technique training, flexibility techniques and basic nutrition.

FitKIDS is a gym program and will suit any child no matter where they are at with their fitness or sporting abilities. It will highly benefit an underactive child who isn’t moving much, resulting in a tight and inflexible body. It will also enhance an eager sporty child by making them strong, more powerful, while aiding to prevent injury, by training the body and keeping their joints strong.

Hear how Kylie explains FitKIDS

Term 1 Session Times

  • Monday 3:45 pm 8yrs + Strength Lower Body
  • Tuesday 3:45 pm 8yrs + Strength Upper Body
  • Wednesday 3:45pm 5-10yrs Full Body Fitness
  • Thursday 3:45 pm 8yrs + Kickboxing

Our Curriculum


Strength Training

Kick Boxing




How It Works

FitKIDS Sessions

  • 45 minute classes
  • Starting from $20 per class
  • Easy make up sick days, within the same term

What Ages?

4-8 years: Junior
12 yrs+ : Teen

In School Programs Available

11am – 3pm time slots

On school campus or in our gym

School Holiday programs

Run every school holidays
$15 per session

Birthday Parties: Coming Soon!

At FitKIDS we offer four different classes every week; Lower Body Strength, Upper Body Strength, Strength+Fitness Combo and Kickboxing. FitKIDS aims to inspire movement through a fun community while teaching kids how to train correctly under proper guidance.

When kids follow a program like ours, they will build strength correctly, increase their fitness and power-based movements and prevent injuries in their sports. Our coaches aim to educate Kids before adulthood the importance of keeping active for the health of their bodies but for them also to feel the positive impact it has on their mental health.

Each class contains mobility and specific active warm-ups at the beginning of each lesson. Our programing style ensures that the kids train their bodies evenly using the push/pull system, and most importantly how to lit weights correctly for life.

FitKIDS will suit any child no matter where they are at with their fitness or sporting abilities. It will highly benefit a child who isn’t moving much or doesn’t like sports, enhance an eager sporty child and benefit all children by giving them a positive, supportive environment to train in.

There are so many ‘things’ that kids are busy with nowadays, but what fitKIDS teach is a hobby for life. We happily work with physios and sporting coaches to enhance a childs ability, or work on an area of strength with them by modifying their programs.

At Uber Shape we are a team of coaches that cares and wants to see your kids thrive and work with you as parents.

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Kylie Howker

Coby van den Ende

Karissa Kohring

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