Kate’s Post Baby Lifestyle & Strength Journey

Kate’s Post Baby Lifestyle & Strength Journey

Kates lifestyle change originally started seven months ago. Together, Wayne and Kate came to Uber Shape for a 7-week nutrition and training plan. But they never left. Now, together, they are training hard and eating for health and have seen some remarkable changes.

Initial contact

After reaching out via email about what Uber Shapes approach would look like, the married couple found that they liked what they saw. Uber Shape’s holistic approach to health and fitness was the lifestyle change that would be a good application for their lives.

For Kate, as a woman and mother, she felt as if she needed a lifestyle shake-up. “I got to rock bottom from a fitness perspective; I’ve never been as weak as I was after the birth of my daughter. Physically I felt like I had been hit by a bus.” laughed Kate.

When contemplating exercise again, Kate was aware of her bodies new limits. She knew she had carried her beautiful baby girl, nursed her on the couch for several months while eating whatever she liked. “I knew that I couldn’t just turn up to a group class or start running again”.

Kate in the past had always been active but mainly through running and didn’t have much to do with weight or interval training.
“I have been through different phases, running through my 20’s and 30’s, and yoga but never really thought about nutrition.”


“Uber Shape has taught me, and my husband, that it takes a lot more than just one style of training. It requires to focus on more different types of exercise but also nutrition. It’s been more about taking a holistic approach to fitness and wellness.” Together Kate and Wayne train five times per week to include all of our training styles, including two personal training sessions. They have made some major nutritional changes as well.

Since coming to Uber Shape, Kate and Wayne realised that nutritionally they were filling their bodies with empty nutrient, comfort foods. These types of foods weren’t providing energy for their bodies. They made small changes every week over a two-month period. Now they are in total control of what they put in their bodies. [We are] “putting in a lot less of the food and drinks that we previously loved, a lot less wine, cheese and bread.”

Now they are looking after their bodies and fueling it for training and health.  But most importantly to live life to the fullest with their beautiful daughter. “[We are eating] a lot more water and foods that we have prepared ourselves thanks to Uber Shape Nutrition.”

Kate and Wayne also have invested a lot of time into stretching which is so essential when strength training. “Coach Coby recommend quiet early on…Rom wod an online program”. For 15- 20 minute per day, both Kate and Wayne were conditioning their bodies. By getting the blood circulating and gaining flexibility, it allowed them to get the best results possible in their training.

Leading by example

Twice a week, Kate and Wayne bring their daughter Sienna to their personal training sessions. “As a parent its critically important that we recognise that responsibility as a role model. Our daughter is at the wonderful stage that she mirrors everything that we do.” Their training and health, has been just as much for their daughter, as for themselves.

Both Wayne and Kate have had fantastic results, but for them, that was never the main reason to start training. “It’s less about what I see and how I look, but much more important how I feel.” Kate feels stronger every week and notices the difference in picking up and playing with Sienna.

When asking Kate what her favourite type of training was, she didn’t have one. More had a way that she wanted to feel after working out. “My favourite type of training that I do with Uber Shape is any training that makes me ache day today.”

Kate “would recommend Uber Shape to anyone…that would like to invest in their health and fitness seriously. You [Uber Shape] have passionate trainers. You [Uber Shape] cover the foundations very well by having a great space and equipment but you do more than that, you care.”

As a family; Kate, Wayne and Sienna have become apart of the Uber Shape family. They train hard, they have made positive and lifelong changes that will stay with them for a lifetime. Plus their beautiful daughter Sienna will grow up to know what it’s like to be surrounded by healthy parents.

“For us, the impact has been way greater than the 5, 60-minute sessions that we have every week and that’s why we would recommend Uber Shape.”

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