Paul Tells His Inspiring 10 Week Shred Story

Paul, who is a photographer, came to us looking for structure & consistency in his training. Whilst he had been training for a few years previously, he has really thrived in the Uber Shape environment. Being self employed, with flexible hours working from home, Paul enjoys the variety of session times available & accountability around attendance, as he is the first to admit that he doesn’t necessary enjoy training.

“I don’t like training, but I like how it makes me feel and I like the results, so I need someone to help me get motivated to do it.  If I don’t do it I feel crap, tired & unmotivated.   When I come I feel so much better, I get more work done, so much more productive, I sleep better.  Generally better.  And I’ve got abs now.”

After about two weeks of training Paul had his first nutrition consult.  Coach Coby says Paul was never an over eater or eating the wrong types of food but had no structure around his nutrition timingHe wasn’t off the rails but had no rails to stick to”.

Paul began to follow some simple guidelines, including the introduction of the Uber Shape Breakfast Blast each morning.  In the first two weeks of dialling in his nutrition & with a focus on stability & compound movements with control in his training, he dropped 2% of body fat. Almost three months later… Paul is 5% down on body fat & continues to work to build muscle & strengthen his neck which was weakened by a car accident 18 months ago.

“Following the accident I lost lots of strength through my upper body, shoulders & neck.  It felt like my muscles weren’t firing correctly. The doctors don’t tell you that stuff, or tell you how to fix it”.  

It is clear in Paul’s training that at some level he is motivated by the improvement in his movement & strength following the accident. Whilst he prefers to train upper body…

“I just feel pumped at the end of it”

IMG 4907 300x225 - Paul Tells His Inspiring 10 Week Shred Story


… His application to correct movement patterns & dedication to coming in early to do his release work, means he is mentally & physically prepared to train & is getting the results he is chasing.

Coach Coby finds working with Paul to be easy, “he is quick to take on board & apply all of the small tips & guidance we give him.  This means he has improved the movements of his lifts & resulted in increased strength, and building muscle whilst getting leaner”

Paul is proud of the consistency of his training & loving the results.  His wife Chloe has also recently joined the Uber Shape Fit Fam & we are excited to see her progress.


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