Gold Coast Men Personal Training

At Uber Shape we offer gold coast men personal training an individualised approach to helping you achieve optimal health and guaranteed results. We utilise advanced nutrition programs which we wholly personalise to suit you. Whether you want to increase your bench press results over 3 months or gain lean muscle mass, our programs are modified and take into account the time of day you train, your meal times, gender, activity levels and training age. We combine this with the most scientific Charles Poliquin BioPrint hormonal status and body fat tracking software to monitor your results.

Scientific research proves, that the location where your body stores fat has a direct relation to your hormone imbalances and in turn contributes to fat storage in specific parts of the body. This gives us trainers a clear insight into what works best for your body and is a no guessing, scientific approach to nutrition with guaranteed results. We 100% recommend using whole, real foods and supplements where deficiencies occur.

Program Design

We design our programs over 2-4 week blocks, however this is dependent on the training age and goal of the individual. We design personalised programs for all clients who may be looking to shape up, lift heavier, squat harder, increase mobility and reduce pain from injuries, as well as local athletes looking to get an edge on their competition regime.


Platinum: 12 – 24 week packages

  • 4 x 1hr one-on-one personal training sessions
  • Ongoing BioPrint & Nutrition support using the I-Nutrition Pro software
  • Unlimited Uber Shape Circuit Training (Tuesday & Saturday weekly)
  • Access to open gym (Every Wednesday: 5am-12pm / 3pm-6:30pm)

Gold: 12 – 24 week packages

  • 2 x 1hr one-on-one personal training sessions
  • Ongoing BioPrint & Nutrition support using I-Nutrition Pro software
  • Unlimited Uber Shape Circuit Training(Tuesday & Saturday weekly)
  • Access to open gym (Every Wednesday: 5am-12pm / 3pm-6:30pm)
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Some of Our Clients


Congratulations to Uber Shape client Brendo after dropping 8% body fat and stacking on some lean muscle. Keeping it simple we increased his food intake while focusing on macro timing.

bredon - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

chart - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

Words from Brendo, A big thanks to Coby and the uber shape team, 12 weeks ago i had no idea the benefits nuitrition coaching could do for my health and well being, I have achieved amazing results in a such a short period of time. I highly recommend for anyone to give it a try you will feel amazing.


I joined Uber Shape in Feb this year and I can not believe the results I achieved during this time.

Ubershape Before and After Images Ben - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

Coby and the Uber Shape team genuinely care about their clients, they really listen to your requirements and have been fantastic in not only helping me set goals but more importantly, to achieve them. Uber Shape will not only motivate you, improve your technique and monitor your progress but will offer sound advice and information on good nutrition.


Uber Shape suited me, I have been going to gyms for a while but lacked the structure and accountability with my eating. .

dave - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

After joining Uber Shape I could see and feel results after 2 weeks. They structured training programs to change every 3 weeks so you don’t get bored but keep getting sore. I would highly recommend joining the team if your looking to step up there training.


paul - Gold Coast Men Personal Training


Ubershape Before and After Images Liam Front - Gold Coast Men Personal Training


I’ve been training with coby for a few years now, my goal was to gain abit of muscle mass.

bob - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

I enjoy training at übershape its a fun and friendly environment since joining übershape not only have I put on 9kg of muscle but I’ve learnt a lot along the way, from controlling my diet to using the right techniques while training

Super fun & friendly place to train with 110% support from the trainers and the other crew training. Working alongside everyone each session and pushing each other is the best part. It’s amazing what you can achieve when there’s someone there to give that extra bit of motivation.

men1 - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

Really stoked on the  focus on food and nutrition. Realizing that food and drink intake is the most important thing has really changed my diet and lifestyle in a positive way. I also travel away a lot for work and Coby has been great in helping me keep to the training program while away and working on ways to eat clean even while travelling interstate regularly.

Highly recommended.


troy - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

Troy has been a star client taking in all challenge head on. He has improved his strength in all major lifts & completely changing his nutrition to suit his goals. Troy has now dropped from 22% down to 14% body fat and gained 4kgs of lean muscle.


men3 - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

Great work to Lucas over the past 8 weeks. Lucas has gained 3kg of lean muscle and dropped 3% body fat. He has increased all his major lifts and has found a new excitement for training.



men2 - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

My favourite part about training at uber shape is that it’s a very motivating environment. The support and knowledge from the trainers are amazing. I look forward to every workout and the muscular pain that follows. Joining the uber shape family was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I have never looked back, I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve themselves!

-Great work from Cam. He is fitter, stronger and leaner. We look forward to seeing more progress to come.

Meet Nick B – a lover of surf & sunshine!

nick front - Gold Coast Men Personal Training

“About 10 months ago, I sustained a back injury and had to see a chiropractor every single day. I was out of the water for the whole time and really needed to gain strength in my lower back to get out in the waves again!
I had never really set foot in a gym before I started going to Uber Shape and was cautious, given I didn’t know where to start.
The Uber Shape team started me off at my own level, and I only progressed as my technique improved. There was no pressure to be the fittest or the strongest, I could just go at my own pace. Uber helped me improve my nutrition too which enabled me to get leaner and gain muscle, essential for surfing.

4 months later – I am back in the water surfing every single day, feeling stronger and fitter then I was before my injury. I always used to hear a myth that weight training slows you down in the water – this is far from the truth. I now truly understand the benefits of how controlled exercise with technique can really improve all areas of surfing and mobility in general.
Big thanks to all the team – I am now ready to head overseas for a surf trip, fighting fit!”
Thanks Coby