Phase 2 (What do I do next) Meal Timing

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Our 8-Week Challenge clients have completed week 2 of their health Nutrition Kick-Start. After stripping their food clean, adding in gut-healing foods, controlling portion sizes and eating regularly, {now it’s time to add in carbs after training.}

What’s Next?
Week 3 of our 90 Day Nutrition Plan involves reintroducing carbohydrates back in. Consuming the majority of you carbs post-training is the best way to refuel after training {and} an excellent way for your body to utilise the carbs most effectively.

We have shredded for the last two weeks; now it is time to grow that lean muscle mass which will accelerate the fat burning. It is always so exciting after eating no carbs, but it can also be a little scary for those that have seen a big drop. However, don’t fear, we have you covered, simply follow the process and get those results!

We have been using this plan sucessfully for over 10 years. So if you hang in there, drink lots of water and get loads of nutritious food into your body, you will be well on track to a healthier you.

If you have any questions no matter how silly you may think they are, email me at [email protected]

Stay tuned for Phase 3 from our 90 Day Nutrition Plan.

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