Palm Beach Women’s Personal Training

At Uber Shape we offer an individualised approach to helping you achieve optimal health. We understand the pressures of life, family and the importance of balance – that’s why we develop advanced nutrition programs wholly personalised to suit you. Whether you are working full-time or juggling errands and children, be assured that Uber Shape caters to all. We welcome parents to bring along their children to our friendly facility during training, to rid that added stress of leaving them behind, Palm Beach Women’s Personal Training

Our programs are modified and take into account the time of day you train, your meal times, whether female / male, activity levels and training age. We combine this with the most scientific Charles Poliquin BioPrint hormonal status and body fat tracking software to monitor your results.

Research proves, that the problem areas where your body stores fat has a direct relation to your hormone balance and imbalances, in turn contributing to fat storage in specific parts of your body. This gives us trainers a clear insight into what works best for you and your body and is a no guessing, scientific approach to nutrition. We 100% recommend using whole, real foods and supplements where deficiencies occur.

Program Design

We design our programs over 2-4 week blocks, however this is dependent on the training age and goal of the individual. We design personalised programs for all clients who may be looking to shape up, increase mobility and reduce pain from injuries, as well as those looking for increased life balance and to get into the swing of healthy lifestyle choices.


Platinum: 12 – 24 week packages

  • 4 x 1hr one-on-one personal training sessions
  • Ongoing BioPrint & Nutrition support using the I-Nutrition Pro software
  • Unlimited Uber Shape Circuit Training (Tuesday & Saturday weekly)
  • Access to open gym (Every Wednesday: 5am-12pm / 3pm-6:30pm)

Gold: 12 – 24 week packages

  • 2 x 1hr one-on-one personal training sessions
  • Ongoing BioPrint & Nutrition support using I-Nutrition Pro software
  • Unlimited Uber Shape Circuit Training(Tuesday & Saturday weekly)
  • Access to open gym (Every Wednesday: 5am-12pm / 3pm-6:30pm)
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Some of Our Clients


I love Uber Shape. I joined with the goal of dropping 5kgs and 5% body fat over the 12 weeks.

women's personal training

With the constant support, motivation and excellent nutritional and training advice, I am now about 18 weeks down and have dropped 10kgs and 9% body fat. The group training is fantastic! I thought I would just do the 12 week challenge and then do my own thing but here I am 18 weeks on still dragging my butt out of bed at 5am 4 days a week because I LOVE IT!!!!


In January 2014 I made one of the best decisions of my life and started training with UberShape.

women's personal training

The changes I have seen physically and felt mentally in the last six months I would NEVER have thought possible! At 38 I am fitter, leaner and stronger than I have ever been and it’s all due to the knowledge, dedication & passion of Coby and the UberShape team. The group training sessions always vary, are challenging and really ensure results, the complete nutritional guidance & support given is second to none and this coupled with practical lifestyle advice is what makes the UberShape program so amazing! The flow on benefits to my family & friends has been incredible – definitely change for the better!

Brigette H

With 2 kids now at school I decided this year I would get myself back on track with my fitness and weight.

women's personal training

Uber Shape has transformed not only my body but my entire way of life. I am fitter faster and stronger then I have ever been before and my kids are loving the benefits of an active fresh lifestyle. This was not just a diet or fitness program. It was the education in how to live an entire new life. Thank you Coby and all the Uber Shape family.


I just had my 3rd baby, feeling lost and a little unhappy with my body I turned to uber shape.

women's personal training

16kg down and 10% of body fat down I couldnt be any happier! Coby and the team are fantastic. Everyday you are greeted with a smile, everybody is treated equal and the best part is you make friends for life! Thank you uber shape! Your my second family!

A huge thank you to Coby and UberShape for the last 12 week training sessions we have had to prepare for ‘Tough Mudder’.

women's personal training

Coby is a dedicated and motivated trainer who made our weekly sessions rigorous, tailor made for the challenges we are going to face, yet heaps of fun. Coby looks out for clients individual needs and pushes you in a positive and life changing way. The work outs were really diversified and differentiated to meet everyones needs. Coby is really generous with his time, ensured we were all using the correct technique and is holistic in his approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your motivational input into our lives Coby!

Kim at the Gold Coast Marathon 21KM
I can’t recommend the Uber Shape system enough. The small group sessions are friendly, supportive and full of variety.

women's personal training

Coby has an attention to detail with each of us that that not only demonstrates his knowledge of his chosen field, but his desire to see every one of us perform to the best of our ability whilst learning proper technique. He has an innate ability to push you further than you think you can go! The nutritional support is also tailored to the individual providing a lifestyle, not a diet. Ubershape is the full package which is effective, fun and is helping me reach my personal goals.


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Meet Leesa one of our most impressive transformations to date! She started her journey 8 months ago and through lots of hard work, discipline and determination she has now dropped 24kgs. Leesa is an inspiration to other Uber Shape members who are constantly astonished at her results. The most impressive part is that Leesa hasn’t stopped here! She still trains harder than ever and her training technique is impeccable. Keep up the great work Leesa!

women's personal training

women's personal training

women's personal training

women's personal training