Lose Unwanted Belly Fat In 4 Weeks

Nespresso Coffee - Lose Unwanted Belly Fat In 4 Weeks

Recently I discovered how to lose unwanted belly fat in 4 weeks, by reducing coffee and eliminating dairy from my diet. I have never felt intolerant and have always seemed to process it fine. However, since the elimination, I realised just how it was affecting my body. It has increased my energy levels and it has positively affected how my body functions.

Dairy has always been included in my diet and has never presented as an issue to my health or maintaining a healthy body. The types of dairy I would mostly consume included; cheese, cream, whey protein and a dash of milk in my coffee. 

My coffee consumption was 2-4 cups per day, which is probably about the normal amount for most coffee drinkers. However, as I have long working days and a heavy training load, I was beginning to feel like it was making me feel tired and slow down my training. I was relying on it to wake me up and seemed to be tired for most evenings,  some days it would even upset my stomach.  

Feeling as if my body was fatigued, I then started on my own personal challenge. Cutting out and then reintroducing a smaller amount of coffee and eliminating all of my dairy. 

My elimination process

Week 1 – no coffee

Week 2 – no coffee

Week 3 – 1 coffee pre-training 

Week 4 – 1-2 coffees pre-training

First Week

It definitely wasn’t easy as I had become to rely on my ‘morning coffee.’ It acted as a stimulate throughout my day. Going back to feeling ‘normal’ without using coffee as fuel isn’t fun at first, however, I pushed through. It was the first 3 days that were the hardest, but my body did adjust. Dairy was easy, more just an inconvenient. It was just the matter of finding substitutes for my meals and changing up my cooking.

Second Week

The second week I had completely adjusted. That feeling of running on your own energy as a fuel source, rather than coffee was interesting. I did not experience the highs and lows during the day- which the coffee gave me. I was no longer hitting those lows at about 3 pm. It was hard though as I didn’t have a stimulant to get my ‘highs’ when meeting new clients or catching up with friends. Coffee was no longer the dictator. I wouldn’t come down from a coffee looking for my next stimulate in food, more coffee or for some it might be alcohol.

Third Week and Fourth Week

Adding coffee back in with boundaries was great. Using it before training really impacts my stamina and if used correctly it’s great for fat loss. To make use of those benefits; you really only need that 1 cup of coffee with a splash of something and eliminate a full cup of milk and sweeteners. A long black with a dash of almond or coconut milk is the optimal way to drink it.

After the challenge

Once I had reached week 5 I felt the challenge had a very positive impact on both my physical and mental state, plus, I still got to enjoy the luxury of coffee. My stomach had dropped from 12mm to 7mm. This is no huge drop for me over a 4-week time frame, although I wasn’t aiming to lose fat.  Over this period my training load also decreased, so it was quite surprising. 

Through research and investigating my own personal experience with dairy and coffee, I believe this worked for me for 2 reasons.

Dairy is hard for the body to process 

It’s hard to process as the stomach doesn’t have enough enzymes to break the dairy down. This causes irritation to the gut which is obviously unseen. The effect is the inflammation it causes. This can show up in the form of allergies, fatigue, migraines, weight issues and even becoming intolerant to other foods. It will definitely affect a person’s weight stopping the reduction of stubborn belly fat.  

How do I drink my coffee now? 

Instead of using cream in my coffee I use almond or coconut milk, I swap cheese for good fats like activated nuts, seeded bars, mashed avocado, and whey protein for Prana plant protein.

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Caffeine and cortisol connection 

Through running a business and having a heavy training load, I feel I already have enough elevated cortisol. This means my body is already under stress. By adding multiple coffees sporadically throughout the day it just adds to the cortisol stress on my body. 

When you have elevated cortisol through stimulants, especially if you have multiple stresses in your everyday life (which let’s face it most people do), it can leave you feeling much worse than you may think. The symptoms you may experience are fatigue, tiredness, low immune system, stubborn weight loss, sick during workouts, depression/anxiety, allergies, headaches and hungry all the time. 

What do I drink instead of coffee?

I have swapped coffee for different types of teas and kombucha. If I just want a coffee for the taste, I drink roasted chicory root and dandelion tea. This tea has a very a very similar bitter flavour to coffee. However, it has no caffeine and a heap of added benefits. We buy ours from the Source Bulk Foods at Miami-One Shopping Centre.

Kombucha is another excellent alternative in the afternoon. If you choose the right brand, it’s fantastic for your gut health. It will replenish the guts good bacteria (so it’s awesome if you are sick or have a low immune system), it’s low in sugar, flavoured naturally with fruits, and it’s a great pick me up.

This may not be for everyone. However, if you’re looking to shed that stubborn fat from the belly area than this would be great for you. Take my word for it; put it to the test and make sure you get your measures done before you start and fortnightly afterward. 

If you would like a nutrition consult to learn more, book it in here. I would love to take the time to discuss it with you and find the best options for you to try.