Freemans Farm Tour + Part 2 Mini Nutrition Master Class

Freemans Farm Tour + Part 2 Mini Nutrition Master Class

Get your green thumb on and hang out with us at Freeman’s Organic Farm (Currumbin Valley). On Sunday the 18th of November we are taking the Uber Shape community to join the farm tour. It is a personalised tour run by David, the owner and farmer himself, and it will be both educational and scenic as you learn about the importance of high-quality spray free and organic produce. Kids are free and they can pick their own seasonal vegetables to have a taste test. Tour starts at 10:15 am, and the cost is $15 per adult. CLICK HERE to book and pay; we know you will love it. 

Check out one of our recent Circuit/HIIT sessions targeting plenty of core and stability exercises, to keep you strong and fighting fit, so you can keep up with the kids. WATCH HERE



Carol, our leading trainer and macronutrient specialist, is back for her second Mini Nutrition Master Class next Tuesday 6th at 9:45 am and Saturday 10th at 7:45 am of November. 

Jump into our HIIT sweat session then Carol will be talking all things about mastering food prep, the importance of doing it, meal timing and how much you should be eating, all in 30 Minutes. 

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