Kirsty’s Testimonial

Kirsty’s Testimonial

Kirsty has been training with Uber Shape for 4-5 months now but said that she noticed the difference in her body straight away.

Before being with Uber Shape, Kirsty was doing heavier weights and high reps, with lots of resistance work, similar to cross fit. “ I [Kirsty] just found to keep up with the pack I was doing the reps I was required, but my form was off.”

Kirsty already had netball injuries in her ankle and knees from her years of playing. Therefore that high rep, heavyweight and resistance style of training resulted in injuries. “It started shifting to other areas, my hips, neck and wrists.”

“I’ve learnt first and foremost to listen to my body. Not to force it to do something that it doesn’t want to do, just cos it might work for someone else.” By slowing it down from her ordinary love of high cardio, Kirsty has made some fantastic progress.

She used to struggle to feel any activation in her glutes with tight hip flexors. Now, however, she “ Listens to her body and stretches more, a lot more.” By opening up her hip flexors and spending time stretch pre-training plus attending our Brazillian Booty, she has made some fantastic progress. “I can go back to doing lunges with no pain, I only discovered that last week, so that was a positive.”

Kirsty originally came to Uber Shape with her girlfriend, who has been a member here for many years. Since “I was getting niggly injuries, I had to slow it down, and I found that I needed to pay more attention to my form. I heard you guys were good for that.” Now Kirsty walks in early to stretch and prepare her body, and this helps others to remember to do the same.

Like most of our members, Kristy loves the inclusive environment, “I feel comfortable”. “…there is no keeping up with the jones. Everyone is here to do their own thing and to benefit themselves.” She has also needed program modification coming in with injuries, as many of our clients do. “Coby or Carol give us programs that suit us individually.”

Most people have a few reasons as to why they train, and Kirsty has summed them up entirely. “Firstly I have two young children, and I like to keep up with them. Secondly to address the problems as you get older; those painful niggles. Plus for the mental space that it puts you in.”

We love hearing most how happy clients are to come and train. “ The more I come, the more I want to be here [Uber Shape Burleigh] and tell people to do the same.” Training sets Kirsty up for a positive life with the family and friends, and that is what it is all about. “I’m more motivated; it allows me to have an outlet I suppose, then I can go back into life and flourish.”

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