Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)

Running your first 0-5KM Race (for non runners)

0-5KM is a basic plan, it’s perfect for preparing yourself for your first 5K race, or maybe first 5 km race in a long time. A plan like this will suit people that have never run before, that don’t naturally love running or even fear running but have always wanted to do a run.

The plan includes some walking breaks, and I will also share with you the right shoes to wear and when to put it in our gym training schedule. All I need is your commitment two times per week for around 20-30minutes. If that’s good for you, then keep reading.

Before we start any running at all, we want to make sure you’ve got the right pair of shoes. Running in the wrong pair of runners is about as damaging as lifting weights with poor technique. You don’t want to go for a run with a pair of shoes that aren’t made for running or run in a pair of shoes that are ten years old. Both scenarios could leave you injured and down the track stop you from running. Feeling of discomfort while running due to poor fitness/ability and or feeling pain due to injury are very two different things.

Where to buy a good pair of shoes and what brands? There are some great shoes on the market. However, it is essential to get a pair that is for your level, beginner shoes, and where you are running in them or how you are using them makes a huge difference. At the gym, we advise to wear Nike Metcons because they are great for lifting weights, but that’s a terrible running shoe. Using gym shoes for running is like putting low profile wheels on your car then driving on the beach, they are both wheels but they are not made to support the same amount of load.

Best shoes for running are; Nike zoom and Hoka one. The Hoka shoe is one of the most popular. They are worth the investment to look after your joints while you run. Head to The Running Shop in James street Burleigh. They know running, and they know their shoes.

Let’s talk about discomfort. When we first start anything new, there is always slight discomfort. Discomfort when exercising is entirely normal and expected. With running, when you push slightly outside your comfort zone, you may feel a little breathlessness, feeling muscles burning through your legs and mentally fatigued. That is discomfort, and that is going to make you stronger and faster, and this is an excellent place to be.

Injury or potential niggles while running is a different ball game. If you are experiencing pain through your knees, ankles or calves, then it’s probably a good sign that you need to stop and back off. You may need to release or strengthen the muscle group being sore or even the opposing muscle group. You know your body better than anyone else. Don’t push through pain that has a negative effect because it won’t get better, so you must pull back and consult with a coach. Then slowly rebuild once the issue has been repaired. In most cases, stretching, strength training, massage and also nutritionally fueling your body can improve your body.

Now let’s look into a training schedule.

Firstly your running days should be 2-3 days apart as a beginner.
Running on a Wednesday and Saturday for our current gym timetable is perfect. Then it will suit your lower body training days and upper body.

Monday – Lower Strength

Tuesday – Arms & Abs

Wednesday Running

Thursday -Upper Strength

Friday- Energize/Fitness

Saturday Running

Sunday Rest

Sample Running Plan for 0-5KM

Week 1
Run for one minute, walk for one minute and repeat that 10×20 minute
Repeat twice

Week 2
Run for three minutes, walk for three minutes repeat four times

Week 3
Run for 5 minutes, walk two minutes repeat three times

Week 4
Run for 8 minutes, walk two minutes repeat three times

Week 5
Run for 12 minutes walk two minutes repeat twice then run for five minutes to finish off

Week 6
Run for 15 minutes walk for one minute repeat twice

Race week
Leading up to a 5K race you can do a couple of small runs (10 minutes)

Lock in your 2x runs per week to complete this for the next 6 weeks.
Remember this is for all levels, make sure you have lots of fun even better grab a buddy or even your kids.

Next Event: GC Running Festival
Join in the fun at the GC running festival coming up which we are leading the way for. This is the most popular run for our gym so far with 55 members racing in their first race, for their fastest time or just with their buddies. Sign up under Uber Shape and join our team, we would love to have you involved! Team Name : Ubershape

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