Simon’s Lasting Transformation

Simon’s Lasting Transformation

Introducing Simon

A member of Uber Shape in Burleigh on the Gold Coast for five months now, has shown with hard work, dedication and a long-term health focus, that he can achieve his health and fitness goals.

“[Simon] had always been into health, fitness and keeping in shape but I had realised I dropped the ball.”

After having a break from training, He described himself as having a dad bod. Simon wasn’t eating well, was run down and struggling mentally. “I wanted to get back into it, find a focus and a positive goal. Specifically, the nutritional side of things, to help my mental health.”

Simon wanted something different to just an ordinary gym and wanted to give the group training a go. A friend mentioned to him about Uber Shape, saying that it was different from most gyms with a supportive and positive environment. After having a break from training and trying F45 in the past, he was ready for a change.

In the last five months, Simon has thrived.

“I like that the training focus is longevity and the broad knowledge the team have of everything for the body and nutrition. Simon has found that incorrect training technique was easily adjusted and he has improved easily after the change.

The wins

Nutrition has been a significant area of change for Simon, learning all about macros and micros. “The biggest thing I have discovered is the importance of getting your protein and fat correct, not only to get results but to feel good. I am eating so many more veggies and making good healthy food choices. Simon also now has a good understanding of intermittent fasting and when to eat his starchy carbs.

Simon’s favourite type of training is using his new knowledge of strong technique but in a circuit style format. “But, I love it all”.

He trains to lead a good and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. He loves training his shoulders and chest.

With client success, there is always a new habit that they have implemented. For Simon, it was “being consistent with my training and eating, that is another reason I love training at Uber as I get that extra support.”

Simon always walks in the gym prepared to smash goals and with a positive attitude towards training and motivating others.

Simons recommendation

“I would recommend Uber Shape because it is an excellent place to come and get started with your training from the foundation up. They (Coby and Carol) are in it for the longevity and overall health. Whether they have been training for a while or new, it does cater for both. It is such awesome value for what you get.

Simon is now working toward a goal of further fat reduction, and strength of his core to see ab definition. We can’t wait to see him succeed even more.

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