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Check out some of our amazing and inspirational clients from our Gold Coast Personal Training Results centre, this is why we do what we do.

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Another 12 week challenge happy customer at our Gold Coast Personal Training Results centre. This is Shelly and she has done amazing. 12 kilos down and has gained beautiful lean muscle! Words from Shelly. So the 12 weeks is up and I feel amazing. 12 weeks ago I was overweight, unhappy and not enjoying life. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and now I can’t stop, haha. Coby, Jen and Corey have helped and guided me back to a happy place within myself.

Uber Shape is a fun, motivating and comfortable place to work out. I love it and I’m addicted. Thank you so much to the team and can’t wait to push myself even further. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Perfect quote Shelly… and we look forward to see where the next 12 weeks take you! Keep up the awesome work.

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Spring Challenge Runner Up Joe, S

Joe, We love having happy clients! Joe has smashed the last 12 week challenge and his results were fantastic! Take it away Joe… Doing the Uber Shape 12 week challenge is one of the best decisions I ever made. I had become very unhealthy, out of shape and lacked motivation. Through guidance in training and nutrition from Coby, he gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. With this new found knowledge I have managed to greatly improve my fitness, reduce my body fat percentage and increase lean muscle like I never thought possible. Everything is personalised and with the regular consultations and nutrition advice, it has helped keep me on track to reach my goals. I now enjoy huge improvements in energy and lead a much healthier lifestyle. I would definitely recommended Uber Shape’s 12 week challenge to anyone who wants real results.

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Spring Challenge Runner Up, Elly M

I have completed the 12 week challenge and I couldn’t be happier with the results. When I set my goal of losing 10kg I thought it was very far out of my reach. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would achieve it. Having the support of Uber Shape actually made it easy for me to get to my goal. I have lost 12kgs and I plan on achieving more goals in the future.

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Meet Melissa, one of our super mums at the 9:15 session. Mel has had such an amazing few months on our Spring challenge and we are so proud of her. You look amazing Mel, keep up the good work! Some words from Melissa: When I first met Coby and the Uber Shape team I really had absolutely no idea how much my life would change. For the first time in my life I started training consistently, and found that every time I left the gym I had a huge smile on my face. I loved the fact that I was supported and challenged to push myself physically, and it was one of the very rare moments in my day when it was about me, and all I had to think about was what was happening at that moment.

My Uber journey there have been 3 pivotal moments that have changed my life: 1. Making an Uber session a priority in my day – for both my mental and physical health, 2. Doing what I was told and following Coby’s nutritional advice (the Uber meal plan makes it EASY!), and 3. Having the good fortune to have Jen coach me through a goal setting session! As I continue my Uber journey I have to shed body fat that has been there for too many years, and I feel AMAZING!!! I have so much energy, gone is the crazy 2pm hunt for chocolate, and with the picture of the Uber Food Pyramid firmly in my mind I eat with confidence, understanding what the impact is of the food I am eating on my mind and body. Thank you a million times for creating such a unique environment. Melissa

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We love testimonials!….. This is what it is all about for us – 12 weeks and Nick has seen a massive difference. Well done! Take it away Nick…. I started training at Uber Shape 12 weeks ago and haven’t looked back. I came in with the goal to be fitter in the surf but feeling 100 times fitter in the surf is only the half of it. I’m extremely happy with the results I have had, I’ve lost fat and gained muscle and am alot more energised every day. Uber Shape is a great team/family environment which I think is the main reason I keep coming back. The trainers are awesome and they always are looking out for us. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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At Uber Shape we are so stoked to be receiving such great testimonials. Lewis you smashed your first 24 weeks at Uber Shape…looking forward to see what you can achieve in your next 12. Take it away Lewis: I’ve had a great first 24 weeks at Uber Shape and am really feeling (and seeing!) the results. I’ve made some valuable changes to both my nutrition and lifestyle in general and am a lot more motivated. Uber Shape is great because of the people, it’s awesome getting to know those you’re regularly training with and the positive environment removes the usual grind of exercising. I also love that there are regular check ups so you can see fortnightly progress and reassess your goals as you need to. Would recommend Uber Shape to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

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There are so many amazing things to say about Coby and the Uber shape team. It really is hard to put it all down into words (without writing a novel). So here goes… Ive been with Coby and the Uber Shape team for about four years and I can’t imagine training anywhere else. They have created a truely amazing atmosphere at Burleigh, where people feel comfortable, welcomed and more importantly inspired to be their best. As trainers the team just know when you need some gentle encouragement, support or a bit of a kick up the bum!!

They are accomodating to your personal needs and are always trying to find ways to keep you motivated both inside and outside of the gym. Earlier in the year I was told that I had ankle arthritis and that I should avoid long distance walking, running or jumping. The Uber Shape team were so accommodating, they modify my program where needed but in a way where I still feel part of the group. They also introduced me to my new love, cycling! I’ve had the best training year to date and it’s all because of the support from Uber Shape. I have a much more active lifestyle and ride to work regularly and on weekends. I’ve also lost weight which has significantly reduced my arthritis pain! Love you Uber!

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Check out Sarah. She has worked hard for her amazing results this year. 8kgs lighter and super strong in all areas of her training. Sarah has also just smashed out her personal best time in her last triathlon. Great work Sarah and we look forward to seeing you smash it next year.

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Joining Uber Shape was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I’d spent 6 months at another gym and just didn’t get the support I needed to achieve my goals. After joining Uber Shape I was blown away by the level of attention everyone gets and you certainly don’t feel like just “another number”. Coby, Jen and Corey are genuinely passionate about what they do and are super committed to seeing everyone achieve their goals. Both the nutrition and training support have helped me lose 10kg, and I’m now feeling more energetic, motivated and pumped on life!

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Top work to this legend. Troy has constantly trained with focus and has really changed his lifestyle for the better. After a year of solid training and improving his nutrition, he now has his six pack for summer and has just completed his first sprint triathlon. Great work mate and look forward to seeing you progress.

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Another awesome transformation by one of our Uber Shapers! Meet Tate, him and his wife joined with us a year ago and both were first timers to a gym. Lucky enough, he chose ours. His goals were to gain strength and build muscle, whilst becoming leaner and more agile to assist him with his stand-up paddle boarding. We focused on technique and formed stability into his training and now his hard work has paid off! His body fat fell from 18.8% down to 10.9% and he put on 3kgs of muscle! Just as he said in our Uber Shape video, he is feeling better day-to-day which is awesome. You’re smashing it Tate and your commitment to training is a model for others to follow. Top work beetroot, looking forward to helping you achieve your goals in the year ahead!

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Tanya joined Uber Shape four months ago with an aim to lose body fat & get strong. Training 3-4 times a week & eating to fuel her body for training, she has developed awesome strength to lift big weights & is well on her way to a massive improvement in body composition for a healthy & happy life. Tanya also competed in the 5.7 km at the Gold Coast Marathon. Changes to her nutrition is also filtering into her family who have joined eating foods that nourish & support a healthy lifestyle. Massive congrats Tanya… it’s been a pleasure to support you & we look forward to continuing to!

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I was ready to start training at UBER SHAPE for so long and when I saw that they were having a Spring challenge I thought that was my chance to start. My weight has always fluctuate, even though I am a nutritionist and I make wise food choices. Too much of the good stuff can also cause weight gain. 14 weeks ago I was heavier than I wanted and unfit. I started the Spring challenge so determined. I follow the Uber Shape nutritional program, which is very in line with my food philosophy, I exercise a minimum of 3 times a week and I was accountable to my trainers with doing my body measurements every second week. There were very few hard moments believe me! I pushed through I felt great and I finished it.

I am now much lighter, happier and above all I have a clear mind. I will keep going as this works for my body and mind, I am loving my journey!
Uber Shape is such a nice place to go to. Coby and Jen have been amazing with me, their knowledge and generosity is out of this world. I have never been to a gym that has such a nice atmosphere.
Seriously if you are wanting to develop real life changing habits, come to UBER SHAPE and give it a go! It’s addictive!!!

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Top work to Mitch smashing his goals in our Spring Challenge. Dropping over 10kg and has his fitness back after kicking off the new AFL season. Great work mate.

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Massive shout out to Jacqui who just sent through her final photos, measurements & results. Whilst we know it works & would expect this if you follow the program… we get so stoked when the people we support have such success!!!! I will let the images speak for themselves!!!! Check out Jacqui’s by clicking this link and scrolling to the bottom

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