Health Foods At Uber Shape

Health Foods At Uber Shape

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Health is not just about training but fuelling with tasty foods your body will love. Food industries have changed so much since when we were children. The quality of the actual food in products has dropped and the chemicals, sugars and pesticides and toxic load have increased. We recommend health foods at Uber Shape that are created with ‘health’ as first priority.

It is more important than ever to pay attention to what you are investing in when putting it in your body. Your food is your fuel. If you are putting extra toxins in your body you won’t feel great afterwards. Check out some of our go-to products we recommend and stock here at Uber Shape.

NZ Professional Whey

New Zealand Professional Whey is sourced from grass fed cows in NZ and is sweetened with natural flavours and with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or chemicals. There are A LOT of protein powders full of junk- like sugars and chemicals. Stay away from these, they are not only bad for you but putting that in your body after a workout will leave your body craving more chemically loaded food.

Prana on Plant Base Protein 

Prana plant base protein is organic, gluten free and vegan with no nasty numbers or flavours but the win is that it actually tastes nice. Most plant base proteins are full of nasties and if they are clean, they taste terrible. They have all the essential amino acids profiles, digestive carbohydrates and healthy fats. A very good brand- A must try.

Fermented Vegetables by ‘Activation Foods’ 

Activation foods use organic ingredients from local Gold Coast farms. They use whey; a more complex starter culture from home made yoghurt, as they believe that it allows for the natural flavours to produce and enrich the taste.

Fermented vegetables are fantastic to add to your meals to increase your probiotic fill and to bulk up that fibre intake. Great for weight loss by getting your digestive track functioning correctly and allowing your body to get rid of toxic waste.

Fermented Vegetables by ‘Activation Foods’ 

A locally owned Burleigh Heads company made with minimal raw sugar ( we worked out ¾ of a teaspoon) and all organic ingredients. Kombucha is a probiotic drink filled with millions of probiotic strains in one drink. Not all Kombucha drinks are the same, there are so many on the market with way to much sugar. Generally speaking the more sugar the cheaper the drink as they aren’t putting in the quality ingredients to gain the flavour. Although there are some expensive ones filled with stevia, we would recommend to avoid those also.

Savour Snacks

Locally made in Burleigh Heads, savour snacks is our new favourite seeded bars and crackers. They are made from seeds, herbs, spices and vegetables. Also the product boasts high in protein, fibre, good omega oils, gluten free, nut free and no preservatives. We spread avocado on them or have fermented vegetables on top, perfect for single snacking on the go.

If its time to get your nutrition back on track. Let’s do it together. Pop us some information below and we will be sure to help you with our 12 week Nutrition Coaching Program.

At Uber Shape we can help take your health to where you want it to be. Contact Us Here

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