Smashing Through Your Nutrition Kick Start in 14 Days while feeling in control. (And the secrets to get you there)

Smashing Through Your Nutrition Kick Start in 14 Days while feeling in control. (And the secrets to get you there)

Three reasons why you want to do our Nutrition Kick Start!

#1 You’ve been feeling sluggish and don’t know how to get the ball rolling to get back into shape? You have tried all the latest fads but nothings ‘works’ for you?

#2 The kids are back at school, and life’s routine is back. You’re ready to make some changes because you’ve back from the holiday period and now you’re ready to crack into training and proper nutrition.

#3 Your energy is low you feel like your immune system is down, and you really want to get that boosted feeling as you head into the new year.

#4 Time to kick out some of the weight Christmas gave to you and has not taken back!

So stay tuned for short videos as Coaches Coby and Kylie chat through and explain how to get your life on track with Uber’s Nutrition Plan.
The first step, the body needs to be Kickstarted.

How Step One Works?
For the first two weeks, it is essential to Kickstart with a specific Nutrition Plan that will remove all of the toxic and inflammatory foods. These foods include but aren’t limited to processed sugars, toxic oils, alcohol, dairy and processed foods. Plus, we want to regulate the common irregular eating habits to stimulate the metabolism while adding in gut-healing foods to ensure we are absorbing and using all nutrients.

What foods should be eaten? It is all about eating whole, nutritious & nutrient-dense food that is going to translate to energy, making you feel more motivated and energized. The removal will be everything that is altered with fillers and preservatives, also anything that causes an inflammation response. If you are inflamed, your stomach is busy trying to detox and get rid of the toxins, leaving you low in energy. Instead of doing the job of energizing your body or burning fat.

Here is an example of Phase 1 Kick Start in our 90 Day Plan.

3 Main Meals
All including protein, fibrous veggies and fats with some berries or low fructose fruit as carbs and add in fermented veggies.

2 Snacks
Can include protein, fibrous vegetables, fats and berries.

Lemon/apple cider & water
Coffee with a dash of almond or coconut milk

Kick Start Phase 1 Click Here 
Plant-Based Kick Start Phase 1 Click Here

How will I feel?
Day 1-5
Energy levels will dip and rise; a few headaches may occur depending on what diet you are detoxing from, some cravings, but on the upside, your sleep will start to improve. The most important thing is to keep the blood sugar regulated with frequent eating – you may not feel like doing this, but it is more important then everyone thinks.

From Day 5
Energy will start to feel like it’s well on its way up. You will notice your weight will have begun to shift and feel flat around your mid-area. Motivation will be high, and your willingness to continue is all set. Don’t be fooled, though, don’t start sneaking in foods or the journey to success will take a major detour.

What’s the secret?
Good Quality Protein – animal or plant based options, High amounts of fibrous veggies with every meal, good fats and fermented foods.

Most clients come to us not eating enough protein or fibrous veggies, and these are the main two fat burners and energy outputs. Protein sources can come from meat or plant-based sources, plus you can eat as many fibrous vegetables that you like as this is what gets rid of toxins. Use as much variety as you can. Good fats should come from nuts, avocados and oils.

From Week 2
Energy levels are going to be outstanding, and the body is going to feel amazing. So trust the process over the first two weeks, there will be barriers. Feeling hungry, feeling too full, going to pee all the time, realizing the importance of food prep by running out of nutritious food due to scrolling on Facebook the night before instead of prepping, feeling low on energy and the list will go on. Resetting the body is important and a wonderful thing.

We have been using this plan sucessfully for over 10 years. So if you hang in there, drink lots of water and get loads of nutritious food into your body, you will be well on track to a healthier you.

If you have any questions no matter how silly you may think they are, email me at [email protected]

Stay tuned for Phase 2 from our 90 Day Nutrition Plan.

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