Strong Man Training (Stubborn fat loss training)

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If you’re keen to boost your fitness level and ramp up your rate of progress, consider investing time in learning the principles of strong man training. Many people think that strong man training is simply just for men who want to develop extra-ordinarily large amounts of muscle tissue. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact strong man training can be extremely beneficial to females in addition to their existing training program. It will use multiple muscle groups alternating between strength, cardiovascular and anabolic exercises – the ultimate all over body workout! It is fun, sociable and only lasts an hour.

Let’s go over what you need to know about strong man training so that you can get started today.

What Is Strong Man Training?

Strong man training is essentially training in a manner that’s so intense that you’re going to really stress out your hormonal system, causing it to burn off far more calories than it would normally. Strong man training revolves around performing full body movements that utilises as many different muscle groups as possible. This is usually all in a very short period of time. The two key components of strong man training are intensity and speed. This is not a light-hearted workout, you push yourself to the max with every movement you do and will get the results to show for it.

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These workouts are also higher in volume, meaning you’ll be doing a greater number of sets, taking as little rest in between as possible. Weights are generally heavier with simple exercises to ensure you are maintaining proper form and technique throughout the workout.

The Benefits Of Strong Man Training:
Firstly, this exercise is sometimes referred to as ‘angry man training’ simply because it’s an excellent way to get out any stored up aggression most of us have. It offers great stress relief and will have you feeling calmer and more collected after each session that you do.

Secondly, it is going to significantly increase your strength and will have you burning off calories faster than you would normally. Your metabolism will increase for hours after the workout is completed, allowing you to burn fat literally all day long. Try a session and see what happens to your appetite for the remainder of the day!

Finally this form of training is more anabolic because it will increase your growth hormone. You’ll experience greater overall muscle tone and definition, allowing you to create the look that you’re after.

So there you have the key points that you must know about strong man training. It’s not just a workout for men – it is a great workout for women as well. You will be gaining that stronger, fitter and leaner body quicker with this in addition to your individual workouts.