Peter’s 8 Week “All IN” Muscle Building Blitz.

Peter’s 8 Week “All IN” Muscle Building Blitz.

Q: Before you started at Uber Shape how would you have described yourself?

I think I would have described myself as someone who enjoyed exercise but didn’t know a lot about the gym or how to build strength correctly. See more on Peter’s 8 Week “All IN” Muscle Building Blitz.

Q: What were your expectations going into the program and what were your motivations?

When entering the program, I tried to keep an open mind and train as hard as my body would let me. My motivation was mainly two things; trying to build a body that I was happy with physically and to be able to match some of my friends who had been going to the gym for a few months.

Q: How did you hear about Uber Shape and what made you decide to get involved.

My dad told me about Uber Shape. He used to train there, and he said it was a very good place to gain strength. At first, I wasn’t overly interested because I thought that going to a normal gym and just training there would’ve been easier, but when I met Coby and began to work out, my attitude changed dramatically. So, to answer the question, I think Coby and the staff influenced me the most and helped me get right into the deep end and train hard.

Q: How were you feeling physically and mentally before starting with Uber?

Before I started at Uber Shape, I was not in a great mental and physical state. About eight weeks before training I was hit by a car, and two weeks before, I came down with a terrible sickness causing me to be hospitalized. Those incidents forced me to get back to the Gold Coast (from Perth) to stay with my family while I recovered. I would say that I was at one of my lowest points physically in my life.

Q: What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started at Uber?

My diet and lifestyle were great before I was hit by the car, and it slowly declined until I came back to the Gold Coast. Instead of eating my regular foods, I’d find myself buying a lot of fast food and takeaway. I also was eating very small meals and eating those meals irregularly.

Q: How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with Uber?

Well, my diet was the most radical change. Instead of eating one or two small meals a day, I’d be eating at least four or five nutritious, healthy meals. I also began to monitor my calories, & carbohydrates I was taking, and I could cut out sugar entirely from my diet.

All of a sudden, my body felt full of energy

All of a sudden, my body felt full of energy, and I could find the strength to wake up early and do whatever needed to be done for the day! My lifestyle changed from me just hanging around the house and watching TV in my spare time to actively going out and spending time with friends, taking photos, hiking, rowing and a bunch of other activities. Usually, I’d need to rest and ‘regain some energy,’ but I found that I didn’t need that rest if I’d gone to the gym that day. My sleep also drastically improved.

Q: How has your new lifestyle, with your new fitness and training habits, affected your life in and outside the gym?

I think I answered some of this in the last question, but my lifestyle changed as my body physically changed. I became more confident when outside the house and just simply talking to people. I continue to go to the gym (as I am now back in Perth) 4-5 times a week, and even though I must wake up ridiculously early to train before uni, it’s definitely worth it.

Q: What have been the most exciting things you have learned while being here that will impact your lifestyle style?

The most exciting thing I learned was how to train and build strength correctly. Ever since I’ve come back to Perth, I’ve continued to train even though I don’t have Coby or Carol to guide me. Coby’s training programs have taught me how to structure a workout, and his personal training assisted me in understanding how to work the muscles correctly.

Q: How has this changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

Uber Shape has definitely changed me. I have a much better attitude towards the gym, and my diet has drastically improved. I didn’t realise I’d be able to improve myself so much over the 8 weeks I trained with Coby, and these habits I’ve gotten into are for life.

Q: Why would you recommend Uber and why?

I would recommend Uber Shape because it’s a fantastic way to stay fit, learn correct technique and meet new people! The trainers at the gym are always there to help you along your journey, and the atmosphere within the gym is electric. Every time I went in to train, my energy would instantly rise, and I felt motivated to exercise. Would highly recommend this training for both beginners and experts of fitness!

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