Run Squad

Wednesday 5:30 am
Wednesday 9:15 am
Friday 4:00pm (FitKIDS

Active Stretches

Each session starts with a roll-up of active stretches to prepare and warm up the body to run. Active, also known as Dynamic Stretches work to prep the muscles we are going to be using. It not only increases blood flow but also a range of motion throughout the body. Hip flexors and Hamstring flexibility is the main area of focus to prevent running injuries.

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If you aren’t a runner, you would be surprised by how much technique there is. When proper technique is implement, running not only will feel better but distance can be increased and it will reduce injury.

Third picture – Interval Running

Interval running is an important part of increasing fitness and ability to successfully run a long distance. It involves running a short and intense effort, followed with an equal or slightly longer recovery time.
Done in a group setting this style of running is very enjoyable.

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Running for a new distance is a passion for Coach Jodie and her clients, no matter the distance. If you have a goal make sure you tell Jodie so she can set up the session to make sure you are meeting the needs of your goals. Running for distance requires many different aspects of training.

Meet Jodie,
Our Qualified Run Coach

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The aim of Run Squad is to teach people the correct technique of running and to ignite a passion to get outdoors and live a healthy lifestyle. Being in the gym and getting strong is fantastic for your mind and body, but being outdoors is amazing both physically and emotionally.

It will also encourage a person to get outdoors and into community events. Community events like the Gold Coast Marathon are so much fun and the bonus is that the whole family can get involved together.

There is so much to learn from running, aside from just becoming cardiovascular fit. You will learn how to believe in yourself, to make goals, to quiten your mind (when it tells you that you can’t keep going) and it is a great stress reliever after a long day.