Rhonda’s Senior Training Journey

Rhonda’s Senior Training Journey

Rhonda is the best example that age is no barrier when walking into a gym. With the right trainer and right programs, strength training is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Due to being told that Rhonda was in need a partial knee replacement, Rhonda started researching other ways to restore her body.

A big gym was never where she was looking to go as she didn’t want to be another number. “Big gyms can be impersonal, and you don’t feel like you matter, at Uber Shape everyone matters.”

After already trying physio, she found Uber Shape through a general search online. “I couldn’t walk very far without a stick, I had trouble bending my knee. Now I am back to a couple of years ago. My strength has improved tremendously and the same with my balance.”

Rhonda’s Training Schedule

Her training plan is 2 half an hour sessions each week with Coach Carol, which is enough plus is cost effective. “It’s like turning back the clock”, Rhonda laughs. The main areas that Rhonda has seen results in are… “firstly my knee;, my overall strength and thirdly is my appearance I guess…..you get definition where you lost it.”

Rhonda loves coming in and having her sessions explicitly planned for herself and not having to think. “Over 60 you really should be using your muscles if you don’t want them to deteriorate.”

Rhonda is always happy to come into training and is beaming after her session. “It’s like a family atmosphere, exactly what I was looking for.”

Coach Carol has been training Rhonda for over a year now, and we have seen significant changes. From her face inflammation, posture, confidence, to body composition. Every fortnight her weights and hold times increase, which is just so cool. Rhonda used to struggle to plank for 10 seconds now she does well over 1 minute.

When asking Rhonda why she would recommend Uber Shape, her response was simple“If you’re looking for personal, it’s here.”

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