At Uber Shape we love training! We love to lift, ride and run so we made classes to suit just that, RUNRIDE and TOTALSTRENGTH. BOOK YOUR FIRST CLASS HERE

As you enter our gym, you will hit our social hangout zone in preparation for your new class. This room will greet you with air conditioning, a feature light, funky seating, a water cooler and bag racks so you will be able to get yourself sorted to train.

The social hangout zone is the perfect place to get excited. You will wait in anticipation for the doors to open to claim your bench/ treadmill or bike for your RUNRIDE session. Or for your TOTALSTRENGTH session get ready to lift.

On our RUNRIDE days the coach opens the doors to reveal the room waiting for you. The flood on anticipation builds as you prepare yourself for an immersive workout that will take your sensors to your happy place. The time for you to sweat, laugh, push, lift, run and ride to allow you to reach your workout potential and start your day right or wash away the day that was, to go home pumped for an amazing evening.

On the floor, imagine you choose the treadmill or the bike (both doing the same program). On the machines means you will be doing different lengths of time and speed, making the intervals work. The first part of the program runs for 10 minutes, allowing plenty of recovery and speed work. At the end of the training, you will clean off your machines and swap over to the bench.

When you swap to the weight bench, the trainer will explain the weight program to you and allow you to get your weights. The timer will start for 10 mins to allow you to smash out your workout while the new group of runners and riders start their run. In total, you will do both the run or ride & weight program twice with modifications of styles. At the 50 minute mark, you will be buzzing. Grab some pictures with your friends, make your protein shake in our new ensuite room, leave feeling energized or head down to shower.

Our TOTALSTRENGTH days will stay as is. Focus will be to build strength, keep your body injury-free and to look and feel strong! The gym will be full of weights and your coach ready to teach you the correct technique, take you through mobility sessions and push you to your limit.

This is your time to build strength and resilience. Our programing will suit all levels and abilities, designed to build muscle and train the body evenly to keep you strong and healthy to play at RUNRIDE and do the things you love outside the gym. Get your favourite buddies together to do what you love most. Train and Chat. BOOK YOUR FIRST CLASS HERE