Nutrition For Training Guide, Designed for people who train.

Welcome to the world of … “Nutrition for Training with Uber Shape”

Our new nutrition guide is filled full of clean and healthy recipe ideas to support you on your road to a better lifestyle.

This guide going to help you understand more about clean eating and give you ideas, inspiration and guidance. We aim to provide you with the basic knowledge you need to create simple, easy and healthy meals.

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Nutrition For Training
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Nutrition For Training

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What’s Inside?

-Tasty smoothie recipes

-Supplements to boost energy

-7 day cleanse

-Super simple meal ideas

-Meal & nutrient timing templates

-Healthy snack options

-3 part series at our live Nutrition For Seminar

-3 part series at our live Goal Setting & Achieving Workshop


All recipes in this guide were created with taste, nutrition and convenience in mind of course! The Über Shape team have personally tried, tested and had the pleasure of tasting all the recipes to make sure they are right for you.

Our recipe book has been put together using our proven system that has achieved exceptional results for our clients. After training hundreds of individuals over the past 10 years, we have discovered that there are 3 essential key areas required in order to be a healthy,energetic individual and lead an active lifestyle, day-in-day-out for the rest of your life. In this guide, we dig deeper into these elements to help you understand the direct impact on your body.

After seeing endless fad diets, the “one diet fits all” approach is very misleading and only works for 20% of the population. At Über Shape we personalise and provide full nutrition tracking and consultations on a regular basis, guiding clients to achieve their best health and fitness goals.

This guide is a great start to your journey, with plenty of delicious and convenient recipe ideas. It also covers a range of templates on nutrient timing in meals with carbs, fats, proteins, general portion size, hormones, supplements + essential cleanses to detoxify.

Our aim is to provide plenty of support and tools to help you understand your body and Nutrition for Training with Uber Shape is just that!

Here’s a sneak peek:

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Leesa Y

I have absolutely loved the Nutrition For Training Guide & I can’t recommend it enough. I have struggled for real direction with nutrition for a while and was confused with all the info out there. I have now learnt so much & will be keeping to the principals to continue working towards my goals. No meal is bland or boring. I don’t consider myself to be that creative in the kitchen but I can’t thank Uber Shape enough for introducing me to so many different foods and ways of cooking. The recipes are easy to read and so easy to make. I have lost over 20kg and now enjoy my new energy as a result of healthy eating & training. Thanks Coby & the Uber Shape team.

Lisa Y

Uber Shape has not only transformed my body but my entire life. The Nutrition For Training Guide is not just a diet it gives you ideas for quick & tasty food recipes that will keep you wanting to eat well for life. My kids are even loving the benefits of a healthier active fresh lifestyle. This guide gives quality education & explains when to eat what types of foods around exercise. I’m healthier, fitter, faster & stronger than I have ever been before. Hard training and Clean Eating together really does get results! This guide shows that healthy doesn’t have to be boring and I can now Thank Uber Shape for helping me transform the way my family & I eat.

Cameron W

Looking at the photos of the old me my body has gone through a big change and I will continue to use the knowledge this guide has given me to further reach my training goals.
In 12 weeks I dropped 10kg and 10% body fat. The guide is much more than a food plan, as it has educated me about meal timing around training, the correct supplements to boost results just to name a few. I would highly recommend the guide to anyone looking to work hard and dedicate themselves and will reap the results. Go for it!