How Shelley Won Our 12 Week Challenge

How Shelley Won Our 12 Week Challenge

Time in the gym is not just about the physical transformation.  Client Shelley is an inspiring example of what happens on the inside is equally as important.

Having previously trained with Coach Coby a few years prior, Shelley rejoined the Uber Shape Fit Fam in August 2016 as a part of the Spring Challenge. Spring Challenge is a 12-week transformation program designed to support & guide members with their training, nutrition & integration of positive lifestyle habits, focusing on fat loss & improved wellness. 

With regular check-ins & Bio-Print assessments throughout the program, Coach Jen recalls Shelley’s first consult. 

“She was clearly nervous.  It was an emotional consult.  I could see she was unhappy with how she felt in her body & frustrated that she’d allowed herself to get to this point.  You could see in her eyes, she was so ready for change”

Before the program at our Gold Coast Gym, Shelley admits she wasn’t in a ‘good place’ – allowing things in her personal life to impact her own health & wellbeing.  In her words she,

“Fell off the wagon big time…I was unhappy with who I was.  I’d look in the mirror & I wasn’t happy with what I saw”

She knew she needed help. Shelley threw herself into the challenge, following her individualised nutrition plan to the letter & not missing one training session throughout the 12 week period.

Her transformation in 12 weeks is nothing short of inspiring.  With the goal of winning the challenge as a major motivator, knowing that she would need to do everything she could to do so, Shelley dropped 10% body fat & 13kg. 

“I felt amazing. At the start of the 12-week challenge I said to myself I’m going to win this & I know that I can.”

Shelley’s dedication did not go unnoticed by coaches Jen & Coby. Jen met with Shelley every two weeks to track her progress & touch bases one on one.

“Every fortnight there were changes in her physically.  Shelley was the perfect participant.  She listened. She wanted to learn & understand.  She followed instruction.  She trusted me that progress would seem slow, but the result would be dramatic.  And she showed up… every single session.  That was key to her results.  If clients show up, we can do the rest”.   

Shelley did win the 12-week challenge but it’s the impact to her wellbeing & new found love of training that she says is the biggest benefit. 

“It really helps me with day to day things… coping with things that happen in your personal life.  It just makes me feel better in general.  I feel fitter, stronger, happier.  It’s a great feeling.  It’s a good buzz.”

Preferring to train lower body if given a choice, her 12-week journey has made her stronger and more confident, and she says she’s now much happier in her life.  Her biggest learning at Uber Shape so far has been to look after herself better.

“To look after Shelley & make Shelley number one that’s one of the biggest things.  To put Shelley first before anything, that would be one of the biggest learnings”

It is clear to Coach Jen the emotional transformation Shelley has been on when remembering when she started.

“The change in confidence, happiness & health is so obvious.  The exciting thing is that I feel like this is just the beginning for Shelley.”

Shelley now has her sights set on participating in the 5.7km Fun Run as a part of the Gold Coast Marathon with the Uber Shape team in a few months as well as getting stronger & chasing the elusive chin-ups. 

The coaching team have no doubt, with the focus & commitment Shelley has shown to her transformation, she will be pumping out those chin-ups in no time.

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