How to clean without a toxic overload

How to clean without a toxic overload

The day we tossed out all the chemical-laden cleaning products, we have never looked back. We can now eat from the bench without worrying about eating spray and wipe, let me show you how to clean without a toxic overload.

Using natural cleaning products instead of  commercial ones will make cleaning easier on the hands, nose and on the body. No more sore hands, no more toxic smells, no more worry. Adding essential oils to water, baking soda or vinegar will have your house smelling amazing and fresh. These essential oils are natural degreasers and have antimicrobial properties. Yes! They really do work.

Here are some examples of what we use.

How to clean without a toxic overload – Fresh Linen Spray :

1/4 cup distilled water
3 Tbsp Witch Hazel or Vodka 
15 drops of Lavender Oil 1
5 drops Frankincense Oil

Combine and shake well in a spray bottle. Lightly spray on sheets, pillowcases, and linens

Natural Bleach:

(makes 1 Litre)
2 Cup Hydrogen Peroxide (3% solution)
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 Cup water
10 drops Lemon Oil

Store with as minimal exposure to light. It will last up to 1 month in a clear bottle, 2-3 months in a dark bottle.

All Purpose Cleaning Spray:

1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup White Vinegar
15 drops (total) doTERRA Essential Oil Suggestions: OnGuard, Lavender, Melaleuca or any Citrus Oils

Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake Well!
Spray and wipe clean on any surface.

Toilet air freshener:

1/4 cup water
3 Tbsp Witch Hazel or Vodka 20 drops
10 drops of Tea Tree oil
10 drops of Eucalyptus oil

Combine and shake well in a spray bottle.

Daily Shower Freshening Spray: 

1.5 cups water
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
15 drops Tea Tree oil
15 drops of Wild Orange

Combine in a spray bottle and keep in the shower. Spray shower down daily after use (this is a preventative spray, that helps prevent scum build up).
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Let us know how you go with this, would love to hear how your skin feels and if you have noticed a big difference.

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