Kids Training at Uber Shape

Kids Training at Uber Shape

For many years strength training for kids has received a bad rap with concerns around “stunting growth” being the one most often cited. We now have many Kids Training at Uber Shape. 

New evidence has found that there are a huge number of benefits of strength training for children. If performed under the right conditions.  Avery Faigenbaum, a pediatric exercise scientist, and professor at the College of New Jersey in Ewing, N.J, has written numerous scientific studies on the subject. In one such study, published in Clinical Sports Medicine in 2000, Faigenbaum writes the following:

“If appropriate training guidelines are followed, regular participation in a youth strength-training program has the potential to increase bone mineral density, improve motor performance skills, enhance sports performance, and better prepare young athletes for the demands of practice and competition.”

So, how young is too young to train?

Many factors can be considered when asking this question. In my opinion, there is no such thing as too young. Provided the setting & stimulus are age & ability appropriate. It is important to teaching kids right from the toddler stage, how to have fun while moving their bodies. This is going to set them up for success as healthy active kids. Play-based training, ball skills & activities which train coordination can be introduced very early.

Also, CrossFit has developed a kids training protocol which is followed by tens of thousands of children throughout the world.  The official CrossFit kid’s program starts from 3 years of age. Then is has a separate curriculum for pre-school (3-5 years old), kids (6-12) and teens.  The training for each age group differs. The major focus for all is FUN, education & enjoyment of having a healthy body.  This protocol can be applied to any style of training with fun & health being a focus.

I have witnessed the positive impacts that appropriate training can have on young bodies & minds.  Increased coordination, confidence & posture are just some of these benefits. Not to mention the development of skills that they will carry on into their futures. The use of PVC pipes instead of barbells allows the kids to test out their mobility & learn how to move. Perfect for use without the stimulus of weight. This will be until a qualified coach deems it appropriate based on age, how long they’ve been training, etc.

At Uber Shape, we love to train kids

At our Burleigh Heads Personal Training Gym, we provide coaching to many kids in one-on-one & small group sessions each week. This is to improve agility and coordination. It also helps to “bulletproof” their bodies from the rigorous sports they play & teach them to move correctly. There is also an opportunity for teens to join in the regular classes at Uber Shape. This is on a case by case basis with consideration to maturity & training ability.

Have a chat to Coach Coby or Carol if you think you’d like your child to start training.

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