Mini Nutrition Master Class & Welcome Jodie

Mini Nutrition Master Class & Welcome Jodie

21st October Blog

A big welcome to our new Coach Jodie Cumner to the Uber Shape team. Jodie brings a world of knowledge and experience about running to Uber Shape. She has a love and passion for running, with her most recent event in New York coming up, running a full marathon, half marathon and a 5km all in 8 days. Jodie will lead our run club every Wednesday morning at 5:30 am, which will suit all levels of running.


A quick reminder that before anyone starts working out, warming up is the key to prepare your body for the workout ahead to prevent injury. Warming up is the most overlooked part of an exercise and the most essential for looking after your body long term.
Before you start working out the first step is move lightly, whether that be a walk or jog on the treadmill, bike or slow skip – now the blood has started moving through your tissues making the muscles more mobile. Next step is to actively stretch the muscle group that will be worked through repetitive movement; this will increase oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, preparing them for the load of the workout which will prevent things like pulls and tears.

Check out my 3 Pre-Workout Movements to add before you next session. Click Here

Coming up this week Carol will be running a Mini Nutrition Master Class, Tuesday 9:15am and Saturday 7:15am.

First, come and sweat it out it in our 30 minute HIIT session, then we will grab a mat and stretch out while we have a chat about calories, exercise and mindset. The session in total will be about an hour long, Carol will be sharing a small portion of her world of knowledge of Nutrition. Don’t forget to book in on the app, if your not a member just book the class as a casual visit on the app so you don’t miss out.

Look forward to seeing you there.
Regards Coby & the Uber Shape Team
P.S Remember to stay hydrated as this weather heats up.

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